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10-25-17 Minutes

Recreation and Parks Board
10-25-17 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                                       OCTOBER 25, 2017


The following were in ATTENDANCE:


BOARD MEMBERS                                                TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Susan Parry, Vice Chairman Wendy Hayden, Administrative Assistant/Event Planner
Richard Grove, Secretary Thomas Vernau, Township Manager
Scott Duncanson Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary
Bob Pelles  
James Kaiser  


Ms. Parry called the October 25, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.


Mr. GROVE made a motion to approve the September meeting minutes.  Mr. PELLES seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.


Beacon Hill

There were no public comments provided.  Mrs. Hayden spoke about the property deeded to the Township and a copy was enclosed in the packet.


Commissioner Young was not present at the meeting and there was no liaison report.  Ms. Parry asked about Commissioner Young.  Mr. Vernau stated there would be a new liaison in the New Year.


Mrs. Hayden discussed the following items:

Parks Operation Staff: 

  • Mowing, tree trimming, and wood chipping were ongoing during the month.  Parks crews will be performing leaf cleanup through the beginning of December.
  • Water fountains and flushable restrooms, at all Township parks offering these amenities, will be shut down for the season, during the week of October 30th.
  • Bollards were installed on both ends of the boardwalk area, at the completed ABH Trail. “No Motorized Vehicles” signs were also posted on the Beacon Hill side of the trail.  
  • Cumberland Conservation Specialist, Lori Glace and a Cumberland County Parks Ranger were on site at the Yellow Breeches Park and Cedar Spring Run Park, to inject pesticides to control the very evasive Japanese Knotweed Plant. Cumberland County reached out to Jim Chianos in September, when the Cumberland County Ranger spotted the pesky plants. They were very diligent about getting those plants killed off, before there was a total epidemic.  This took place on October 12th.  Rick Stambaugh, one of our licensed pesticide specialists, was on site while Lori and Ranger John administered the injectable killer into the root base of the plant.  The areas will be checked next spring of 2018 to make sure it was killed off. 


  • The Dillsburg Soccer tournament was held over the Columbus Day weekend.

The tournament was well attended by over 1500 people.  No issues were reported.

  • Fall ball for Cedar Cliff youth softball/baseball at Wass Park, wrapped up their season on October 14th. The Hampton Fall League will be wrapping up at LACP on Oct. 29th.   After that date, the fields will officially be closed for the season. Any needed maintenance will be conducted during the off season. 
  • The ribbon cutting event for the completed Allendale- Beacon Hill Trail, took place on October 21st. Approximately 25 residents/children attended, along with outdoor enthusiasts, bike club members, and two cute dogs.  Dan Bible, Manager of Field and Stream and Bob Carey, with YBWA, set up exhibits during the event. Lower Allen Staff were on hand to greet attendees, lead the walk and give blood pressure checks.  A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Genest (Erin Trone’s parents) for volunteering their time to cook hot dogs and hand out chips, trail bars and water.  It was a beautiful morning and the event was a huge success.   


Ms. Parry asked if anyone presented the budget items to the Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Vernau said no, but he did receive the letter they sent but isn’t sure the Board received it.  She believes it is important to have a presence once a year at the Board.  Mr. Grove spoke about the items in the letter and stated the majority made the budget for this year or in for the future.  Some of the items aren’t budget items and are labor and can be done anytime.  He stated recycling didn’t make the budget.


Mr. Vernau spoke about Windsor Park and the meeting they had with residents a few years ago.  He had drawings done with three options for the development of the park.  The first drawing, concept A, is very minimal.  There would be a paved entrance to the park, loop trail around the park, a tot lot, large playing field, trees, benches and possible chess tables.

The second drawing has a circular walking area with a garden in the middle, butterfly garden, tot track for kids, smaller playing field, and tot lot.  Mr. Vernau spoke about concerns of keeping the butterfly garden trimmed.  Mr. Grove asked about lighting.  Mr. Vernau said there would be bollards around the park that wouldn’t shine near the homes.  He provided pictures of the chess tables and spoke about concerns for vandalism.  Ms. Parry believes this appeals to all generations.   She asked if the neighbors would be notified.  Mr. Vernau stated they will be notified once the Board approves a design.  There won’t be a fence around the whole park due to costs.  He stated there are no monies put away for the park for 2018 and there maybe in 2019. They will apply for grants.

The third drawing has a meadow approach.  It would have a lawn and playground.  Mr. Vernau spoke about his concerns with the maintenance of the meadow.  The Board discussed the three options.  The Board likes the first drawing with chess tables but not bocce ball.  Mr. Duncanson suggested a fence around the tot lot to show the division between the lot and the neighbor’s yards. Mr. Grove stated there isn’t water there and it would be an issue with a butterfly garden.  Mr. Kaiser spoke about having a table between the tot lot and the lawn.


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 7:43 pm. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm.   Ms. Parry will not be at this meeting as she will be out of town.