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10/19/15 Budget Minutes

Board of Commissioners
10/19/15 Budget Minutes


BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                                         LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

BUDGET MEETING                                                                       OCTOBER 19, 2015

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                       TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL
H. Edward Black, President                                           Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Peddrick Young, Vice President                                    Erin Trone, Assistant Manager
Richard F. Schin                                                           Frank Williamson, Chief of Police
John T. Titzel                                                                Richard Grove, Finance Director
Lloyd W. Bucher                                                           Dan Flint, Community Development
                                                                                     Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary

President Black called the October 19, 2015 Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm. He announced Proof of Publication was available for review.

President Black inquired if anyone in the audience would like to address the Commissioners regarding any business pertinent to the Township. There was no response.

Vice President YOUNG made a motion to approve the October 5, 2015 Budget Meeting Notes. Commissioner BUCHER seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Mr. Grove stated that the salaries in Public Works changed this year. He stated how it was allocated in the past and how the salary distribution changes in 2016 based on projects.

Yard Waste                       Mr. Robert Nailor discussed this section.
Account          Description – Details
421-387             Rentals – Rental rates have decreased for 2016.

Highway General              Mr. Nailor discussed this section
Account          Description – Details
430.730             Mach., Eqpt., Vehicles – He spoke about the replacement of the mower and 4×4 PU, which replaces LA-17. He spoke about                           how the new equipment will assist with snow plowing.  He discussed the boom mower and blacktop planer requested and                             how it would help with their workload.  He discussed the request to replace the Dodge truck this year.

Sidewalks, Crosswalks, Curbs
435.730             Mach, Eqpt, & Vehicles – Mr. Flint discussed the $252,500 installation of the sidewalk from the Township building to                                      Hartzdale Drive. He stated that there is grant money to cover some of this cost.

Highway & Bridge Maintenance               Mr. Nailor discussed this section.
438-246             Highway Supplies – He discussed the crack sealing needed for 2016. He spoke of how he is able to reduce the normal                                    $10,000 cost with sharing and helping other municipalities.
438-650             Contractor Services – The Rossmoyne/Arcona roundabout ($400,000) will be fully offset by a HATS grant. Mr. Flint stated any                          costs not covered by grant will be paid by Charter Homes.

Highway Building                                            Mr. Nailor discussed this section.
Account           Description – Details
440-260             Minor Equip – He discussed the need for a Facility Fire System. He stated the current fire alarm can’t be heard in the shop.                           This system would allow the alarm to be heard in the whole building.
440.373             Repair & Maint Building – He discussed the need to seal the shop floor at a cost of $3,317. They will do some of the work. It                          was last sealed over 10 years ago.  He spoke about the MS4 pollution control for two new sponge baskets for two inlets.                                Mr. Flint discussed recent MS4 audits and how this is needed.
440.700             Building & Improvements – He spoke about the oil/water separator that is being requested. He discussed how the current                              system is rusted out and isn’t working and he wants to be proactive.  He spoke about the request for two ceiling fans for the                          shop. He spoke about heaters needed for the building. He spoke about the cold storage where he is requesting heater.                                  Currently there is no heat while the employees work during the winter.  He spoke about the new heater needed for the shop                            where the ambulances are worked on. He spoke about the issues with the current heater and the vehicle lift.

Street Trees                                         Mr. Nailor discussed this section.
Account           Description – Details
455.245              Operating Supplies – He stated the decrease for 2016 was because in 2015 a tree was removed at a cost of $2,500.

General Recreation                          Mr. Jim Chianos discussed this section.
Account           Description – Details
452.263             Minor Ground Tools-  He discussed the need for replacing the truck tool box.
452.372             Maintenance Trees – He stated that the increase requested for 2016 is for work needed on trees at Wass Park.
452.373             Maintenance& Rep Building – He discussed the need for work on the sewer line at Pete’s field. He discussed the request to                           install timed door locks for the rest rooms at Cedar Spring Park and the benefits of them.
452.700             Land & Improvements –  Mr. Flint discussed the Allendale/Beacon Hill and Cedar Spring Park Trails in the budget. He stated                         grants will cover some of the cost with monies from the fee-in-lieu fund helping with the design costs.

LACP                                                         Mr. Chianos discussed this section.
Account           Description – Details
454.371             Maintenance, Grounds – He discussed the request to install a walkway from the barn to the small tot lot.
454.373             Maint & Rep Buildings – He discussed the automatic locks he would like installed for the rest rooms in the Park. He spoke                           about replacing two urinals with electronic flushing urinals.
454.700             Land & Improvements – Mr. Flint discussed the future three paving projects. He stated these three projects will go forward                            only if there are enough monies left in the fee-in-lieu fund.
454.710             Building & Improvement – He spoke about installing a fire protection system for the barn.
454.730             Mach, Equip, & Vehicle – Requested a Toro infield machine and John Deer mower.

The Budget meeting recessed at 8:18pm.

The budget meeting reconvened at 8:26pm.

Fire ServicesLisburn                       Chief Williamson discussed this section.
Account             Description – Details
416.260               Minor Equipment – Two Tablets are planned for County Mobile CAD roll out in 2016.
416.311               Audit – $5,000 for financial audit completed every three years.
416.321               Communication Expense – $240 increase due to two new iPads.
416.374               Maint & Repair Equip – He spoke about expenses for the mini pumper and $754 for an AED machine.
416.375               Maint & Repair Vehicle – He discussed the increase of $1,500 for Tanker and Engine repairs.
416.720               Building & Equip – $19,150 for three new air packs for the Mini-pumper.

Fleet Maintenance                             Mr. Ken Rocuskie discussed this section.
Account           Description – Details
434.231             Gasoline – Based on the last three years being over budget, he is budgeting a $250 increase.
434.245             Operating Supplies – The decrease in this account is based on lower prices for oil.
434.374             Maint & Rep Equip – This account has been over budget for the past two years so he is budgeting a $1,500 increase.
434.392             EMS Vehicle Repair – New floor in ambulance with a cost of $4,000 is needed.
434.421             Training – He spoke about a fleet expo he would like to attend this year.

Administration                                  Mr. Vernau discussed this section.
Account            Description – Details
400.181               Employee Incentive – He spoke about the eight shirts desired for Commissioners and staff.
400.210              Office Supplies – This account has been under budgeted in past years and was increased to account for these changes.
400.260              Minor Equip – Binding Machine – needed for binding resolutions and notes. He stated it is a wish list item. The supplies for                           the current binding machine are hard to find.
400.314               Legal Services – This account was budgeted high in 2015 due to the potential regionalization and collective bargaining.
400.317               Stenographer – He believes there will be less public hearings in 2016 so this account was reduced from 2015.
400.318              Other Professional – He budgeted $5,000 for strategic planning for 2016.
400.321              Communication – Exp He spoke about the need of a “hot spot” for Internet access from remote locations.
400.370              Maint & Office – The cost of the new copier is reflected for 2016.
400.387              Rentals – $250 is budgeted for a lift for the yearly New Year’s Eve celebration.
400.421              Training – $250 is budgeted for new Commissioners’ training and Erin would like to attend the PELRAS conference next                              year.
400.450             Codification of ordinances – He discussed the Ordinance Codification increase with regular updating and online lookup                                services.

Finance                                                    Mr. Grove discussed this section.
Account            Description – Details
402.210              Office Supplies – This increase is due to the increase in pricing for supplies.
402.314              Legal Services – He discussed the need for increased legal services for researching items, leases and bonds.
402.730              Mach., Eqpt, & Vehicle – He discussed the need for a new system for Finance which he is pushing back until 2017. He                                  stated he did not have the $15,000 software update done as the system needs to be replaced. Discussion ensued.

Tax                                                               Mr. Grove discussed this section.
403.353               Fidelity bond – He spoke about the need for fidelity bonds for both the Treasurer and Tax Collector, the latter of which is                                purchased through the County. The Township pays for both. Discussion ensued.
403.455               Comm on R/E Trnfr He discussed the additional commissions on R/E Transfer, which varies each year.

Human Resources                                 Mrs. Trone discussed this section.
2016 Goals: Update personnel manual and policies with a legal review of the manual. Could have a lot of hiring with retirements and turnovers. Also Wellness program and orientation program update.
Account              Description – Details
406.312                Prof Services – Edmunds HR Software yearly service increased by $650.
406.314                Legal Services – Increased for review of policy and procedures updates.
406.340                Advertising & Printing – Waters & Co. expenses is added for the Public Safety Director. Captains and officers needed in                                 2016.
406.425                Employee Activities – This account is decreased based on the fewer number of employees reaching milestones in 2016.
406.459                Civil Service – Promotional testing was increased sharply for officer promotions from within if necessary.

Information Services                           Mrs. Trone discussed this section.
2016 Goals: Improve wireless at the Barn, Replace switches, EOC upgrade, Increase backup storage, Start Disaster Recovery Plan with full implementation in 2018, and purchase a 311 system.
Account              Description – Details
407.318                Professional Services – $10,000 is budgeted for starting the Disaster Recovery System.
407.321                Communication Exp – $5,600 is budgeted for the 311 system.
407.730                Mach., Eqpt & Vehicle – 15 of the 60 workstations are due for replacement in 2016.

Municipal Building                                Mrs. Trone discussed this section.
2016 Goals: Consolidate security system – proposing new system, Continue preventative maintenance, Tree removals, Parking lot lines and take care of walls & corner guards.
Account              Description – Details
409.220               General Exp -$120 additional expense budgeted for 2016.
409.226               Cleaning Supplies – Restroom supplies costs have increased and are reflected for 2016.
409.250               Build Rep & Maint Supply – She spoke about the improved tracking of expenses in 2015 which has allowed better                                          budgeting for these specific expenses.
409.260               Small Tool & Minor Eqpt – This decreased because of expenses needed in 2015 but not 2016 (Kevlar and AED machine).
409.321                Communication expense – She discussed combining phone and Internet with Comcast which would decrease costs by                                 $4,200.
409.362                Gas – $1,000 was budgeted in 2016 for the new Storage Building.
409.373                Maint & Rep Buildings – She discussed the issue with the watch room window which lost its seal and how it could be                                   fixed versus replaced. $2,500 was budgeted for mechanical repairs for the building which will be done in-house.
409.710                Building & Improvements – She spoke about changing the security system with a cost of $58,570. She discussed the two                               year warranty and the issues with Berkshire’s system. Discussion ensued.

Community Development                 Mr. Flint discussed this section.
Account                Description – Details
413.131                 Salary Office Personnel – PT He discussed the need for a part-time MS4 Coordinator to help with the paperwork and                                     documentation required for MS4.  He budgeted for a temporary Codes Technical Assistant for a 10-12 week family leave                                for his employee.
413.318                 Other Professional – $60,000 Comprehensive Plan Update.  $20,000 MS4 – Sampling/Monitoring.  $3,500 to convert data                                  from Firehouse software to Munilogic
413.370                 Maint & Repair Office Equip – $1,300 is budgeted for annual contract for repairs and maintenance for the Plotter/Scanner.

Mr. Flint discussed the revenue budgeting versus the actual revenue for the past few years. Below are the numbers he discussed:

Year      Budgeted        Actual
2013       $229,600         $770,883
2014       $363,750         $417,242
2015       $282,800         $393,848 as of June 30th
2016       $323,800

Mr. Vernau stated there is currently a projected 2016 budget deficit of $394,000. He stated the staff will send some recommendations for the budget for the November 2nd budget meeting. The Board thanked the staff for all their work on the budget.

The Budget Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 10:02 p.m.