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11-4-19 Budget Minutes

Board of Commissioners
11-4-19 Budget Minutes



                       BUDGET MEETING                                               NOVEMBER 4, 2019                           


The following were in ATTENDANCE:


H. Edward Black, President Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Dean Villone, Vice President Erin Trone, Assistant Township Manager
Richard F. Schin David Holl, Director of Public Safety
Carolyn E. Holtzman Daniel Flint, Community Development
Peddrick M. Young, Sr. Richard Grove, Finance

David Murdoch, Chief Lower Allen Fire

Frank Williamson, Chief Lisburn Fire

Mary Ellen Banks, Recording Secretary


President Black called the November 4, 2019 Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 6:02 pm.  He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review. 



There was no response.



Director Holl stated that he will be presenting the budget for the Fire Funds and both Fire Company Chiefs are here if there are any specific questions.  He will also present the Lisburn Community Fire Company’s budget first.  He began with the PowerPoint for the operating budget significant changes, Department 416, Lisburn Community Fire Company.

416.220 General Expenditure
Firefighter Incentive Program, $30,000

This concept was recommended by the Public Safety Ad-Hoc Committee for the support for recruitment and retention of firefighters giving a stipend to those that meet certain criteria. Chief Williamson explained the program which is to try to entice them to become a firefighter. Mr. Vernau explained this is a program where the Township will give each Fire Company a certain amount and allow them to dole it out as their members earn it. Commissioner Villone asked if this is already in the budget or just proposed and Mr. Vernau stated that it is presently in the budget.

416.260 Minor Equipment

5” Siamese (1) $1,300

Blow Hard Fans (1) $4,000

Portable LED lights (4) $2,400

Halogen bars (2 @ $250 ea.) $500

Foam (2 @ $250 ea.) $500

Plymovent Station Apparatus Exhaust System Parts Repair & Replacement  $4,900


416.318 Professional Service $2,000

Tax Preparation increased. Mr. Schin questioned what this cost was. Mary Ellen Banks, Lisburn Comm. Fire Company Director explained the fire company must complete and file the tax form 990 just like any for-profit company. She also explained the accounting firm donates 1/3 of their charge, the Fire company pays 1/3 and this is 1/3 of the charge. Every three years, the Township helps to pay for a full financial audit also and that was last year and was $5,000.

416.321 Communication Expense

Eliminate 2 apparatus phones and replaced one with FirstNet cell that includes Wi-Fi and functions as a hotspot, $606

416.373 Maint. & Repair Building

Plymovent Maintenance and Repairs, $2000

416.375 Maint. & Repair Vehicles
Vehicle repairs includes $4,000 for tire replacement on Engine 24

Plymovent Diverter required for the new Tanker $3,500


Director Holl then moved on to the power point for the operating budget significant changes for Lower Allen Fire Company, Department 411:


411.140 Salary – Labor

Chief Murdoch explained the request for a part-time admin assistant for 20 hours/week @ $15.00/hour (starting April 1, 2020 start), $11,700 for 2020. This is due to retirement of Bill Zorn.

411.220 General Expenditure
College Live-In Program. Director Holl explained the live-in program and how they want to increase the live-ins and Captain Wirth explained how they plan on doing recruitment. Commissioner Villone questioned if it would be possible to ramp up this process over years rather than going from two this year to six. Chief Murdoch explained this process further and how it benefits the Township.

Commissioner Villone questioned how many live-ins this would cover. Director Holl stated three Live-ins beginning in January 1st and to add three more additional for the Fall. $85,123


Firefighter Incentive Program

This explanation is the same as above for Lisburn Community Fire Company, $53,700

411.250 Building Rep & Maint Supply

Replace Ice Machine Station 2 – Failed and currently out of service, $4,400

411.260 Minor Equipment

Seon 360 InView for Truck 12 – Accident Prevention Assistance   $4,100

Seon 360 InView for Squad 12 – Accident Prevention Assistance  $4,100

Plymovent Apparatus Exhaust Parts Replacement Upgrades  $4,900

411.312 Service Bureau

Alpine Red NMX (6 months Maintenance July-Dec for “live portion”) $6,700


411.321 Communication Expense

Cell Phone Reimbursement $6,500 (addition of 2 additional officers)

411.340 Advertising & Printing

Brochure printing for Membership and Live-in Program  $1,000

411.363 Hydrants

Increased for additional fire hydrants in new development  $72,600 (increase from $70,780)

Commissioner Holtzman stated that she thought the Contractor was paying for the hydrants. Mr. Holl stated that they paid for the installation of the hydrants; however, the Township is responsible for the ongoing service fee and maintenance.

411.373 Maint & Repair Building

Ice Machine Annual Service x2 – New Contract – $775

Sprinkler 5-year Testing Station 2 – $920

Plymovent System Maint and Repair for Receiver Box and 2 Transmitters $3,350

411.375 Maint & Repair Vehicles

Mr. Holl explained Chief Murdoch is now breaking the cost down for each vehicle to be able to see the impact of age of each.

Unanticipated Maintenance – Truck 12 (2009) $4,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Rescue 12 (2013) $3,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Engine 1-12 (2006) $2,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Squad 12 (2018) $1,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Engine 3-12 (2009) $4,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Truck 12 (2009) $2,000

Unanticipated Maintenance – Support Vehicles $1,000

Chassis Service R12,T12, SQ12, and 2 engines $1,000

Cardwell Treatment (for 2 vehicles – Rescue and Squad) $700

R-12 Replace 13 Ground Lights ($50 each + labor) $1,000

411.412 Training

FDIC Training for 4 Instructors $5,000

Mr. Vernau stated that this increased this module by the $5,000 making the training budget $10,000

411.730 Mach. Equip. & Vehicles

Alpine RedNMX Fire and Response Reporting Software $32,490

·         Third year of three-year purchase and software implementation project

Replace Fire Terminal Server $6,000


Commissioner Villone asked Mr. Grove how adding all these items from the Ad-hoc Committee will affect the Fire Fund.  Mr. Grove stated that if the Fire Fund is going to continue saving for future capital needs such as trucks and pumpers then it is already stretched beyond that point; we can still make it at the current tax rate if we keep the increase in the operating cost to 3% per year and if we float bonds to cover some of the truck costs when they come up. He also stated that adding these additional items would add more pressure.

Commissioner Villone also inquired where we would be at 2020/2021 as far as the Fire Fund. Mr. Grove stated that there were several options. He discussed/explained his memo to the Commissioners. Commissioner Villone would like to see the costs with the General Fund and the Fire Fund separated. Discussion ensued with Mr. Grove suggesting the Commissioners either review and pick which items to keep in the budget or pick a % and tell the Fire folks to pick which is most important in their budget.

Mr. Vernau offered to provide the Commissioners with a memo for the fire fund similar to what he gave them tonight for the other funds which would tell you the budget impact of each increase requested. He would have this ready for the packet on Friday.

Commissioner Villone stated that in the Ad-Hoc meeting early in the process, about the decline of interest of the firefighters doing fundraising; he asked has that piece been considered on the fundraising side to incentivize them, so the firefighters do not feel pressured to do the fundraising. President Black also stated that he has heard that the firefighters do not like the amount of training that is required.  Captain Wirth stated that there is no requirement in the state of PA for training; however, each company does encourage training especially since this is a safety issue and they do not seem to mind the training. Silver Springs Fire Company increased their fire tax so they do not have to do very little fundraising.

Commissioner Schin asked Mr. Grove to run several scenarios on the budget including approximately 5 years/tax increase/funds and also fund balances.  Mr. Grove explained more on his memo and discussion ensued on fund balances, tax millage and how expenditures would affect this rate.

Mr. Vernau would like to know who is going to attend the ceremonial opening of the roundabouts at Arcona on Wednesday @ 9:00am.  Commissioners Black, Schin, Holtzman and Villone stated that in the affirmative.



The Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 7:45 pm.