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Lower Allen Township Police
Security Camera Registry

Cameras Help Solve Crime…

We all know this.  The world we live in is inundated with security cameras at both business and residential locations.   You may even have cameras at your residence or place of business!  That’s why we’re asking for your help with our

Voluntary Camera Registration Database 

We are asking residents and businesses to partner with us in the detection, prevention, and solving of crimes.  Often, a crime will occur that may have been caught on camera.  We may never know that, though, because we do not know where cameras are throughout the township.   What we are asking is that residents and business owners go to the form {CLICK HERE for the form} and provide the requested information.

We’re hoping this partnership helps us solve more crime and assists in keeping our community just a little safer.  Thank you in advance to all who choose to participate!



Board of Commissioners
8-22-16 Minutes


BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                                    LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

                 REGULAR MEETING                                           AUGUST 22, 2016                                

The following were in ATTENDANCE: