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04-19-2022 Minutes

Planning Commission
04-19-2022 Minutes


The following were in ATTENDANCE:  
Brett McCreary

Sam Bashore

Jay Blackwell

David Clovsky

Jeffrey Logan

Brian Wickenheiser

Erin G. Trone, Assistant Township Manager

Ryan Rhoads, P.E., Township Engineer

John Eby, Building and Zoning Coordinator



Commissioner Dean Villone




Chairman McCreary called the April 19, 2022 Regular Meeting of the Lower Allen Township Planning Commission to order at 7:03 pm. He announced that proof of publication was available for review.


Mr. BASHORE moved to approve the minutes, from the March 15, 2022, Regular Meeting. Mr. BLACKWELL seconded. The motion carried 6-0.


Ms. Trone provided an overview of the plans that had been previously approved.

Ms. Trone reported that during their April 11, 2022 meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved the Arcona revised OMP with the following conditions:

i)Use restrictions for community or residential uses only

ii)Accepted with the provided parking plan

iii)Provide rendering of final product that matches the one presented

iv)Traffic calming devices

Ms. Trone reported the following plans had been recorded on March 23, 2022:

i)Birch Grove (S. Locust Street Homes)

ii)BJ’s Gas Lot Line Adjustment Plan

iii)1120 Carlisle Road (Chipotle & Jersey Mike’s)

iv)702 Belmont St.

Major Subdivision and Land Development Plan SLD-2022-01

Ms. Trone presented an update on SLD-2022-01 Tommy’s Carwash, which consolidates three lots in the C-2 district into one to construct an automated carwash. The plan was tabled at the prior meeting, and the revised plan is being presented for approval.

Application Presentation

Mr. Greg Holtzman, project manager, and Mr. Tanner Brandt, Operations Manager for the site, presented the revised plan for constructing a Tommy’s Express Carwash, which is part of a national franchise, to be located at the corner of Gettysburg Road and Hartzdale Drive, across from Batteries Plus. He provided a visual rendering of the proposed carwash, and discussed the changes made to the proposal as well as the remaining three requests for waivers. The carwash would include three lanes with a truncated canopy to comply with the ordinance. The waiver request of sidewalks had been eliminated. He stated that the DEP and traffic studies were ongoing and related concerns were still being worked on. He also noted enhancements to the landscaping and lighting to minimize impact to the residential areas. He also noted an updated grading plan to shave some landscape to improve visibility at the intersection of Hartzdale and Gettysburg Roads. Addressing concerns about potential noise, he noted that a note would be added to the plan.

Township Staff Comments

The plan is seeking the following waivers:

192-30- Preliminary Plan Submission

192-58. E (10) – Parking Lot Planting Islands Designed to Collect Stormwater

192-59.C (2) – Parking Spaces Adjacent to End Islands shall be an Additional 2’Wide

Mr. Rhoads reviewed the comments, noting minor clean-up items. He also indicated that sidewalks would need to be added to the submitted plan.

Commissioner Members Comments

Mr. Logan asked about the PennDOT comments for entrances and exits. Mr. Holtzman reported that PennDOT denied left turn exit but was still evaluating a left turn entrance.

Mr. Bashore sought justification for the remaining waivers. Mr. Holtzman responded the waivers were related to stormwater conveyance, and with the site being flat, an effort to meet the requirements for water basin and stormwater management.

Mr. Wickenheiser asked about stormwater management and the impact of discharge to nearby residents. Mr. Holtzman replied that no water would be discharged onto nearby residential properties. Mr. Wickenheiser also inquired about compliance with noise ordinances. Mr. Holtzman noted the source of noise is due to vacuums and fans, and that the facility would have a door at the exit lane that can be kept closed if there is excessive noise. Mr. Tanner Brandt, of Christianson Companies, also noted the doors open and close upon entrance and exit, and that noise mitigating features could be added to buffer sound if necessary

Mr. McCreary expressed concern regarding safety related to traffic and potential illegal turns.

Public Comments

Mr. Joe Swartz, resident at 1706 Letchworth, expressed his opposition to the waiver for parking lot islands. He noted excessive parking spots, some of which could be eliminated to address stormwater. He also expressed concern about turns onto Gettysburg Road.

Mr. Shaun Oldfield, a township resident at 2511 Gettysburg Road, expressed concern about traffic at the intersection. He suggested that cueing from either direction into the site will be difficult and would result in accidents. He also questioned whether the plan fit into the comprehensive Gettysburg Road Corridor Plan. He noted that the site would be better suited for something more in line with the other existing business types and operating hours in the area.

Ms. Tina Chubb, resident at 2903 Glenwood Road, expressed concern about the stormwater runoff that travels being Linden and Glenwood Roads, noting it would exacerbate existing problems in that area. She also stated concern about the traffic and safety.

Mr. Scott Steger of Consolidated Properties, and owns property on Slate Hill Road, expressed an overall concern about traffic and safety and a specific concern about right turns onto Hartzdale Drive, noting people avoid pork chop traffic tools. He suggested that drivers would instead use the parking lots of Theo’s Restaurant, Christmas Tree Hill, and the others along that road to turn around, negatively impacting those township businesses. He also expressed concern about perceived discrepancies in the presented plan. He asked the Planning Commission not to approve the plan and to require a detailed traffic study.

Mr. Rob Steger, owner of the Capital City Carwash on Hartzdale Drive, expressed concern about the traffic and potential of stacking in the lanes into the entrance off Hartzdale Drive. He also noted the proposed stormwater retaining pond would attract mosquitos.

Several members expressed significant ongoing concerns about the potential safety hazards related to traffic.

Action: Recommendation of the proposed plan

Mr. WiCKENHEISER made a motion to reject Major Subdivision and Land Development Plan SLD-2022-01. Mr. CLOVSKY seconded. The motion carried 6-0.


Ms. Trone announced that May submissions were due by April 19, 2022 and that the plans for Arcona 8.2 had been submitted. She also noted the Sheepford Road Subdivision Plan was previously withdrawn and would be resubmitted.

Ms. Mary Stringent, resident at 3112 Whelan Road expressed concern and dissatisfaction in the progress made related to the plan for the proposed railroad crossing in the Arcona development. She expressed frustration at the lack of a clear timeline. Ms. Trone explained that a construction meeting would be held, and that Charter Homes had recently initiated planning for such a meeting. Commissioner Villone noted that the Township is certainly cognizant of the need and desire for safe walkways.

Commissioner Villone offered a comment on Tommy’s Carwash, noting the overriding concern with redevelopment of the Gettysburg Corridor will be the traffic. He added that, Commissioners would be objective, but that public health and safety are the priorities.

NEXT MEETING                              

The next meeting is scheduled for May 18, 2022.


The meeting was adjourned the meeting at 8:38 PM.