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4-27-15 Minutes

Board of Commissioners
4-27-15 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                                           APRIL 27, 2015

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                                   TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL
H. Edward Black, President                                                       Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Peddrick M. Young, Sr, Vice President                                      Erin Trone, Assistant Township Manager
John T. Titzel                                                                            Frank Williamson, Chief of Police
Richard F. Schin                                                                        Daniel Flint, Community Development
Lloyd W. Bucher                                                                        John Eby, Building and Zoning Coordinator
                                                                                                  Steven P. Miner, Solicitor
                                                                                                  Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary

President Black called the April 27, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm followed by a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. He announced Proof of Publication was available for review.

Commissioner TITZEL moved to approve the minutes for the April 13, 2015 regular meeting. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Chief Williamson discussed the CALEA and PLEAC accreditations earned by the Lower Allen Township Police Department. Lieutenants Crone and Thomas presented the Board with the accreditation certifications which will hang in the lobby of the Township building.

Listed below are the members of the EMS, Police and Public Safety Departments recognized for their actions. Chief Williamson read a brief statement for each of the awards presented.

~Clinical Save – Cardiac Arrest July 1, 2014 EMS Captain Christopher Yohn, WS Medic Thomas Manning, PSO Josh Zeiders
~Clinical Save – Cardiac Arrest September 19, 2014 LA EMS Supervisor Marie Calaman, PSO Thomas Cook,WS Medic Jason Beddia, Upper Allen Officer Jory Harlan, Upper Allen Fire Department: Kevin Bambrick, Kristopher Kaminski, Scott Kenner, Michael Leininger, Kevin Prest, James Salter, Thomas and Zachary Shumberger, Carmon Wilkinson.
~Clinical Save – Cardiac Arrest September 26, 2014 LA EMS Supervisor Marie Calaman, WS Medic James Grundon, PSOs Jay Lalley, Bryce Landis and Thomas Cook, Lt. Gregory Thomas and Officer Briana Gaumer
~Unit Citation – October 21, 2014 Response to a domestic dispute. Det Cpl. Donald Sentman, Officer Thomas Gelnett, Officer Kevin Cramer, Officer Robert Powers, and Retired New Cumberland Chief Oren ”Bud” Kauffman – Cumberland County SRT Negotiator.
~Pre-Hospital Baby Delivery -November 24, 2014 EMTs Captain Christopher Yohn, Joe Peters and Jay Whitall, PSOs Bryce Landis and Thomas Cook, Officer Kevin Cramer and WS Medic Jason Beddia
~Chief Certificate of Recognition December 31, 2014 Officer Kevin Cramer
~Chief Certificate of Recognition January 14, 2015 PSO Josh Zeiders
~Clinical Save – Cardiac Arrest January 18, 2015, EMS Supervisor Ken Hivner and Jackie Daugherty, Officer Briana Gaumer and Edward Curtis, Fire Chief Josh Keller, Fairview Medics Bret Mitchell and Michael McDole, Fire Fighters Bryce Landis and Brian Landis
~Life Saving Award February 21, 2015 – Officer Edward Curtis
~Unit Citation – April 3, 2015 Robbery suspects apprehended. Officers Edward Curtis, Katie Justh, Kenneth Stirling, Michael Scarlato, Curt Heckler, and K-9 Officer Rocco, Detective Troy McNair
~Chief Certificate of Recognition April 4, 2015 Officer Kenneth Stirling
~Outstanding Citizen Award April 19, 2015 Pjer Grbavac

John Logan, Executive Director of Community Lifeteam, Inc., discussed the relationship between the Township and Lifeteam. He discussed the volume of mutual aid calls they have received and believes the staffing levels are working. He stated he believes the quality of the relationship and services provided are excellent.

Mr. Charles Greiner of the Civil Service Commission asked the Board if they had any questions about the annual report presented to them. The Board thanked him for the report and his service.

President Black inquired if anyone in the audience wished to address any item appearing on the agenda. There was no response.

President Black advised that any Commissioner, Staff member, or anyone in attendance could request any item on the Consent Agenda be removed for further discussion and asked if there was such request. There was no response.

Commission TITZEL moved to approve the items on the Consent Agenda as submitted, those items being the following:

a. Release of Improvement Security for SLD Docket No. 2013-03, Final Land Development Plan for Rossmoyne Business Center Hotel.

b. Resolution 2015-R-10, Appointing Scott E. Harbold to the position of Maintenance Specialist for Public Works.

c. Resolution 2015-R-11, proclaiming May 2015 “Building Safety Month”.

Commissioner BUCHER seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Approval of Check Registers
Vice President YOUNG made a motion to approve the Check Register of April 17, 2015 in the amount of $331,026.14. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

March Department Reports
President Black stated the following reports were provided to the Board for March 2015: Township Engineer, Public Works, Fleet Maintenance, Public Safety, Economic Development and the Tax Collector’s Monthly Report.

There was no response.

Ordinance 2015-02
Mr. Eby discussed Ordinance 2015-02, an ordinance repealing Chapter 106, Fire Suppression Equipment, adopting fire prevention standards in reserved Chapter 103, and modifying Chapter 70, Building Construction and Safety Standards, by relocating fire prevention standards not adopted by the Pennsylvania Construction Code act into the Chapter. He stated if the Board was accepting of the ordinance it could be advertised and then placed on the May 26th agenda to be voted on by the Board.

Commissioner BUCHER made a motion to authorize advertisement for potential enactment of Ordinance 2015-02. Vice President YOUNG seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

SLD Docket No. 2015-03, Minor Subdivision Plan for 2720 Lisburn Road.
Mr. Eby stated the Township received an email this afternoon asking to remove this item from consideration.

SLD Docket No. 2015-04, Land Development Plan for 4530 Lena Drive.
Mr. Eby discussed the proposed construction of a 3-story office building, with 45,000 square feet of floor space (15,000 square feet per floor), on a 6.9 acre lot in Westport Business Center. He showed the Board the location of the proposed site. He stated the Planning Commission recommended approval of the plan pending comments from the County and Township. Mr. Mark Jones, Engineer, stated they reviewed the outstanding comments, revised and resubmitted the plan and are just waiting for outside approvals. Discussion ensued. Mr. Eby stated this plan should be ready for action at the next meeting.

Robert Nailor’s probationary period.
Mr. Eby stated that Robert Nailor has successfully completed his probationary period and action can be taken at the next meeting to move him to full-time regular status.

2015 Small Dump Truck Replacement
Mrs. Trone discussed her memo outlining the pricing for replacing the 2002 small dump truck with the budgeted 2015 truck. She stated the total for the truck would be $81,636 which is $3,364 below budget. She stated this would be the consent agenda for next meeting.

Hose Washer for Lower Allen Fire Company #1
Chief Williamson discussed the price quotes for replacing the hose washer for Lower Allen Fire Company #1. The lowest bid was $9,000 plus an estimated shipping cost of $698.35.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to authorize the purchase of a Cicul-Air Corpo Roto-Jet hose equipment at a cost not to exceed $9,000 plus shipping. Commissioner TITZEL seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

EMS Power Stretcher
Chief Williamson discussed his request to purchase two EMS power stretchers this year versus one this year and another next year. He spoke about the potential $10,335 savings that could be obtained by purchasing them this year. Mr. Grove discussed the SunTrust lease monies available for this purchase. Discussion ensued.

Commissioner BUCHER made a motion to approve purchasing an additional Ferno IN/X Patient Transport and Loading System for a total price not to exceed $34,500. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Mr. Flint arrived at the meeting.

EMS Reciprocity/Mutual Aid Agreement
Chief Williamson discussed his memo outlining the background for proposing an EMS Reciprocity/ Mutual aid Agreement. He discussed how they came to a proposed final version of the agreement. He discussed how the agreement and memberships for the residents would work. President Black congratulated and thanked Chief Williamson for work on this agreement. Discussion ensued.

Vice President YOUNG made a motion to approve the agreement subject to the Solicitor’s changes and approve the Manager signing the agreement on behalf of the Board and Township. Commissioner TITZEL seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Cumberland County Hazard Mitigation Plan
Chief Williamson discussed the finalized Hazard Mitigation plan from Cumberland County. By adopting the County plan, the Township would be in compliance with FEMA and would be eligible for disaster funding. Discussion ensued. The consensus of the Board was to adopt the plan. The resolution will be ready for the next meeting.

Helen Grundon’s Probationary Period
Mr. Vernau stated Helen Grundon’s Probationary period is ending and the Board may take action at the next meeting to move her to full-time regular status.

2015 Away Meetings
Mr. Vernau asked the Board if they had considered holding Board meetings away from the Township Building. Discussion ensued. The Board agreed to add an away meeting in 2016 but not change the location for the meetings in 2015.

Alcohol in Public Parks
Mr. Vernau stated the pavilions in the parks are not fully rented and discussed the possibility of allowing alcohol in the parks. He stated other community parks do not allow alcohol. Discussion ensued. The consensus of the Board was to not allow alcohol into the parks. Mrs. Helen Titzel, resident, stated she doesn’t think alcohol should be allowed and was concerned about drinking and driving.

Mr. Flint discussed the new software for Community Development and the delay in reporting.

Vice President Young discussed a memo about the great job Lower Allen Township did during the TMI drill.

Chief Williamson discussed Public Safety’s Records Department being recognized by the Cumberland County Victim Services.

Mrs. Trone stated the Township was not selected for the recycling bins grant for the parks.

President Black discussed the Municipal Recognition Night at West Shore School District.

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 8:33 pm