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5-2-19 Minutes

Stormwater Authority
5-2-19 Minutes


STORMWATER AUTHORITY                                           LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING                                                          MAY 2, 2019


The following were in ATTENDANCE:


Gordon E. Wilson, Chairman                                                 Rebecca Davis, MS4 Coordinator

Timothy Johnson, Vice Chairman                                                                             

Lloyd Bucher, Treasurer                                                        

Alison J Shuler, Secretary

Richard Schin, Assistant Secretary                                                     


Also in attendance: Steven P. Miner, Esquire, LATSA Solicitor, and Tina Thomas, Recording Secretary.                                     


Chairman Wilson called the May 2, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Stormwater Authority to order at 8:25 pm. He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review. Tina Thomas completed a Roll Call of the Board members present. 



Ms. Shuler moved to approve the minutes from the April 4, 2019 meeting of the Stormwater Authority. Mr. Schin seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.




Mr. Miner stated that an annual audit will not be performed until next year as the first fiscal year does not end until December 31st.  Accounts will not be in individual names but in the Authority’s name.


Mrs. Davis provided a summary of the current credit applications that have come in. The number has gone from 71 last month to 77. Three additional appeals were received, bringing the total to six. She spoke about a steady number of calls coming in regarding the fee which was due May 1st. There is also interest in creating BMP’s among homeowners. One homeowner appealed on the basis that his property does not drain to a Township street and he feels he should not have to pay the fee. There is still stormwater runoff from his property and his appeal was denied. The homeowner stated that he intends to appeal to the Board of Commissioners. Mrs. Davis stated that an appeal has thirty days to be submitted or the appeal is waived. If an appeal is received by the Township, it will go onto a Board of Commissioners meeting agenda.

Chairman Wilson stated that he would like appeals to come before the Stormwater Authority. Mr. Miner responded that the Stormwater Authority has delegated the decision to the Township Staff who must take it to the Board of Commissioners, not back to the Stormwater Authority. Mr. Miner also stated that the public is welcome to come to the meetings and present their cases to the Stormwater Authority in person. He anticipated more interest and public participation than the Stormwater Authority meetings have received. Mrs. Davis stated that the biggest complaint she has received is that the Township stopped mailing the newsletter to each resident. This was how residents found out about changes who do not use social media or come into the Township building

Mrs. Davis will be meeting with the Financial Director to see what financial reports can be created now that there has been revenue collected and there is stormwater fee data. She said PennDOT is claiming that the fee is a tax and they will not be paying it because they are tax exempt. She also spoke about new fees that have been created for the annual report. Previously a $500 fee was required and covered a five year permit. Now DEP is collecting $500 every annual reporting period to cover hiring more staff.

The two grants that the Township has received for retrofitting storm basins at Sheepford West and the Public Works Building have been signed electronically and we are waiting for the written official grants. This could take 4 to 8 weeks. Mrs. Davis is starting on the design so the projects will be ready to send out to bid. The retrofitting must be completely finished by the end of September of 2021.  There are ten total basins to retrofit in the Township. We are working towards 10% sediment reduction in the next five years and report progress to DEP. The retrofitting of the basins will help to achieve that goal.

The permit also has PCM’s or Pollution Control Measures. The DEP has determined that the Yellow Breeches Creek and Cedar Run are impaired in Lower Allen Township because of pathogens and organic compounds. Township staff are required to map areas in the Township that drain to those waterways to determine what might be causing the impairments. Then, as part of the permit process, all of the Township’s outfalls must be inspected and a written plan created.


Mr. Wilson explained that he spoke with the Township about setting up his stormwater bill to be included in autopayment. Mrs. Davis stated there was miscommunication on the part of the Township regarding autopayment authorization and letters have been sent out as needed to autopay customers. Aside from a few glitches, she feels that the billing went smoothly. There are some vacant properties and cemeteries which are tax exempt and have changed owners. The County has provided correct mailing addresses for these parcels.


There being no more business, Mr. Wilson adjourned the Stormwater Authority meeting at 8:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina Thomas

Recording Secretary