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8-14-17 Minutes

Board of Commissioners
8-14-17 Minutes



                   REGULAR MEETING                                           AUGUST 14, 2017                                


The following were in ATTENDANCE:


H. Edward Black, President Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Richard F. Schin David Holl, Director of Public Safety
Jack Simpson Daniel Flint, Community Development
  Leon Crone, Police Captain
  Richard Grove, Finance
  Steven P. Miner, Solicitor
  Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary


President Black called the August 14, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm.  He followed with a prayer and the Pledge of the Allegiance.  He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review.  Vice President Young and Commissioner Holtzman were absent with excuse.


Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 24, 2017 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 2-0-1.  President Black abstained as he was absent from the July meeting.


There was no response.


President Black advised that any Commissioner, staff member, or anyone in attendance could request any item on the Consent Agenda be removed for further discussion and asked if there was such request.   There was no response.

Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve the following Consent Agenda items:

a.  Moving Ben Peters from probationary to regular full-time employment status in the position of Maintenance Specialist in the Public Works Department.

b.  Resolution 2017-R-22, a Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, authorizing the acquisition of an easement for street right-of-way purposes within the Township by agreement in lieu of condemnation.

c.  Reduction in Improvement Security for SLD Docket No. 2015-08, Highpoint Phase 1.5, establishing a new amount of $685,861.21 and a new expiration date of August 2, 2018.

d.  Tax Collector’s July 2017 monthly report.

Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.


Approval of Check Registers

Commissioner SIMPSON made a motion to approve the Check Register of August 4, 2017 in the amount of $149,765.58.  Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve a Manual Check Register of July 6, 2017 in the amount of $91.04 and a Voided Check Register of July 7, 2017, in the amount of $449.85.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 2-0, with President Black abstaining, as a family member was the recipient of the manual check.

Resolution 2017-R-23-Supporting Reimbursement for Non-Transport Emergency Services

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to adopt Resolution 2017-R-23, a Resolution of the Commissioners of Lower Allen Township in support of House Bill 1013, reimbursement for emergency medical services for non-transport services.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.


Mrs. Kelly Hoelscher, Fair Oaks, asked about the process whereby the Township is requiring all the residents of Fair Oaks to hook up to public sewer.  She is concerned that two residents came in and spoke for the whole development who hasn’t been consulted about this.  She spoke to Township employees and has concerns.  She said the estimate is $10,000-$15,000 per household which is a heavy burden for home owners.  She asked if they had an option to opt into the sewer system and if not, could there be a five-year grace period to save money.  She spoke about the neighbors who this will be a burden to.

President Black spoke about the failing on-lot systems and their age.  He stated that this will help increase the property value and will eliminate the maintenance they are currently doing.  Solicitor Miner stated that the tapping fee hasn’t been established yet and stated that it has always been on the plan to hook up this neighborhood.  He suggested she go to the Authority Meeting in September to find out the timing and plan. Mr. Flint stated that this plan has been in the works for years and it was brought up during the comprehensive plan.  He spoke about the extensive repairs that will be needed in the future including some that could become an emergency fix.  They are working to have a plan in place before there is an emergency.  Mr. Vernau mentioned the upcoming street paving and the need to have the utilities installed prior to that.


Certified List of Eligible Candidates

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to accept a certified list of eligible police candidates, as presented by the Lower Allen Township Civil Service Commission.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0. 

Conditional Job Offer for Kimberly Floyd

Director Holl spoke about the candidates on the Civil Service list.  He stated that Kimberly Floyd has her Act 120 MPOETC certification.  He spoke about the process and her background and recommended her for the 22nd Police Officer for the Township.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to make a conditional job offer to Kimberly Floyd to begin physical, psychological and polygraph testing.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0. 


SLD Docket #2017-03 – Drive-through Restaurant for 1106 Carlisle Road

Mr. Flint showed the Board the location of the plan on the map.  He stated that the plan is to remove the current business office and build a drive-through Starbucks.   He stated that there would be stacking lanes for the drive-through.  He spoke about the agreements for access and the right-of-way.  He stated that based on the traffic study a traffic signal is not warranted.  They will install a crosswalk over Carlisle Road.  The Planning Commission approved the plan pending comments being addressed.  He stated that the drive way next to McDonald’s would become a one-way entrance. Mr. Eric Johnston, Johnston Engineering, spoke about the agreements being ironed out. 

Commissioner Simpson expressed concern about the additional traffic with this restaurant and McDonald’s with the students walking to school.  Students would have to cross over seven different driveway lanes with cars in this area.  Mr. Ryan Nelson, Cedar Cliff Mall owner, spoke about how important this is for the businesses in the back of the mall and how they would not be able to close it off.  Discussion ensued.  This item will be on the 8/28 agenda for action.

Request for Security Release:  SLD Docket No. 2015-13 – Stone Gate Village

Mr. Flint stated that an inspection will be done and this should be ready for action at the next meeting.

Mr. Flint stated that a request for security release has been requested for 4600 Lena Drive and it should be ready for action at the next meeting.


Resolution 2017-R-25 -2018 Pension Minimum Municipal Obligation (MMO)

Mr. Grove spoke about the Act 205 requirements for a minimum municipal pension contribution.  He stated that based on the current calculations, the employer’s expense for budget would be $447,634.  There would be offsetting revenue of $365,900 which would come from the Commonwealth.  Mr. Grove stated that this amount is an estimate and could be higher based on what is received in September.  Discussion ensued.  The Board asked that a vote be taken on this at the next meeting.


Trick or Treat Night

Commissioner SIMPSON made a motion to make Lower Allen’s Trick or Treat Thursday, October 26th.  Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.

2018 West Shore Recreation Commission Contribution

Mr. Vernau spoke about the letter received from the West Shore Recreation Commission.  The per capita cost will remain the same for 2018 and equate to $36,155 for the year.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to contribute $36,155 to the West Shore Recreation Commission for 2018.  Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion.  Motion carried 3-0.


Mr. Flint spoke about the trail at Beacon Hill.  He stated that an inspection is scheduled for next week.  Mr. Vernau spoke about a meeting with the residents of Beacon Hill Heights townhouses.  He stated that it went well.  He is encouraging them to move forward with the transfer of the homeowners’ association so as to not lose the window of opportunity.

Commissioner Simpson stated that he attended the Beacon Hill Heights meeting, took a tour of DFA, and was at the Cumberland County Commissioners’ meeting to present the household hazardous waste recycling donation.  Commissioner Schin stated that he went to the School District’s recognition meeting.  He spoke about a concern with vehicles still being parked at the old Stephenson’s property.

Solicitor Miner spoke about the guarantee agreement for Sewer Authority debt refinancing the and draft ordinance he provided to the Board which didn’t make the agenda.  He stated that the Authority needs the Township’s approval as the Township is the guarantor on the loan.  The Authority is refinancing their loan to reduce the debt and save on interest costs.  The interest rate and the amount being refinanced is lower than the original loan.  He stated that all the costs of refinancing will be covered by the Authority.  Mr. Grove asked if this refinancing would hurt the Township’s bank qualifications for loans, as one is slated for 2018.  Solicitor Miner doesn’t believe it will be an issue.  The ordinance will be ready for action at the next meeting.

Director Holl will be meeting with PennDOT to discuss the crosswalks under construction on Carlisle Road with school opening.  He stated that he will be receiving proposals for Phase 2 of the Public Safety barrier project and should have them for the September meetings.  He stated that the swearing in and promotion ceremonies will take place at the next meeting.

President Black spoke about the quality of life in the Township and about a few concerns in his neighborhood.  He asked staff to see if they can work on a tree ordinance and if they can’t, let him know about maybe bringing in consultants.  He would like to see the Township protect trees when it is possible.


The Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 8:14 p.m.