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2023 Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection will begin on Monday, October 16th and end on Friday, December 8th.

The annual leaf collection for Lower Allen will start on Monday October 16th and continue through Friday, December 8th. (with the exception of the Thanksgiving Holiday, November 23 – November 27th).  Public Works crews will collect leaves weekly through each neighborhood.  If you miss the collection for the week, you will have to wait until the next round to have your leaves removed.  The picking machines are equipped with a 5-foot hose that sucks up the leaves into a holding box, which is attached to the truck.  Please rake leaf rows to the street side of the curb, or within 5’ of street edge where no curb exists, in long rows, not large piles.  Leaves that are not raked within 5′ of the road will not be collected.   The efforts of leaf collection crews are focused on collecting bulk volumes of leaves as efficiently as possible.  It is not practical to spend time vacuuming all the leaf debris only to have more leaves accumulate a few hours later.  At the end of the season, after the last round of leaf collection, the Township street sweeper will clean the streets to remove any remaining debris. 

 Collection from East to West – Weekly leaf collection will begin in the eastern section of the Township (Allendale) and proceed towards the southern and western sections (Lisburn /Windsor Park areas).  Updates regarding leaf collection will be posted on the website at www.latwp.org or information can be obtained by calling Public Works at (717) 975-7575  x 2104, during regular business hours.

Just Leaves – Only leaves may be raked or placed roadside.  Do not place sticks, boards, bricks, rocks or other items in the leaf piles.

Clear the way – Roadside trees should be trimmed to the legal height of 14′ and roadside basketball nets need to be set behind the curb line.

Delays – Heavy accumulations of leaves, inclement weather and machine breakdowns may delay the collection of your leaves.  Please be patient as crews do their best to service your area. 


DON’T: Let leaves remain spread out or piled between or under parked cars.


DO:  Please rake leaves into long windrows, not large piles.

Leaf Collection Route

Welcome to Lower Allen Township’s Leaf Collection Tracker Map here are a few simple steps to use it.

1. Use your mouse to navigate the map just like google maps.
2. Click the Spy Glass icon in the upper right corner to search for an address.
3. The legend to the left indicated whether or not leaf collection has been completed on any given street for the current week.