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4-15-19 Agenda

Development Authority
4-15-19 Agenda

April 15, 2019                                             6:00 PM

1. Call to Order by the Chairman

2. Proof of Publication is Available.

3. Public Comment.

4. Action: Approval of Meeting Minutes: March 18, 2019.

5. Action: Approval of Meeting Minutes: March 28, 2019.

6. Action: Approval of March-April Expenses.

7. Discussion and Possible Action: Stormwater Bills

8. Discussion: Property Maintenance Company

9. Action: Authorize Further Requisitions for Bon-Ton Project.

10. Action: Award Landscape Contract for the Bon-Ton Property for Spring/Summer/Fall 2019.

11. Action: Award Lighting Separation Contract for the Bon-Ton/Bone Fish properties

12. Discussion: Volunteer Fire Companies to train at the Bon-Ton and Borders facilities.

13. Discussion: Contract with GHD for Gravity Sewer Line design

14. Discussion: Bon-Ton Roundabout Entrance

15. Discussion: Bon-Ton Project Name

16. Executive Session:

a. Presentation: High Properties
b. Discussion and Possible Action: Letter of Interest for Burger King Parcel
c. Discussion contract negotiations for retail parcel
d. Discussion and Possible Action: Letter of Interest for hotel parcel

17. Discussion: By-Law Changes

18. Next Meeting Date: Monday, May 20, 2019 at 6:00PM.

19. Adjourn.