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10-16-17 Minutes

Board of Commissioner
10-16-17 Minutes



                    BUDGET MEETING                                               OCTOBER 16, 2017                            

The following were in ATTENDANCE:


Peddrick M. Young, Sr., Vice President Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Richard F. Schin Erin Trone, Assistant Township Manager
Carolyn E. Holtzman David Holl, Director of Public Safety
Jack R. Simpson, Jr. Daniel Flint, Community Development
  Leon Crone, Captain, Police Department
  David Murdoch, Lower Allen Fire Captain
  Christopher Yohn, EMS Captain
  Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary


Vice President Young called the October 16, 2017 Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm.  He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review.  He also announced that President Black was absent with excuse due to a work conflict.


There was no response.


Director Holl provided a presentation to the Board of the budget for Public Safety.  He stated that the tabs in the binder provided to the Board contained the details of the items being reviewed during the budget process.  He spoke about the collaborative effort the budget was with Staff and the number of meeting held to present this budget.  He will be reviewing the operating budget changes.


He spoke about significant line item changes from the 2017 budget to the 2018 proposed budget.   Below are the items discussed:

  • 410-130 Salary Office Personnel: Add Accreditation Manager:  He spoke about the need to add this position with the increased CALEA requirements added recently.  He and Captain Crone spoke about the hours spent obtaining the required information and the manpower of officers used for this task.  They spoke about the old way versus new way information is required to be recorded by CALEA.  They also spoke about the size the department is now with CALEA and the additional requirements.  They discussed the multiple tasks involved with collecting and maintaining data which could fall into this position’s responsibility.  They discussed the additional duties that would be assigned to this new position.  This new full-time civilian position would eliminate the need for two part-time workers who come in after their full-time to work.  Commissioner Schin asked why they work at night and hire them for the daytime hours.  Captain Crone spoke about their experience and how it is needed to help and about their availability.  He spoke about the importance of having consistency and how this job helps with compliance.  The two part-time positions would go away if the full-time position is approved.
Account Description Budget Impact

Salary CSO

Propose increasing CSO hours by 18 hours per week for coverage between the hours of 1600-2200 for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  They assist the Officers.  Captain Crone discussed their duties.  
410-191 Uniform Purchases Director Holl spoke about the Kevlar helmet replacement cycle with 5 needing replacement in 2018.  He spoke about adding tourniquets for each officer. Down overall


410-19? – OPEB Mr. Grove explained Generally Accepted Accounting Principles standards are requiring this expense be shown in the operating budget. $342,550
410-242 Ammunition & Targets Restocking and reserves are low and would be increased $880
410-245 Operating Supplies Taser replacement program (5 in 2018) $5,500

Minor Equipment

Chairs for PD conference room

Captain Crone’s office Chair

Sergeant’s conference chairs –worn and falling apart

Preliminary breath test devices need to be replaced and gear organizing solution for 3 zone cars.




Fentanyl Resistant PPE Kits for all officers, Ickler, and spares.  Director Holl spoke about how deadly the chemical is and the recent issues with handling it. $1,500
410.261 Vehicles, Minor Equipment Replace perishable goods in first aid kits including Quick Clot. $1,500

Service Bureau

Cobra System.  He spoke about the records data sharing system and how it can be used by multiple municipalities to help with law enforcement. The cost is based on number of users. $3,000
Crime Watch.  He spoke about how this works and the goal is to replace Crime view with this tool.  This tool allows crime information to go out better and faster $4,000
410.318 Other Professional:  Trafficcloud Services for speed signs, data management, storage and analysis tools $3,000
CALEA conference in March. $6,400
410.378 Radio Maintenance Waiting on County for their decision for replacements.




Tuition Assistance for three returning to school.  Their classes must be related to their job.  $9,000
  Sergeant Foltz to attend Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.  Both Captain Crone and Lieutenant Thomas have attended this training. $4,000
  Baton training

Krav Maga re-certification.  This allows the instructor to be recertified and train our officers versus sending them out for training.




410.730 – Mach., Equip & Vehicles Capital Budget Items:  Cars 3 & 4 are set for replacement this year.   
Fuming Cabinet needed for processing evidence.  Safety Committee has indicated current cabinet is a potential fire hazard. $9,300
TracCs -E-ticketing and Crash reporting.  He spoke about the issues with hand writing tickets and the administrative time involved.  He spoke about the automatic ticket printing for the officers and how it would improve accuracy and reduce officer’s time on a stop. $13,950
Interview Recording Equipment -– spoke about the current system and issues with recording.  This would be the same system on the police cars.  He spoke about how it would help with any potential liability issues and loss prevention. $10,200



Director Holl discussed the following items for EMS:


 Overtime F/T

Spoke about moving to 12-hour shifts.  He spoke about the issue with the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Going to 12-hour shifts would result in 4 hours of overtime paid bi-weekly.  The EMTs are interested in going to these shifts.  
412.191 Uniform Purchases Rain Gear- overall line item is down $200. Increased $2,000
412.243 Medical Supplies MOU with Lower Allen Fire Company requires us to provide their supplies. Increased $2,500
412.244 Oxygen  Rotating cylinders Increased $300
412.245 CPR Supplies  New mannequins, DVDs and ecards for certifications Increased $4,500
412.260 Minor Equipment:  Increase for stocking 3 ambulances with Knox Boxes.


412.321 –Comm Expense Implementing County 911-X-Mobile Computer Aided Dispatch. increased $1,090
412.325 412.340 Postage &


Subscription mailings increased $400

increased $200


412.374 – Maint & Repair Office Equip Increased for more cylinder testing

All AED maintenance under EMS

Replace Ambulance floor

Slight increase due to unanticipated repairs to Plymovent exhaust system.





412.421 – Training Attend WMD Conference

Attend water rescue Phase 2 training

Attend JEMS conference




412.730 Mach., Equip & Vehicles


Capital Budgets

Purchase AED for Fire Vehicles with joint MOU

RAD 57 Co-Oximeter

EMS Copier/Fax







The Board of Commissioner’s meeting recessed at 8:29pm.


The Board of Commissioner’s meeting reconvened 8:37pm.


Director Holl spoke about the declining number of volunteer firefighters in the Township and nation overall.  He and Captain Murdoch spoke about the statistics provided to the Board.  The statistics included paid PSOs and Township Staff who assist during the day.  He spoke about false alarms at night.  They spoke about the amount of training it takes to be a certified firefighter today (100 hours) versus years ago (40 hours).  Captain Murdoch discussed his graph and the levels of responses to fires in the Township.   They spoke about the programs to attract firefighters including VFSAP, Act 172 Tax Credits, PSO program, Live-in Program.  Discussion ensued.

He spoke about the following budget items: 


Salary PSO

2 additional PSOs-July-Dec -which would support the fire companies overnight.  
415.149 Stipend Live-in scholarship and Stipend program July-Dec $21,164
415.191 Uniform Normal replacements +2 new PSOs $6,300

Emergency Mgmt.

Increased for exercise materials, polo shirts for EOC staff & unanticipated needs.

Smartboard for exercises and Activation




415.321 Communication Exp. Decrease in software cost -$5,960
415.420 Dues, Sub & Membership Increased from additional IAEM, KEMA and IPSA dues  
415.421 Training Increased due to underfunding & now includes CEM certification through IAEM  
415.730 Mach, Equip, & Vehicles Capital Budget:

Preemptive devices for intersections

PS2 Replacement

Refurbish Engine and EMS Bay floor- station 1






Director Holl reviewed the following items for them:


Minor Equipment

To acquire various tools, lights, fire house, fan, and other such items. $12,500

Service Bureau

This expense goes away if the switch to Alpine Red NMX is approved. $3,200
411.321Communication Expense Cellular LTE data service for all fire apparatus to support County interconnection $4,800
411.374 Maint & Rep Equipment Reduced based on AED maintenance MOU with EMS  
411.378 Radio Maintenance 3 Knox Box vehicle replacement units $3,600
411.420 Dues & Subscriptions Power DMS $2,500
411.421 Training New member training $2,000

Director Holl discussed the Capital Purchase for both fire companies called RedNMX.  He spoke about the current issues in the reporting system for the fire companies and how this would help.  RedNMX would take the place of other software and would help with tracking personnel, hydrants, personnel clocks, and VFSAP could be added.  The cost would be $97,470.  Both Lisburn and Lower Allen reviewed the system and worked together for this decision for the software.


Director Holl spoke about the following items:

416.312 Service Bureau Would remove with purchase of Red NMX $650 decrease
416.375 Maint & Repair Reduced from $10,000 to $7,500 based on history $2,500 decrease
416.378 Radio Maintenance Reduced to $0 based on history  

He discussed the Tanker 24 replacement which is in process for replacement in 2018.  He stated that the full amount of the purchase price is in the budget, but the Township would be contributing $250,000.


Mr. Grove spoke about the annual presentation of the Fire Fund.  He stated that there are several components that go into the Fire Fund.  He stated that they have budgeted the tanker as they knew it was coming.  The software purchase is not budgeted and there isn’t enough money to purchase both these items and the next apparatus in 2022.   Director Holl stated that apparatus should be replaced every 20 years and the next piece would be 2020 not 2022.  If it is pushed back, there would be additional costs with maintenance and the resale value decreases.  Mr. Grove spoke about increasing the millage from .44 to .49 last year.  Commissioner Schin would like to speak about this with the whole Board.


Mr. Vernau stated that Director Holl covered his Capital items and the rest can be discussed at the next Board meeting on October 23rd.  The next budget meeting is scheduled for October 30th where the complete budget can be reviewed.


The Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 9:36 pm.