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9-16-19 Minutes

Development Authority
9-16-19 Minutes



 REGULAR MEETING                                              SEPTEMBER 16, 2019


The following were in ATTENDANCE: 


AUTHORITY MEMBERS                                        TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Max Stoner, Chairman                                                 Erin Trone, Township Assistant Manager

John Eby, Secretary                                                      Mary Ellen Banks, Recording Secretary

Edward Black Steven Miner, Solicitor


Max Stoner, Chairman called the meeting of the Lower Allen Township Development Authority to order at 6:15pm and announced Proof of Publication was available for review.


Peddrick Young and Salvatore F. Marone were absent with excuse.

Mr. EBY made a motion to move Item #7 on the agenda to Item #1. Mr. BLACK seconded this motion. Motion carried, 3-0. He explained the reason for this was there may be people here to hear the discussion about this letter; however, we received a request for continuation of the zoning hearing board (continuance means postponement) from Sheetz. Mr. Eby at this point read some of this letter. Sheetz is considering the input from the neighborhoods and in this letter, it included a grant for a waiver of the 60-day time period in which the zoning hearing board would have had to conduct the first hearing. He further explained they are expecting October 17th for the next meeting. The reason Mr. Eby asked to have this moved up on the agenda is that he sees no reason for the Development Authority to take any action on this letter tonight since there is no way of knowing if the plans will be revised.

In addition, Mr. Eby stated the vetting of the plans has been in social media and the news media that have not been discussed in a public meeting and there are two errors about the plan which he keeps hearing: 1) Sheetz is asking for twelve (12) gas pumps; there are two (2) vehicle stations for each pump; therefore, Sheetz is proposing at this time six (6) pumps to give them a total of twelve (12) vehicle stations, not pumps. And 2) He has heard the term “Mega Sheetz”. This is not the correct term for this store. Sheetz does build 10,000 square feet stores; however, this only would only be a little over 6,000 square feet; he explained this area is zoned for a 4,000 square feet store.

Mr. BLACK made a motion that this Board is not going to take any direct technical discussion of the Sheetz proposal because of the correspondence Mr. Eby just referenced by which the plan may change. Mr. EBY seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0.


Catherine Port, 1544 High Meadows Lane, Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055 spoke to the Board concerning the Capital Area Transit (CAT) Park & Ride at the former Bon-Ton location. She works for the Commonwealth and commutes to and from work in Harrisburg using the CAT transportation. She had written a letter to this board on May 31st requesting the Development Authority consider maintaining this location as a Park & Ride. She explained the unique “bus” she rides. After explaining further she has recently worked with our Cumberland County Commissioner, Jim Hertzler and the CAT executive director, Rich Barr and our Cumberland County CAT representatives to improve service on this route. The service now has been stellar; the bus (full-size) is full. Mrs. Port went on with discussion concerning the traffic, construction, public transit, etc. She urges the Authority when they are negotiating leases and agreements for this property to include provisions for maintaining this as a Park & Ride location.

When Mr. Black asked Mrs. Port if she currently uses a Park & Ride she explained yes and this property (Bon-Top) is still a viable Park & Ride. She explains they park by the old “Borders” store because that is where the Township requested they park. The bus is a relatively full bus.

Mrs. Trone explained we presently do not have a contract with CAT for this continuation; however, it is listed on the Community Services map as a Park & Ride. At this point the Board is not sure what the needs will be for parking once it is redeveloped; however, the Authority does want to continue to have a bus stop there which is what she conveyed to Mrs. Port after our June meeting where the board discussed Mrs. Port’s letter. She did reach out to Bryan Dean with CAT and she will meet with him next week. In addition, they need to discuss where the Park & Ride will be located during demolition and construction afterwards and what to do for a permanent solution.

Mr. Eby asked Mrs. Port about this stop and she explained it is not like the regular service that stops numerous places; it is a more direct route to her destination. Mr. Eby stated the Board supports the concept and understands its value; however, they have a moving target of who will buy and/or lease these properties. And, he stated, we may also need a bus stop there in addition to the Park & Ride.

Audrey Maddox, 4517 Florence Avenue, Apt. A, Mechanicsburg, PA, 1700 also addressed the Board. She explained her agreement with continuing this Park & Ride and the fact that the next closest would be the Weis Market. There has been some over-flow from other areas and if this would not be continued there would be approximately thirty (30) or more cars needing to park in the Weis Market parking lot. Her concern is then the Weis Market would decide they do not want the Park & Ride there because of the high volume. Mr. Black explained he is sure no one on the board objects to anything either of the residents has talked about; but there are a lot of thing up in the air right now and they have to see if they all fit in one basket.

Carolyn Pleka, Dillsburg, PA and she uses the CAT bus service. She explained with many cancelations of the CAT buses, she now has to leave twenty (20) minutes earlier and gets home at least one-half hour later. Some people changed to Barnes and Noble parking lot; however, there have been complaints of too many buses there. She discussed further the bus service in general.


Mr. EBY made a motion to approve the minutes with correction of the August 19, 2019 meeting as corrected by staff. (Note: this meeting was stated to be on Thursday instead of Monday evening)  Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0.



Mrs. Trone explained the reason for this item and the following item. No invoice has been received yet, however, wanted to add this so she will be able to pay the invoice once it is received. Mr. BLACK made a motion to amend GHD’s scope of work to include the sewer easement plan and legal description for a cost not to exceed $550. Mr. EBY seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0.


Mrs. Trone explained this is the next step after they receive the legal description above. Mr. EBY made a motion to authorize the solicitor and staff to secure an easement agreement with property owner at 3415 Simpson Ferry Road. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0.


The Regular Meeting of the Development Authority recessed into Executive Session to discuss real estate transactions @ 6:49pm.


The Regular Meeting of the Development Authority reconvened @ 7:25pm.


Mrs. Trone gave the board in their packets a copy of the listing extension agreement. Mr. Campbell explained this is only increasing the length of the contract, not the terms. Mr. EBY made a motion to approve the listing extension agreement for Campbell Commercial Realty, Inc. dated September 1, 2019 for a period of 12 months. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried,



Mr. EBY made a motion to advise our solicitor to notify the appropriate entities of Burger King of the invoice that was included in the Board’s packet; and that this will be their ten (10) day notice of default. Mr. EBY then amended the motion to also authorize our real estate agent to send a written record of our action to the franchisee. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion and amendment. Motion carried, 3-0.


Mrs. Trone gave the following updates:

  • Demolition of Bon-Ton – the demolition will begin late this week/early next week. She did inform the demolition company there are many entities that would like to be there when it begins. They will be doing the inside work first and then there will be a press release when it will be done outside.
  • Penn DOT Surplus Land status – she explains that a new Penn DOT agent has gotten in touch with her and he is going to be helping to move this process forward. It will take approximately six months to a year. Discussion ensued.
  • Condominium Documents – There was a discussion concerning the documents and amendments to these in reference to the Penn DOT surplus land agreements and the storm water. Discussion ensued.
  • Traffic Study – Mrs. Trone explained they had received comments back from Penn DOT last week and Mr. Flint has not had a chance to look at them. She will be sending these to the Board members for review.
  • Trone mentioned that the gentleman that opened the business in Rana Villa that the Development Authority helped get the loan for is opening October 24th.


The next meeting of the Development Authority is scheduled for Monday, October 21, 2019 at 6:00pm.


Mr. EBY made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.