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10-19-2021 Meeting Minutes

Planning Commission
10-19-2021 Meeting Minutes


The following were in ATTENDANCE:
Brett McCreary Brad McCullough, P.E., Township Engineer
Brian Wickenheiser John Eby, Building and Zoning Coordinator
Jay Blackwell Michelle Kilgore, Recording Secretary
Samuel Bashore
Jeff Logan



Chairman McCreary called the October 19, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Lower Allen Township Planning Commission to order at 7:00 pm.  He announced that proof of publication was available for review.



Mr. BASHORE moved to approve the minutes from the September 21, 2021 Regular Meeting.  Mr. LOGAN seconded.  The motion carried 5-0.



There was none.



WCF Zoning Code Amendments to 220-06 and 220-207

Mr. Eby presented on the Zoning Ordinance Amendment intended to update WCF regulations contained in the LAT Zoning Code at Section 220-207 in conjunction with FCC rulings and PA Statutes that post-date the enactment of current regulations.  He noted that Cohen Law Group (CLG) prepared existing and proposed text for the amendment, and that the replacement text is better organized and easier to comprehend.  Mr. Eby was joined by Steve Hoffman from the Cumberland County Planning Commission.  Each took turns offering their official comments on the draft.  Mr. Eby asked the LAPC for their recommendations on the following:

  1. The text and design standards mandate consideration of stealth technology and other aesthetic considerations. Eby explained that Staff’s preference would be to remove the mandate, but asked the LAPC to consider offering clear, concise, and objective criteria in the design manual should they decide to allow this verbiage to remain in the proposed ordinance.

The LACP chose to allow the language, provided clear, concise, and objective criteria would be included in the design manual.

  1. It was noted that the content of the draft suggests that CLG inadvertently cited a tower/non-tower base as a SWCF, and a SWCF as a tower/non-tower base when addressing allowable distance to an historic structure. Other examples were cited in the draft amendment where Staff discovered verbiage should be reversed.  The recommendation by both Mr. Eby and Mr. Hoffman was that the BOC consider looking at the ordinal preference, that the least preferable of structures start with Towers, then non-Towers, then Small Towers (WFCs).

The LACP agreed with the recommendation.

  1. Hoffman explained that the proposed language (taken from Act 50) indicates that Tower-Based WCFs are prohibited within 75 feet of an area in which utilities are primarily located underground. Mr. Eby asked the LAPC to recommend clarification of the language referring to underground utilities, or if keeping the existing language, offer a special exception process for which the Zoning Hearing board would be involved.

The LACP chose to allow the existing language to remain but allow for special exceptions to be granted by the Zoning Hearing Board.

  1. Eby recommended removal of discriminatory requirements such as Insurance, Bonding, Indemnification, and removal of graffiti.

After much discussion, the LAPC chose to leave the language as is.

  1. Eby recommended that LAPC request Staff to ensure that the design manual language offer consistency with Act 50 (Design Manual examples; sections II.6 (page 2), and IV.1.a (page 4)).

The LACP agreed.

A public hearing will be advertised for Monday October 25, 2021 at 6:00PM. 



SLD Docket No. 2013-08, Preliminary Subdivision Plan for Highpoint:  Status update on required curb and fill-in paving along Lisburn and Arcona Roads

Mr. McCullough offered a status update.  He invited Anthony Faranda Dietrich and Laura Curran from Charter Homes to join him in speaking on the matter.

Mr. Dietrich stated that Charter is currently evaluating the feasibility of installing the curb.  A professional surveyor reviewed a half mile of proposed curbing along Lisburg/Arcona Roads.  A traffic engineer was also engaged, in addition to guidance from PennDOT.  He noted an existing drainage system as a major obstacle in preventing forward movement of the project.  PennDOT manages stormwater runoff along the roads via roadside swales for inlets and pipes.  Mr. Dietrich said Charter is researching possibilities of curbing the streets in a way that would not involve changing the way stormwater has been managed here for the past 30 years.  Updates from the study will be available in time for the November LAPC meeting.

Mr. McCreary asked Mr. Dietrich why a feasibility study is being done now when the project was presented to and approved by the Planning Commission several years ago.  Mr. Dietrich replied that when the work was approved, the curb requirement was deferred, and that he is unclear if the traffic engineer had critically reviewed the plan to see if the curbs were feasible or appropriate.


SLD Docket No. 2018-03, Arcona Phase 2.3:  Status update on placing the final wearing course on alleyways and streets

Mr. McCullough offered a status update.  He invited Anthony Faranda Dietrich and Laura Curran from Charter Homes to join him in speaking on the matter.

Mr. Dietrich stated the final paving should take place this month (October) or the first week in November.  He added that when the planning commission asked Charter about the work last May, Charter had 7 paving jobs lined up ahead of Arcona.  He explained how the pandemic put the entire industry behind.

Mr. Blackwell stated that were residents in attendance that evening because Charter will not talk to residents on the above two issues, that inquiries receive no feedback.  Mr. Dietrich replied that Mr. Blackwell could pass his cell number and/or email along to residents.  Upon learning that Charter has never had a “town hall” with residents of Arcona, he recommended such a gesture.

Mr. Logan asked Mr. Dietrich if he was able to offer a specific date for commencement of the paving.  Mr. Dietrich stated that the date is dictated by a third-party paving company (Line Colt), and that Charter is not advised of the timing until a new job is about to start.

Donna Cronan, a resident of 1419 Wolford Way came to the podium.  She explained her street is rocky, rough, and rutted and it makes walking dangerous.  Large construction vehicles are traveling up and down the street constantly.  Their vehicles are getting damaged.  Speed bumps need to be erected when the paving is completed due to speeding vehicles.  Utility boxes are not protected in places where there is no curbing.

Connie Kinler, a resident of 3209 Emerson Way came to the podium.  She asked that the roads be completed before winter.  Said she feels that Charter has failed to deliver on their promises, that the neighborhood was advertised as a family community, and curbs are important to make the area safe for kids.

Mr. McCreary encouraged Mr. Dietrich to relay the LAPC and resident concerns back to Charter leadership.  He reiterated a Town Hall meeting between Charter and residents of Arcona.  Mr. Dietrich committed to offering a way for residents to contact him.  He also indicated he would correct the concern that there are no current outreach efforts by Charter.



Mr. BLACKWELL motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM.  Mr. LOGAN seconded.  The motion carried 5-0.