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11-19-19 Minutes

Planning Commission
11-19-19 Minutes


PLANNING COMMISSION:                                             LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

 REGULAR MEETING:                                                      NOVEMBER 19, 2019


The following were in ATTENDANCE:

Brett McCreary, Chairman

Geir Magnusson, Vice-Chairman

Jay Blackwell

Brian Wickenheiser

David Clovsky

Michael Washburn

Daniel Flint, P.E., Township Engineer

Tina Thomas, Recording Secretary

Dean Villone, Commissioner


Chairman McCreary called the November 19, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission to order at 7:02 pm.



Mr. MAGNUSSON moved to approve the minutes from the October 15, 2019 regular meeting. Mr. WICKENHEISER seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.




SLD Docket No. 2019-13:  Land Development Plan for 1201 St. Johns Road

Proposed construction of a 9,600 square foot building for office and warehouse use.

Applicant Presentation

Chris Hoover of Hoover Engineering Services, Inc. was present to speak about the proposed building plan. He introduced Jeff Kolva and his wife who were also in attendance. He stated that the property at 1201 St. Johns Road is approximately 3 acres in size and is located behind the Susquehanna Valley Federal Credit Union. The lot has an existing access drive along the side of the Credit Union. There is a flood plain on the property from Cedar Run. Mr. Hoover stated that Jeff Kolva has an electrical business called Kolva Electric currently located outside of Lewisberry. They are looking for a larger site which is closer to where they do most of their work.

Mr. Hoover spoke about the site plan with parking and access off of St. Johns Road. Two overhead doors are in the design but no loading dock is needed. He also said that stormwater is handled by a detention BMP located on the east side of the building. All utilities are located in the front of the property and able to be extended to the new property. The business has around 14 – 16 employees which will not add significantly to the traffic in the area. Mr. Hoover said that all comments received from the Township and the County have been addressed. They were seeking a waiver from frontage improvement along the property due to concerns of water following the curbing and being discharged into Cedar Run. He stated that Mr. Flint suggested not extending the curbing beyond the guide rail. There were some additional stormwater comments included.

Township Comments

Mr. Flint spoke about the original lot being subdivided into two lots, with the Credit Union being built on the front lot. The second lot has never been developed. Mr. Flint stated that the Township feels there should be curb along the road up until the guide rail ends. The existing fire hydrant would not have to be relocated. The flood map for the property produced by FEMA has been considered and does not appear to be an issue for the proposed building.

County Comments

Mr. Flint spoke on behalf of Mr. Hoffman, Cumberland County Planning Department. He said he could address any questions about the comments made by the County. Mr. Flint said the County comments were operational in nature. Mr. Hoover addressed a County comment regarding existing woodland to be removed. He said that the majority of the mature trees will be protected. Most of the trees that will be removed have grown up on a fill site.

Commission Member Questions and Comments

Mr. Villone asked about the gravel driveway and if that is considered impervious coverage for stormwater calculations. Mr. Flint said that it is considered impervious due to being compacted over time.

Mr. Washburn asked if there are waivers being requested and Mr. Hoover said that there are three. Mr. Flint said that he suggested modifying the waivers on curbs and fill-in paving.

Mr. Hoover answered a question from Mr. Magnusson about showing the improvements on the final plan.

Mr. Clovsky asked if the property ever floods and Mr. Flint said that it does but fluctuates based on the level of groundwater. Mr. Hoover stated that they are trying to keep the development as far from Cedar Run as they can to protect it.

Public Comment



Mr. WASHBURN moved to approve the modification from the full requirement to provide curb along street frontage along the existing guide rail. Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.

Mr. WASHBURN moved to approve the waiver from the requirement to provide sidewalk along street frontage and Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.

Mr. WASHBURN moved to approve the modification from the requirement to provide fill-in paving past the point of the existing guide rail and Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.

Mr. WASHBURN moved to approve the Land Development Plan for 1201 St. Johns Road with satisfaction of comments from the Township and the County. Mr. MAGNUSSON seconded the motion and the motion carried 6-0.


If any new plans are received, the next meeting of the Planning Commission will be held on Tuesday, December 17th



Mr. WASHBURN moved to adjourn the regular meeting of the Planning Commission at 7:20 pm.