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8-23-17 Minutes

Recreation and Parks Board
8-23-17 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                                       AUGUST 23, 2017

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD MEMBERS                                                            TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Greg Mahon, Chairman                                                          Wendy Hayden, Township Representative

Susan Parry, Vice Chairman                                                   Thomas Vernau, Township Manager

Richard Grove, Secretary                                                       Jim Chianos, Parks Superintendent   

Bob Pelles                                                                               Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mr. Mahon called the August 23, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.



Mr. GROVE made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for the July meeting.  Mr. PELLES seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.


Yellow Breeches Park

There were no public comments provided.


Commissioner Young was not present at the meeting and there was no liaison report.


Mrs. Hayden provided the following Parks Operation Staff update:

  • Staff performed normal park maintenance at the Township parks.
  • Several trees at LACP were removed at the barn area and Fernlawn pavilion after the storm.
  • Dog park drainage problems were addressed by installing 2A stone, where the wash out occurs, by the large dog entrance gate.  A superior quality grass seed was planted above that area. 

Mrs. Hayden discussed the Yappy Hour Event.  There were about 30 people at the event.  She spoke about the entertainment and prizes given away.  She thanked Mr. Pelles for his donation of three new dog beds.  There was a suggestion of holding it later in the day like 6pm to 7:30pm. 


R&P Board – Park Recommendations -Jim Chianos – Park Priorities

Mrs. Hayden provided updated outlines of each park.  The Board and Staff went through each park and highlighted the following:


Park: Goals: Resolution:
Cedar Spring Run Installation of new playground equipment This is coming soon.
High weeds around creek perimeter They are letting the native ones grow.
Highland Estates Playground Water Fountain Mr. Chianos stated this is not a feasible and the park is mostly used by the neighborhood residents.
Park Kiosk is loose Mr. Chianos will look into this.
Highland Park & Playground Concern about loud music and language with kids on court as per neighbor complaint. Mr. Chianos and Mr. Vernau discussed the issue.  They will post a sign about the rules of the park to help the situation.
Allendale Park Mr. Chianos stated a fence would be installed in 2018.
Creekwood Park Add additional bat boxes-maybe a scout project Mr. Vernau spoke about using this for parking for events.  He spoke about the trail opening in the fall.  Mr. Chianos spoke about drainage issues and Mr. Flint is working on them.
Beacon Hill Park Replace the charcoal grill. Mr. Chianos stated he hasn’t had a request for one since it was removed and isn’t sure one is necessary.
Beacon Hill Heights – Tract #1 & 2 Dead bushes from Scout project – maybe they weren’t watered or incorrect bushes for the area. Undeveloped land in the floodplain which has the potential for athletic fields – but there is no place to park. Mr. Chianos will look at the dead bushes.

Mr. Vernau spoke about maybe putting a Pavilion/gazebo for small outdoor weddings.  He spoke about stabilizing parking.

Yellow Breeches Park Improve the boat access area – maybe a scout project.  Install recycling cans. Mr. Vernau spoke about why the trash cans were removed.  Ms. Parry spoke about recycling grants and will forward any she sees to the Township.
Pete’s Field Replace existing park sign with larger one and water fountain. Mr. Chianos stated there are restrictions on the size and location of signs.
Wass Park Fascia Board on dug out needs replaced.

Board feels the reorientation of the fields is great.

Mr. Chianos stated Fascia will be taken care of in the fall/early spring.
Sheepford Crossing Board feels the park is used well.  
Lower Allen Comm Park Tot lot – additional play station

Barn -needs a coat of paint

Proceed with Fun Fort redesign

Mr. Chianos spoke about developing a walking trail around the park.  Mr. Mahon stated the Board agrees with this idea and he spoke about his ideas for the trail potential grants. 


Mr. Chianos spoke about the following items:

  • 2018 – LACP – replacing the pipes in the upper restrooms.  He spoke about the issues and DEP testing and standards including monthly well testing.
  • 2018 – Barn – he spoke about the air ducts in the barn and working on this issue.
  • Pete’s Field water fountain – he stated the fountain will have to be in next year’s budget and would need to be near the pavilion.  He spoke about residents bringing their own containers for water which could be refilled at the fountain.  The Board spoke about having the fountains closer to the basketball courts.
  • Cedar Run Park – Equipment is in except for one piece.  Hopes to start installing equipment in September.

The Board discussed the goals and stated the following would be their priority for budgeting:

  1. Add equipment to Cedar Spring Run Park
  2. Water fountain at Pete’s Park.
  3. Support Fun Fort project
  4. Signage at Highland Park
  5. Fence at Allendale Park
  6. Bat Boxes at Creekwood
  7. Windsor Park – added after discussion with Mr. Vernau.

Mr. Mahon stated he would send out an email about their discussion and priorities to the rest of the Board.


Windsor Park Playground

Mr. Vernau provided a map of the playground to the Board.  He spoke about the meeting a few years ago, with the neighbors, who didn’t seem interested in developing the park.  He stated for 2017, there are monies budgeted for a professional rendering of the park.  He showed the Board the location on the map and discussed the two entrances to the park through easements.  He stated the park should be for low impact uses.  He discussed the following ideas:

  1. Walking trail around the park 
  2. Leaving field space in the middle for play
  3. Tot lot (ages 2-5)
  4. Chess table
  5. Benches around the perimeter

He asked the Board for their input on these ideas.  He stated the input from the neighborhood was for a tot lot.  He stated the timeline for this park includes having a drawing this year and funding part of it in the 2018 budget, pending approval from the Board of Commissioners.  The neighbors would be notified once the Board of Commissioners approves the rendering.

Ms. Parry likes the idea of the chess tables.  Mr. Mahon asked for this to be put on the agenda for next meeting to discuss ideas.  Mr. Vernau stated he would like to obtain the Board’s ideas so they can be incorporated into the drawings. 

Outreach for Volunteers – Rain Garden

Ms. Parry spoke about the need for volunteers to help maintain the rain garden.  Mr. Chianos stated they may have to start over as there are weeds 7 feet tall and he doesn’t have enough staff to take care of the garden.  Mr. Vernau spoke about the Gardeners Club, which currently uses meeting space at the MSC, and possibly providing a free space at the barn, for helping.  Discussion ensued.  Ms. Parry is going to put something together for Facebook and the Newsletter for a volunteer committee, too maintain the LACP rain garden. 


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 8:24 pm. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm.