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Thanks Community LifeTeam EMS

Lower Allen Township EMS
Thanks Community LifeTeam EMS

Lower Allen Township EMS Hires Paramedics, Thanks Community LifeTeam for Filling Significant Need

 Community LifeTeam, a service of UPMC Pinnacle, has provided advanced life support (ALS) services for Lower Allen Township EMS since January 2015. Lower Allen Township Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has hired ALS licensed providers (paramedics) to join their EMS team effective today, July 1.  Lower Allen Township hosted a media event to share information about this important milestone in their history and to thank UPMC Pinnacle and Community LifeTeam for filling a significant need to the Lower Allen Township community during the transition.

Present from Lower Allen Township were H. Edward Black, President of the Board of Commissioners, Dean W. Villone, Vice President of the Board of Commissioners, Richard F. Schin, Commissioner, Tom Vernau, Township Manager, Dave Holl, Director of Public Safety Tony Deaven, Lower Allen EMS Captain, and present from Community Life Team were Barry Albertson, Systems Director and Joel Hocking, Operations Manager.

In 2018 Lower Allen Township began exploring the possibility of beginning their own ALS Services by hiring paramedics.  We began with a cost study and looked at certain efficiencies.  The study was then presented to the Board of Commissioners and was adopted into the 2019 Budget to begin in July 2019.  At 7:00 am this morning Lower Allen ALS started with Lower Allen Township paramedics, shaking hands with the paramedics with Community LifeTeam, and at 9:45 Lower Allen took their first ALS call. 

Lower Allen Township, the Department of Public Safety and Lower Allen EMS would like to give a special thank you to Community LifeTeam for their assistance with the transition to our own ALS services.  We couldn’t have done it without their patience and understand that, when they took over ALS in 2014, this would be the end goal.  Lower Allen Township presented Community LifeTeam with a Certificate of Appreciation for their time here, and the help with our ALS Service.


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