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Board of Commissioners


BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                      LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING                                                        APRIL 22, 2019

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                      TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Edward Black, President                                                  Thomas G. Vernau, Jr., Township Manager

Richard F. Schin                                                                     Erin G. Trone, Assistant Township Manager

Dean W. Villone                                                                   David Holl, Public Safety Director

Carolyn Holtzman                                                                  Richard Grove, Finance Director 

                                                                                               John Eby, Building & Zoning Coordinator

                                                                                               Steven P. Miner, Solicitor

                                                                                               Tina Thomas, Recording Secretary                                                                         


President Black called the April 22, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:01 pm followed by a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review. Vice President Simpson was absent with excuse. 


Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve the minutes from the April 8, 2019 Regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners with a name correction. Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Introduction of Bryce Thompson, Public Works Maintenance Specialist

Mr. Vernau introduced Bryce Thompson, who is filling a nine-month seasonal position with the Public Works Department. Bryce was welcomed by the Board of Commissioners.


Ursula Morgan, 5225 Royal Drive, stated that a group of residents in the audience wished to discuss item 15(b) under Township Manager.

Resolution 2019-R-02:  Recognition of Robert E. Nailor, Jr., for 29 years of service

Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve Resolution 2019-R-02 and Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Presentation of Resolution 2019-R-02

President Black read a note written by Mr. Nailor expressing his sentiments upon retiring from Lower Allen Township. President Black then read the above named Resolution which lists the various positions Mr. Nailor has held during his 29 years of employment with the Township. 


President Black asked that any Commissioner, staff member or anyone in attendance who would like to have an item on the Consent Agenda removed for further discussion request so now.  There was no response. The following items were on the Consent Agenda:

  1. Adopt Resolution 2019-R-13, a Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, proclaiming May 2019 as Building Safety Month.
  2. Approve the Department Reports for the month of March for Community Development, Facility Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Township Engineer, and Public Works.

Commissioner SCHIN moved to accept the Consent Agenda and Commissioner HOLTZMAN seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

BID OPENING:  Public Works Building Addition

Mrs. Trone explained the process by which the Township received bids for the Public Works Building Addition. Bids were placed online using a company called PennBid. She stated that the bidding was done electronically to increase interest from the construction companies who use the PennBid website to obtain their contracts. Items that were open for bidding included General Construction, Mechanical, and Fire Suppression.  Mrs. Trone opened an e-mail which she had just received containing the bids. She was not able to access information on the bonds.

General Construction
Company Name Building Site Excavation Backfill
Penn State Construction $562,425 $3,000 $5,500
ECI Construction, LCC $689,900 $4,900 $4,300


Mechanical Construction
Shannon A. Smith Inc. $131,000
Penn State Construction $151,600
Garden Spot Mechanical Inc. $195,000
SSM Industries Inc. $198,216


Fire Suppression
SSM Industries Inc. $132,000
Penn State Construction $135,450
Garden Spot Mechanical Inc. $145,000

Mr. Grove stated that a total of $848,720 was budgeted for the addition. Mrs. Trone stated that the bids will be presented to the Township Solicitor and staff and recommendation for action by the Board will be presented at a later meeting. Commissioner Schin asked if the Township will be going with the lowest bid.


Check Register

Commissioner HOLTZMAN moved to approve the Check Register of April 12, 2019 in the amount of $859,638.53 and Commissioner VILLONE seconded it.  Motion carried 4-0. 

Resolution 2019-R-14

Commissioner SCHIN moved to adopt Resolution 2019-R-14, authorizing the sale of Township property valued at over $2,000. Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Resolution 2019-R-15

Commissioner SCHIN moved to adopt Resolution 2019-R-15, approving the destruction of certain  Township records in accordance with the Pennsylvania Records Retention Schedule. Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


There was no response.


SLD Docket No. 2016-04: Increase Improvement Security for Highpoint Phase 1.3

Mrs. Trone presented the new security amount which has been established for Highpoint Phase 1.3. A ten percent increase brings this total to $80,851.83 with an expiration date of April 22, 2020. Commissioner VILLONE moved to approve SLD Docket No. 2016-04 and Commissioner SCHIN seconded it. Motion carried 4-0.

Release of Matthew Reynolds from Probation

Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve the release of Maintenance Specialist Matthew Reynolds from probationary to regular employment as he has successfully completed his six month probationary period. Mr. Vernau mentioned that Matt has also obtained his Commercial Driver’s License. Commissioner HOLTZMAN seconded the motion and the motion carried 4-0.


Resolution 2019-R-16: Appointment of Anthony J Deaven as EMS Captain

Public Safety Director David Holl spoke about completing interviews of four candidates for the newly

created position of Emergency Medical Services Captain. The best choice for the position is felt to be

Anthony Deaven, who is a Paramedic, has served as Assistant EMS Chief, and works part time for

Pinnacle Health and as a contractor for the federal government. His background check was completed by

the Police Department and he would be available May 13, 2019. This would keep things on track for the

July 1st deadline for ALS. Pay would be $31.25 per hour.  Commissioner SCHIN moved to appoint Mr.

Deaven as EMS Captain and Commissioner HOLTZMAN seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.



Job Description for Codes Technician

Mrs. Trone spoke about the job description for a new position that is being created in the Codes Department.

This position would replace the Complaints Coordinator and provide the initial review of incoming building 

permits. It is hoped that the person in this position would progress to being a Building Codes Official or an

Inspector. Commissioner VILLONE moved to approve the job description for Codes Technician and

Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Advertisement of Codes Technician Position

Commissioner VILLONE moved to approve advertising for the hiring of a Codes Technician for the Community and Economic Development Department. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.


Expiration of Franchise Fee Agreement with Verizon Wireless

Township Manager Tom Vernau spoke about the expiration of the Franchise Agreement and stated that municipalities are coming together under COG to jointly negotiate a new Agreement. This is being done with the assistance of Cohen Law Group. Prior to this, a public hearing must be held as required by the Federal Cable Act. The performance of Verizon will be reviewed and future needs of the Township will be discussed. The hearing date and time must also be advertised. Mr. Miner stated that two notices on consecutive weeks are required. Commissioner SCHIN moved to have the public hearing on Tuesday May 28th at 6:30. Commissioner VILLONE seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Results of Boundary Survey of Windsor Park

Mr. Vernau used the overhead to show the results of the boundary survey completed by the engineering firm of Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson. Access easements to the section of land were verified from Oxford Drive and Royal Drive. It is approximately one acre in size. Slight encroachments were noted by a shed, a fence, and a satellite dish into the recreation plot. Mr. Vernau stated that use of the land will be part of another discussion after a survey of the residents in this area is completed later this spring. Commissioner Schin asked how the survey is going to be completed. Mr. Vernau stated possibly it can be done electronically and with paper responses as well. It will be announced on Facebook and the Township webpage. Several residents in the audience were given time to speak to the Board:

Ursula Morgan, 5225 Royal Drive, spoke about her concern that the surveyors left stakes along the properties including the five foot easement along her property. She stated that there is a telephone pole in this easement and asked if the Township would pave around the pole.  Mr. Vernau indicated that they would, if necessary.

Bryan Tourscher, 5222 Oxford Drive, asked about the canvas area for the survey. Mr. Vernau stated that it will be the entire subdivision of Windsor Park, formerly known as Orchard Crest Manor.

Dan Daisley, 141 Lancaster Boulevard, stated that the older kids use the land in question for games and activities that would be obstructed by the creation of a tot lot.

Russ Haley, 5232 Oxford Drive, asked how having a structure in place there would affect the access of utilities such as PP&L. He stated that vehicles use the access. President Black stated that utilities are taken into account when parks are designed.

Ed Stellhorn, 5228 Oxford Drive, stated that he believes the right-of-way was meant for long-term access for lawn mowing equipment. He feels that kids will outgrow the tot lot quickly and the original intent for the property was for a field.

President Black thanked the residents for their comments and stated that the Township is being very transparent with this process and welcomes the involvement of the community.

Personnel Manual Updates

The Board was presented with Chapters Four and Five of the revised Personnel Manual. They deal with work schedules and benefits. There were no questions.  Commissioner SCHIN moved to approve the revised chapters and Commissioner VILLONE seconded it. Motion carried 4-0.


Mr. Eby thanked the Board for supporting the Community and Economic Development Department and Building Safety Month.

Commissioner Schin asked if there was follow-up on the livestreaming of Board meetings. Mr. Vernau stated that he met with Mike Riazy from 3rd Element regarding what the closed captioning would entail. They are looking into a platform that allows closed captioning. Commissioner Schin spoke about a bus-sized RV that is parked on Scarsdale Drive. Mr. Vernau stated that this is already addressed in the ordinance based on whether the RV is greater than or less than 30 feet. There are to be no RVs parked along the curb for more than 72 hours. Director Holl will look into the RV parked on Scarsdale Drive. Commissioner Schin also questioned the gravity sewer line mentioned in the Development Authority minutes. Mrs. Trone stated that this was the choice of the Authority as the sewage is currently pumped from the Bonefish Grill to the BonTon property. This system will also serve future tenants. The cost is included in the loan. She also explained that the abatement contract covers the proper removal of asbestos before demolition.

Commissioner Holtzman spoke about grass clippings being blown into the streets by lawn mowing on Plainview Dr. Director Holl has asked the PSOs to check on this.

Mr. Miner spoke about the quiet title approach that attorneys for Jenny’s Salon were using as opposed to identification. He stated that the docket has since been withdrawn and given a continuance by the Zoning Hearing Board until May 16th. He is hopeful that they will use a different approach.

Director Holl announced that he submitted the renewed EMS license to the Department of Health. As changes are made at the Township, the license will be resubmitted. He also stated that Emergency Health Services Federation will be on site to inspect all three ambulances on Thursday.  Mr. Holl spoke about the Ad Hoc Committee going well. The next meeting will be held on April 29th at 6 pm at Christ Community Church Youth Center. He is planning to send out the information by social media, the website, and possibly the LA Alert system. He is hoping to get as many people as possible from the public.

Mrs. Trone spoke about last Wednesday’s Pedestrian/Bike Committee meeting. She said that the consultants and some staff members went on a bike tour in the Township. A walking tour is also planned. The consultants are working on a draft plan for the May 29th meeting. She stated that there is a lot of enthusiasm for this project.


The Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned to Executive Session at 8:20 pm to update the Commissioners on the PUC Complaint filed by the Township against Norfolk Southern Rail Corporation for shutting down two at-grade crossings in the Township without proper notification.