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5-29-18 Minutes

Board of Commissioners
5-29-18 Minutes


 BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                         LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING                                                          MAY 29, 2018

The following were in ATTENDANCE:


Edward Black, President                                                Thomas G. Vernau, Jr., Township Manager

Jack R. Simpson Jr., Vice President                                      Erin G. Trone, Assistant Township Manager

Richard F. Schin                                                                    David Holl, Public Safety Director

Dean W. Villone                                                                    Leon Crone, Police Captain

                                                                                               Dan Flint, Public Works Director

                                                                                               Richard Grove, Finance Director

                                                                                               Steven P. Miner, Solicitor

                                                                                               Tina Thomas, Recording Secretary


President Black called the May 29, 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm followed by a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review.  Commissioner Holtzman was absent due to illness.


Commissioner VILLONE made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 14, 2018 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.  Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.



President Black asked that any Commissioner, staff member or anyone in attendance who would like to have an item on the Consent Agenda removed for further discussion request so now.  There was no response.

  1. Department reports for the month of April for Assistant Manager, Community Development, Township Engineer, Public Works, and Public Safety.
  2. Awarding the 3529 Lisburn Road Demolition Project to Schlegel Excavating, Inc. in the amount of $11,746.00.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve the items on the Consent Agenda and Commissioner VILLONE seconded it. Motion carried 4-0.


Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve the Check Register of May 25, 2018 in the amount of $516,769.94, with Vice-President SIMPSON seconding.  The motion passed 4-0.  Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve the manual Check Register for April 2018 in the amount of $31,572.83.  Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion.  Motion passed 3-0-1 with President Black abstaining due to a relative receiving one of the checks.  



Mr. David Killick, Partner and Consulting Actuary for Conrad Siegel, led a discussion on some of the differences between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans.  Mr. Killick presented a handout detailing the plan differences pertaining to non-uniformed employees and an example of retirement benefits accrued based on salary and starting age for each plan.  He fielded questions from the Commissioners regarding the Township’s responsibilities in education of employees regarding investment choices and how the Township’s contributions can affect state aid through Act 205.

Mr. Scott Frazer, Assistant Township Manager and Plan Administrator for Upper Allen Township, was also present to discuss how his Township switched to a defined contribution plan in November of 2014 for new employees.  As older employees retire, the current defined benefit plan will be phased out and Upper Allen Township will see monetary savings.  He states that the defined contribution plan also makes budgeting easier.


Mr. Flint reported that Lower Allen Township has been notified by BB&T Bank that the Letter of Credit for SLD #2005-24, Liberty Point, will not be renewed after July 1, 2018.  The reason for the continued extensions for this 2005 development is that there are still unimproved lots and the streets have not yet received its wearing course.  The builders have been notified that a replacement letter of credit must be obtained by June 10, 2018, or the Board will call the current one.


Mr. Vernau brought up an amendment that is needed to Chapter 151, Parks and Playgrounds, which would make what has been an administrative policy only part of the ordinance.  One item is regarding memorials, which limits them to a certain size and requires a permit for them. The other item is regarding requiring a permit by those individuals wishing to operate concessions in the parks.  A fee is already established in the fee resolution.  Currently there is nothing stating a permit must be obtained. Mr. Vernau requested permission to advertise this ordinance.  Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve and Commissioner SIMPSON seconded it.  Motion passed 4-0.

Mr. Vernau requested permission to advertise for a mechanic to replace Charlie Reynolds.  Mr. Reynolds will be promoted to Fleet Manager to replace Ken Rocuskie.  Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve and Commissioner VILLONE seconded it.  Motion passed 4-0.

An opportunity was offered to participate in a “community night” at an upcoming Harrisburg Senators game.  It would be open to the entire township and would include things like discounted tickets and kids’ activities.  It would be advertised on our Facebook page and website as well as by the Senators’ promotional outlets.  There was interest in participating in this.


Director Holl stated that applications for public safety officers closed in mid-May, with interviews being scheduled for June 8, 2018. He also passed out an advertisement aimed at recruiting firefighters for the live-in program. 

Captain Crone brought up a recent increase in bicycles theft in the Township, especially in Windsor Park and Wass Park.  He stated that the current ongoing investigations include a recent death from drug overdose and credit card fraud.  Commissioner Simpson asked if we have to expend a lot of resources on the fraud investigations, since we get nothing back for it.  Captain Crone replied that if a crime is reported, we are required to investigate it.

Solicitor Miner wished to make the Commissioners aware of two parcels of land that should have been dedicated to the Township by the builders and were not.  Tax parcel numbers were assigned to the parcels, and unpaid taxes have resulted.  The Township originally filed answers to the proceedings to protect our interests but has since withdrawn the answers so that the sale can go through.  We can pick up the parcels by paying the County real estate taxes due.  may be interested in purchasing these tracts.  This will be discussed further in executive session following this meeting.

Commissioner Schin reported on attending a Memorial Day ceremony at the Lower Allen VFW as well as the spring dinner for the United Methodist Home for Children.  He mentioned the uncut grass in front of the Capital City Plaza.  Mrs. Trone stated that we have contacted them regarding this.  Commissioner Schin passed along a letter of appreciation that was received from the West Shore School District for participation in Partners in Education.

Commissioner Simpson thanked Dave Holl for his help in arranging for CDL drivers in training from HACC to pick up pallets at his warehouse to be burned for practice for the firefighters.  He thanked Officer Scarlato for his prompt attention to an issue with a number of vehicles parked in a yard in Allendale.

Commissioner Villone reported on attending the United Methodist Home dinner as well.  He spoke of appreciation expressed by staff there for the response of Lower Allen Township to situations that they must call them for.  Commissioner Villone will be volunteering on a tax committee starting in June which deals with the state gaining control of taxes and fees.  He will be there with the interest of protecting the municipalities and constituents. 

President Black brought up the possibility of cancelling the June 25th Board of Commissioners meeting due to the Commissioners being away at the state conference leading up to this date.

Dan Flint reported that paving has been completed at LACP, and that Arcadis will be attending the next Board of Commissioners meeting on June 11th for a presentation on the stormwater study.


The Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned to executive session at 9:30 pm.


1. Judicial sale of the orphan parcels.

2. Side Agreement with the Lower Allen Township Police Officers Association to amend language in one section of the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement regarding Acting Officer compensation.