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7-18-17 Minutes

Planning Commission
7-18-17 Minutes


PLANNING COMMISSION:                                             LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING:                                                      JULY 18, 2017


The following were in ATTENDANCE:


Brett McCreary, Chairman Daniel Flint, Community Development
Geir Magnusson, Vice-Chairman Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary           
Brian Wickenheiser  
David Clovsky  
Michael Washburn  
Dr. Jean Dyszel  
Samuel T. Bashore, Secretary  


Mr. McCreary called the July 18, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission to order at 7:00 pm.


Approval of Minutes

Mr. MAGNUSSON made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 17, 2017 meeting.  Mr. WASHBURN seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.


SLD Docket No. 2017-03: Subdivision and Land Development Plan for 1106 Carlisle Road;

Proposed construction of a 2,140-square foot fast food restaurant with drive through with and a minor lot line adjustment.

Applicant Presentation

Mr. Eric Johnston, Johnston Engineering, stated the plan would be for a Starbucks in front of the Cedar Cliff Mall.  They will raze the existing structure.  He stated they are here to receive comments from the Board.  He asked for conditional approval tonight so they can keep with their construction schedule.  He stated they have an agreement with the mall owner about parking and spoke about changing the access next to McDonalds.

Township Staff Comments

Mr. Flint stated most of the comments are because there are two property owners and adjusted lot lines on the plan.  He stated the comments won’t change the plan.  A traffic study was completed and a signal is not warranted.  The Township has asked for a pedestrian crossing which the developer is willing to construct.  The proposed crosswalk would be closer to the CVS versus McDonalds on Carlisle Road.

County Planning Commission Comments

Mr. Hoffman was not at the meeting tonight but Dan did speak to him and was willing to answer any questions from the Board.

Commission Member Question and Answer

Mr. Wickenheiser asked the following questions:

  • What is the construction schedule for the plan? 
    • Mr. Ryan Nelson, owner of the property, stated they are scheduled to turn the internal construction over to Starbucks by June 2018.  He stated they would like to turn it over sooner if possible, maybe late winter. 
  • Will the proposed crosswalk would be like the lighted one up the street? 
    • Mr. Flint stated no it would be a marked crosswalk. 
  • Asked about stacking for the drive through as he has seen Dunkin Donuts in Camp Hill out to the street for the drive through. 
    • Mr. Flint stated they meet the ordinance requirements and there is room for stacking on the property. 
  • What are the peak hours?
    • Mr. Nelson stated the morning should be busy.  The mall tenant’s traffic really starts in the afternoon.
  • Is an HOP needed from PennDOT?
    • Mr. Flint stated no.
  • If traffic increases could there be a review and possible signal installed?
    • Mr. Flint stated the traffic study wasn’t close to warranting a signal.

Mr. Nelson spoke about how they have spent the money to renovate the stores and fronts to attract more tenants. 

Public Comments:

There were no public comments.

Action:  Recommendations on requested waivers and on the Plan

Mr. WASHBURN made a motion to approve the waiver requiring the submission of a Preliminary Plan for SLD Docket No. 2017-03, Subdivision and Land Development Plan for 1106 Carlisle Road.  Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.

Mr. WASHBURN made a motion to approve the Plan for SLD Docket No. 2017-03, Subdivision and Land Development Plan for 1106 Carlisle Road subject to Township and County comments.  Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 7:00pm.  Mr. Flint believes there will be a plan for the old Stephenson’s Flowers property.


The regular meeting of the Planning Commission adjourned at 7:24 pm.