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08/24/15 Agenda

Board of Commissioners
08/24/15 Agenda



August 24, 2015                                                                            7:00 PM


1. Call to Order by President Black. Proof of Publication.

2. Opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

3. Approval of Minutes: August 10, 2015

4. Audience Participation: Any item on the agenda.

Any Commissioner, Staff member, or anyone in attendance who would like to have an item on the Consent Agenda removed for further discussion can request so now. Is there a request for the removal of an item(s) on the Consent Agenda?

Accept motion to approve the items on the Consent Agenda, which are listed as follows:

a. Department Reports for the month of July for Economic Development, Township Engineer, Fleet Maintenance, Public Safety, and Public Works.

b. Resolution 2015-R-21, a Resolution of the Township of Lower Allen, Cumberland County Pennsylvania, adopting job descriptions for all employees of Lower Allen Township.

c. Resolution 2015-R-22, a Resolution of the Township of Lower Allen, Cumberland County Pennsylvania, authorizing the sale of Township property valued over $1,000.00.


a. Check Register of August 21, 2015, in the amount of $147,415.39.

b. Motion to approve payment of Invoice No. 1 to B and B Pole Building Co. in the amount of $61,497.50 for construction of the New Accessory Storage Building.

c. Motion to approve release of Security Improvement for SLD Docket No. 2012- 01, Final Land Development Plan for Supply Chain Facility, 2700 Yetter Court.

7. Any business pertinent to the Township. Discussions will be limited to 15 minutes per person.


a. Discussion and possible action: Conditional Use Permit application 2015-01, the application of Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, is requesting permission to construct a personal wireless service facility on Tax Parcel No. 13-11-0272-010, a vacant lot located in the 3700 block of Lisburn Road owned by NAEWON Limited Partnership. The facilities would consist of a 150 foot tall monopole with a 5 foot tall lightning rod, antennas and an equipment shelter. Possible actions include establishing a public hearing date and authorizing staff to provide public notice of the hearing.

b. Discussion: Drainage Plan No. DP 2015-02, Track Renovation Project at Trinity High School.

c. Discussion and Possible Action: RE: SLD Docket No. 2014-01, Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Highpoint, Phases 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4. Request from Charter Homes to increase the amount of the Performance Bond for the Realignment of Lisburn Road and Arcona Road from $ 93,365.00 to $368,000.00, and name PennDOT as an additional beneficiary.

d. Discussion: SLD Docket No. 2015-06: Revised No. 2 Final Land Development: Highpoint, Phase 1.4: This plan proposes to: increase the number of Mixed-Use Residential units from 17 to 26, and increase the amount of commercial space from 16,252 sf to 18,503 sf.

e. Discussion: Request by Building and Zoning Coordinator John Eby to waive Uniform Construction Code application and permit fees for 38 multi-family dwelling unit owners at Wesley Mews Condominiums who will be directed to make alterations and repairs to their individual automatic fire sprinkler systems.


a. Discussion: Approval of the West Shore Recreation Commission’s 2016 Budget and Per Capita rate.

b. Discussion: Withdrawal of Public Safety Director Search Consultant proposal.


11. Executive Session

12. Adjourn.