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9-28-2022 Minutes

Recreation and Parks Board
9-28-2022 Minutes


The following were in ATTENDANCE:  
Greg Mahon, Chairman

Scott Duncanson, Vice Chairman

Susan Parry

Rebecca Davis, Public Works Director

Renee’ Greenawalt, Recording Secretary


Robert Pelles

Richard Grove



Chairman Mahon called the September 28, 2022 Regular Meeting of the Lower Allen Township Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.


Ms. Parry motioned to approve the minutes from the August 24, 2022 Regular Meeting. Mr. Pelles seconded. The motion carried 5-0.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Lower Allen Community Park

There were no public comments.

Director Davis reported on ongoing maintenance for the park to include mowing, trash removal, sealing of two pavilions, edging the tot lot, replacing wood carpet, cleaning, and resurfacing the grills at the barn, removing dead trees in the dog park, and clearing of sand and debris at the fun fort.

Mr. Duncanson asked for a status update on the pond area behind the dog park. Director Davis said that funds were included in the budget request to address that area. Mr. Tom Stambaugh noted that having electricity available in that area is vital for aeration to the pond.

Mr. Mahon asked about the status of the pickle ball and tennis courts. Director Davis noted that there are four pickle ball courts on the former tennis court. One tennis court remains.

Mr. Duncanson asked about the missing gaga pit at Highland Park Playground. Director Davis noted there was damage to the structure, and it was removed for safety concerns.


No report.


Director Davis presented the report. She noted that significant work had been completed at both Highland Park and Cedar Spring Run Park. At Highland Park, staff removed the picnic table from behind the pavilion, power washed and sealed the pavilion, installed new electric wires from the breaker box to pavilion, installed new outlets at pavilion and LED lights, edged and weeded all beds, removed dead trees and limbs along back property line, replaced tennis court net, power washed basketball hoops, painted hoops, and replaced nets. Staff also cleaned and organized park kiosk. At Cedar Spring Run Park, work included removal of over 50 Ailanthus trees, poison ivy, poison hemlock and mugwort from the bank of cedar run and the surrounding area. Dead trees were removed from along the perimeter of the creek and trails. Staff power washed the bridge decking and bathroom and cleaned and organized the park kiosk. Areas around playground equipment as well as trees were also edged and weeded. Also, the new play structure for the park was received and would be installed soon.

Reporting on activities, Director Davis noted the fields were booked through the first week of November, and that there were twenty-three pavilion rentals in September and the barn was booked until the end of October.


Yappy Hour

Director Davis reported that the event had been successful. The township provided hot dogs and chips to participants. Several vendors were in attendance. Midstate Distillery sold dog themed cocktails. All members agreed to begin planning and securing vendors early for next year.

Allendale Park

Mr. Mahon reported positive feedback on the swings at Allendale but noted an issue with the basketball hoops not being level, despite having been addressed recently. People might be hanging from the hoops

Recommendations for the Board of Commissioners

Mr. Mahon referenced the draft of recommendations that had been circulated among members and asked for feedback. Director Davis noted that some of the recommendations could be removed since the issues had already been mitigated, including the planting bed at Sheepford Park. She also said that the budget proposal for FY2023 would include a discussion on replacement of benches and tables with a composite material, as well as replacement of sand for volleyball courts. Members agreed to provide the list, as is to the Board of Commissioners.

Beacon Hill Radar Site

Director Davis reported that she would be applying for a grant from DCNR by the end of October and requested a letter of support from the Recreation and Parks Board. She will provide a draft of the letter for consideration. A public meeting was held for presentation of the design. Input on the project was sought and provided by key stakeholders, including neighborhood representatives. The priority for the site is to restrict to passive use and limited development. The design focuses on connecting trails, planting native trees, and the building of a stormwater BM, permeable paving. It will be a demonstration site for environmental education.

Other Business

Members discussed potential grant opportunities. Mr. Mahon noted funding might be available through grant programs for community parks. Ms. Davis expressed a desire to seek grant funding for updating the master plan for Lower Allen Community Park.

Ms. Parry mentioned the DEP Environmental Education grant for the rain barrel project for next year’s Gardner’s Gathering. The timeframe for holding the event is after May but before December.


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board Adjourned at 7:32 PM. The next meeting will be held on October 26, 2022 at 7 PM.