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1-23-19 Minutes

Recreation and Parks Board
1-23-19 Minutes



 REGULAR MEETING:                                                      JANUARY 23, 2019


The following were in ATTENDANCE:

 BOARD MEMBERS:                                                          TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL:

Greg Mahon, Chairman                                                          Wendy Hayden, Township Representative

Robert Pelles                                                                           Tina Thomas, Recording Secretary

Scott Duncanson

Richard Grove                                               

Mrs. Hayden called the January 23, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.


Mrs. Hayden asked for nominations for Chairman. The suggestion was made to keep all positions the same as last year if the Board was in agreement. Mr. PELLES moved to keep all of the same officers in their current Board positions. Mr. DUNCANSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


Newly re-elected Chairman Mahon took over running the meeting and requested approval of the prior meeting’s minutes. Mr. GROVE moved to approve the minutes from the November 14, 2018 meeting.  Mr. PELLES seconded the motion.  Motion carried 4-0.


No one from the public is present to comment. Mrs. Hayden reported that leaf collection has been completed. Residents had reported that the library that was installed at the park as a Boy Scout project is badly in need of repair. This has been removed for the time being. Mrs. Hayden is hoping to know more about the future of this by the time of park tours.


Commissioner Holtzman is absent so there is no liaison report.


Mrs. Hayden provided the following Parks Operation Staff update: 

  • Branch and leaf debris clean-up is ongoing at all parks as well as tree/limb trimming and regular park maintenance.
  • Overgrown trees that were not supposed to have grown on the dike at the LACP pond are being removed. Dan Flint and Tom Stambaugh have been working on getting the pond looking and functioning better. Chemical treatment for algae control will begin in early spring and continue through early summer once a month.
  • We have not yet received the approved grant money for rebuilding a section of the LACP Fun Fort. Therefore Public Works has not yet started demolition.


            Mrs. Hayden provided the following Activities update: 

  • Requests for athletic fields for 2019 have been received and Mrs. Hayden is working on getting the contracts typed and executed. She is receiving 6 to 8 calls per day for the Barn and pavilions at LACP. These reservations are ongoing.
  • The residents from The Woods at Cedar Run have again volunteered to stuff Easter eggs for goodie bags for the annual egg hunt on April 13, 2019. Mr. Angelo is willing to be the Easter bunny for the event.
  • Hayden provided the Board with a hand-out listing the tentative 2019 schedule for events at LACP.
  • She also reported what she has learned regarding the electrical problem on Beacon Hill. It is possible that the Association may have had the electricity in their name from the early days of the development. A new account may have to be set up with PP&L. Mr. Emerson, Facilities Manager, may consider putting in a solar light at this location.


  • Volunteers are needed for the day of the egg hunt. Board members are planning to attend and serve as in previous years. Plan as of now is to meet at the Barn at 8:30 the morning of the hunt. Mrs. Hayden will request donations from Hershey at the end of February.
  • Gardener’s Gathering is scheduled for 2 weeks after the egg hunt on 4/27/19. Ms. PARRY is on medical leave and was not able to attend the meeting. Mr. Grove is looking for someone to share information on foraging at the event.


  • The 2019 Recreation and Parks Activity schedule is included in tonight’s packet. Park tours will begin in May and June. It is planned for the Park Superintendent to attend the July meeting. Mr. Mahon is in favor of July instead of August to allow the Board to be timelier with submitting their requests to Tom or the Board of Commissioners in August. Mr. Grove stated that requests can still be submitted in September but August is preferable because staff have the budget put together by mid-September. Mr. Mahon would like someone to attend the Board of Commissioners meeting in late September or early October to present an update on the Recreation and Parks Board activities and primary recommendations for budget items.
  • The Township has formed a Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee led by Erin Trone and Dan Flint. Mr. Angelo is part of this committee representing the Recreation and Parks Board. There is a lot of public interest in this project and it emerged as a top priority in the comprehensive plan process. The committee is in charge of finding the best use of the grant money to complete more of the trail system in the Township.


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Next meeting is Wednesday, February 27, 2019, at 7:00 pm.