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9-23-15 Minutes

Recreation & Parks
9-23-15 Minutes


RECREATION AND PARKS BOARD:                                                                           LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING                                                                                                 SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD MEMBERS                                 TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL
Greg Mahon, Chairman                          Donna Paul, Township Representative
Susan Parry, Vice Chairman                  Jim Chianos, Public Works
Richard Grove, Secretary                       Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary
Scott Duncanson
Bob Pelles – arrived at 7:15
Carolyn Kohr
James Kaiser

Mr. Mahon called the September 23, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:05 pm.

Mr. DUNCANSON made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 26, 2015 meeting. Ms. PARRY seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

No one from Charter Homes was in attendance at the meeting.

Lower Allen Community Park
Mr. Chianos stated they are getting ready for fall at the park. Ms. Parry stated she will be getting down to the rain garden to clean it up this week.

Commissioner Black was not present at the meeting and there was no liaison report.

Mrs. Paul discussed the following activities from her monthly memo:
      • Fall ball leagues have starting using the fields and will continue through October.
      • Backstop and sideline fence replacement at Wass Park Field 2.
      • Perimeter fence replacement at Highland Park and Playground completed.
      • Pavilion roof replacement completed at Highland Park and Playground.
      • New outfield fence will be installed at Wass Park Field 2.
      • Township is seeking bids to replace the access drive material at Creekwood Park with driving surface aggregate. This is funded with a          Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Program grant from the state, through County Conservation District.
      • Dillsburg soccer tournament will take place on October 10th and 11th at LACP Park.

Mrs. Paul stated her report outlined the tasked completed by the Parks Operational Staff in August. She stated that two separate accidents occurred where the drivers drove through Cedar Spring Run Park this past weekend causing damage that will need to be repaired. She stated the old bus garage will be demolished in the next 10 days.

Mrs. Paul spoke about a grant Mrs. Trone is working on for a Cedar Spring Run Park Trail Extension Feasibility Study. She provided a map of the proposed trail. She stated the grant is for $8,000 and an additional $8,000 would be paid by the Township. She stated it’s a study at this point and the Board will be included if it goes beyond a study. Mr. Chianos passed around pictures of the equipment for the park to be installed in the spring. Discussion ensued.

Park Tours Recap
Below are the parks and comments provided during the meeting:
Highland Estates Playground
      • Install Pavilion Lighting and Electricity. – Mr. Chianos stated they are looking at installing solar lighting in the pavilion.
      • Plastic strip seal replace – Mr. Chianos asked for more clarification – Mr. Duncanson explained the issue and Mr. Chianos will take               care of it.
      • Replacement of Pavilion – Mr. Chianos stated management feels it has been painted and seems okay.
      • Replacement of Kiosk – Mr. Chianos stated these are usually Eagle Scout projects and questioned how much it gets used.
      • Water Fountain – Mr. Chianos stated it would cost over $6,000 to install one. He stated he spoke with management and they don’t find           this feasible.
      • Mr. Chianos stated they don’t have any people ask to use the park for functions. He stated this isn’t as active of a park as it was in the           past.

Highland Park and Playground
      • Paint Shuffleboard and four square play area and turn back into four square and hop scotch (possible scout project).
      • Move one park bench from play structure area to front of play area. Mr. Chianos stated this could be an Eagle Scout project and is in           favor of adding a new bench versus moving one.
      • Seams are separating at tennis backboard, needs repairs. – Mr. Chianos stated this has been done.
      • Mr. Chianos stated the following things have been completed:
         o Airplane Spring unit is too loose, needs tightened.
         o Fire chief car spring unit, drain hole needs to be repaired.
         o Fix rust cap underneath front tennis court.
         o Perimeter fence needs repair.
         o Fencing is done.
         o Pavilion Roof is completed.
         o Fix bent pole on swing set – Mr. Chianos stated it is not an issue and can be taken off the list.
      • Residents suggested a climbing wall for kids. Mr. Chianos stated there are a lot of requirements for these structures.
      • Prune dead branches on trees.
      • Install charcoal grill – Mr. Chianos stated he would look at the budget for 2016 for this request.
      • Mr. Chianos stated new swings are in the 2016 budget. He stated an Eagle Scout project is planned for 2016 for painting.
Mr. Grove suggested instead of going through park by park, take a look at the priority items from 2015 and start the list for 2016 from there. Mr. Mahon stated the following items were on the list last year:

1. Bat Boxes at Creekwood, Completed
2. Sheepford Park – install a tot-lot
3. Upgrades to LACP fun fort, Mr. Chianos stated they are in the 2016 budget
4. Repair/replace fence at Basketball court at Allendale
5. Installation of Kiosk in parks, Not a priority this year –will not be included
6. Water Fountain at Pete’s Field, Mr. Chianos suggested maybe it could be added to the wall of the concession stand.
7. Upgrade the kioski at LACP, Mr. Chianos discussed the new one installed.
8. Wass Park Light, Mr. Chianos discussed the potential for a solar light.
9. Begin planning of grants for LACP walking trail around the park, Mr. Chianos agrees with the concept of a walking path around the       park. He spoke about the following items proposed in the 2016 budget: paving of some of the roads, self-timers in rest rooms, auto       flushers in men’s room, and a 145 foot pathway near the rain garden to the Tot Lot area.
10. Formalize Boat Launches for Yellow Breeches and Creekwood Parks.

Mr. Duncanson spoke about a Lower Allen Community Park Master Plan that was completed for the Township 10 years ago. He thought this could be reviewed and discussed again. Mr. Chianos suggested reviewing the plan. Ms. Parry asked about recycling in LACP and Mr. Chianos stated they applied and didn’t receive the grant.

Mr. Mahon stated he wasn’t sure if he could make the Monday night meeting to present the Board’s priorities but he could prepare the memo. Mrs. Paul asked if someone will be present so it can be put on the agenda for Monday’s Board of Commissioner’s meeting. Ms. Parry and Mr. Duncanson stated someone from the Board would be there to present Mr. Mahon’s memo. Mr. Grove stated the budget will be done by next week so the input is needed.

Yellow Breeches Park
Mr. Mahon discussed the memo the Board received from Mr. Vernau asking them for recommendations for the reopening of Yellow Breeches Park in the spring 2016. Mr. Duncanson stated he likes the dusk to dawn suggestion and it makes sense with the location of the park. He also likes the idea of parties of 25 or more registering with the Township prior to their event.

Mrs. Janice Lynx, Sheepford Lane, suggested the Board start out small and then if things go well, expand to more activities. She asked whatever is done, that it doesn’t land on their property anymore, especially when the creek rises. Mr. Duncanson asked if having a formal put in and take out area for boats could help. Mr. Grove stated he isn’t in favor of a pavilion and doesn’t think the park was designed for so many people coming and going. Ms. Parry suggested restricting the park for boat launching only. Discussion ensued.

Mrs. Paul asked the Board to put their suggestions in a letter to Mr. Vernau. Mr. Mahon asked the Board to think about it and stated they will lock down their ideas by November to present to Mr. Vernau.

Charter Homes Plans
Mr. Grove thought the Board should discuss the Highpoint proposal for parks. He stated the only recreation he sees is a Terra Park. Mrs. Kohr stated she would like to see an equipment listing as she looked up the name of the structure on the plan and it is for backyards versus playgrounds. Discussion ensued.

The Board had the following questions or concerns:
      • What equipment is planned for the park?
      • Is the park open to the public or just residents?
      • Is there parking for the public and if so where?
      • Will the park be privately owned or dedicated space to the Township?
      • Will there be a safety barrier for the park so close to Arcona Road?
      • Concerns about the train and crossing.
      • Does the recreation presented meet the Township’s definition of recreation?

The consensus of the Board was there were a lot of unanswered questions to make a solid recommendation. Mr. Mahon will reach out to Mr. Flint and will send his thoughts through email to everyone. Mr. Grove expressed his concern about the railroad and the children in Phase 2 as it goes up to the railroad tracks. He is concerned for their safety. He stated in Phase 2 there is no recreation proposed and the yards are small and kids are going to need somewhere to play. He stated kids are going to want to play in Upper Allen’s parks and won’t walk all the way to Rossmoyne Road to cross the tracks.

The Board thanked Mr. Chianos for coming tonight.

The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Next meeting is Wednesday, October 28th at 7:00 pm.