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Minutes 2-17-15

Planning Commission
Minutes 2-17-15

PLANNING COMMISSION:                                                             LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP
REGULAR MEETING:                                                                           FEBRUARY 17, 2015
The following were in ATTENDANCE:
PLANNING COMMISSION                                            TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL
Brett McCreary, Chairman                                              Daniel Flint, Community Development
Geir Magnusson, Vice-Chairman                                    Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary
Brian Wickenheiser
Samuel T. Bashore
Michael Washburn
Patricia Hall                                                                            CUMBERLAND COUNTY
ABSENT                                                                                 Steve Hoffman
Dr. Jean Dyszel, Secretary
Mr. McCreary called the February 17, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Planning Commission to order at 7:00 pm.
Approval of Minutes
Mr. MAGNUSSON made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 20, 2015 meeting. Mr. BASHORE seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0
SLD Docket No. No. 2015-02: Bethany Village New Auditorium: Removal of a wing from the existing building and proposed construction of a 10,000 square foot auditorium, Bethany Village East Campus, 325 Wesley Drive.
Mr. Steve Napotnick, Dawood Engineering, discussed the 10,000 square foot auditorium Bethany Village would like to build. He stated they would demolish the existing structure and build the auditorium that would be used for residents and guests. He stated he received the comments from the Township and County and would comply with the comments. He stated they are asking for a waiver from the Preliminary Plan requirement.
Township Staff Comments
Mr. Flint stated the comments were for outside agency approvals and notations on the plan. He stated that sidewalks were required for this plan and the applicant hasn’t requested a waiver from sidewalks or to pay the fee in lieu of sidewalk for them.
County Planning Commission Comments
Mr. Hoffman stated his comments were self-explanatory and could answer any questions if there were any.
Commission Member Question and Answer
Mr. Magnusson asked where the sidewalks would lead. Mr. Flint showed the Board the location of the proposed building and the potential location of sidewalks. Mr. Napotnick stated they would propose a fee in lieu of sidewalks. Mr. Flint explained to the Board how the fee in lieu of sidewalks works for the Township and where the monies are used. Mr. McCreary and Mrs. Hall spoke about seeing pedestrians walking on the road in this area. Mr. Flint discussed the ordinance that requires the sidewalks to be concrete. Discussion ensued. The consensus of the Board was to require concrete sidewalks.
Public Comments:
There was no public comments.
Action: Recommendations on requested waivers and on the Plan
Mr. WICKENHEISER made a motion to approve the requested waiver from the requirement to submit a Preliminary Plan. Mr. WASHBURN seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.
Mr. WICKENHEISER made a motion approve the plan subject to satisfactory completion of Township and County comments. Mr. WASHBURN seconded the motion. Motion carried 6-0.
The next meeting is scheduled for March 17, 2015 at 7:00pm. Mr. Flint indicated that no plans have been received and the March meeting will be cancelled.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.