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2-24-16 Minutes

Recreation & Parks Board
2-24-16 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                                       FEBRUARY 24, 2016

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

Greg Mahon, Chairman Donna Paul, Township Representative
Susan Parry, Vice Chairman Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary
Richard Grove, Secretary  
Scott Duncanson  
Bob Pelles  
James Kaiser  
Carolyn Kohr  

Mr. Mahon called the February 24, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:03 pm.


Ms. PARRY made a motion to approve the minutes from the January 27, 2015 meeting.  Mr. PELLES seconded the motion.  Motion carried 6-0.


Highland Park & Playground

There were no public comments.


Commissioner Young was not present at the meeting and there was no liaison report. 


Mr. Eby stated the Yellow Breeches Watershed Board organized a meeting to address the issues experienced along the creek last summer.  He spoke about the background of the members of the Board from Messiah College, Upper and Lower Allen, Monaghan Township, and Yellow Breeches Watershed Association.  Mr. Mahon asked how this came about as this Board was eager to play a role in this process.  Mr. Eby stated he was appointed by the Board of Commissioners on February 8th to be the Township’s representation for the meeting.  He spoke about the critical timelines and that this issue couldn’t wait and needed to be addressed by Memorial Day. 

He stated there were three main outcomes from the meeting which are as follows:

  1. Reaching out to American Rivers, PEC/Water Trail Program for technical assistance, brochure examples and case studies. 
  2. Draft a Plan and then pull in other stakeholders including Planning and Recreation Boards, involving law enforcements, and other stakeholders.
  3. Educate the public about the usage of the Creek.

He stated the long term goals would include improving/expanding the water trail in dealing with the dam.  They will be calling additional stakeholders in to help in this process.

Ms. Parry recommended including residents or users in these meetings.  She discussed someone who could help in this process and will send Mr. Eby her contact information.  Mr. Eby showed the location of the park on the map.  He spoke about the outlay of the park, the potential uses of the park and the trails in the park.

He stated the Township has taken the following action:

  • Park was closed.
  • Guardrails are being added near the bridge for traffic and parking.
  • Time limit parking for unloading/loading.
  • Restricted street parking.
  • Creating 6-8 parking spaces in the park for parking.
  • Removed picnic tables.
  • Parks are open from dawn to dusk.
  • No swimming signs were posted.

Mr. Eby spoke about the park being a passive use park and having limited use.  Those uses include fishing, boating, gardening and hiking.  Mr. Mahon was concerned about limiting swimming as it is recreation enjoyed by many.  Mr. Eby stated they can swim upstream and many other parks have a setup for swimming.  Discussion ensued.  The Board thanked him for the update.


Mrs. Paul discussed the following activities from her monthly memo: 

  • LACP Events scheduled for 2016.
  • Athletic field requests are ongoing.

Mrs. Paul stated the following tasks were worked on/completed in January:

  • Tennis backboard work at Highland Park & Playground.
  • Cleaned up Garden debris at Garden Plots.
  • Parks picnic table repairs and staining.


Egg Hunt

Mrs. Paul stated the Easter Egg Hunt will take place on March 19, 2016.  She stated Hershey is donating six cases of candy for the hunt.  She has one Girl Scout group to fill the eggs on March 8th from 6-8pm.  She will be reaching out to Subway, Fountainblu Skating Arena, Sweet Frog, Texas Roadhouse and Burger King to help with donations and the goody bags.  She stated Metro Bank has changed hands and she will try and reach out to them and BBT as suggested by Mr. Pelles.  Mr. Duncanson agreed to be the Easter Bunny.  Mr. Mahon stated he won’t be at the event.  Ms. Parry has two volunteers and will take the upper lot, Mr. Pelles will be on the lower lot, Mr. Grove and Mrs. Echterling will be at the Keystone.  Mrs. Paul asked if everyone could arrive at 8:30 at the barn.

Gardeners Gathering

Mr. Kaiser contacted Bob Good and has someone who can provide a presentation for the event.  They will have a PowerPoint presentation for pruning and tree care.  Ms. Parry hasn’t heard back on organic gardening.  She will look to fill the other session with container gardening or composting.  Mrs. Paul mentioned the deadline for the Township Newsletter is March 15th so we need to have the flyer before the deadline.  She will work on the donation letters for the event.  Ms. Parry, Mr. Grove, Mrs. Paul, Mr. Duncanson and Mrs. Kohr will be able to help with the event.  The details of the event can be finalized at the next meeting.


No new business was discussed.


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 8:12 pm. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm.