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12-21-15 Minutes

Development Authority
12-21-15 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                              December 21, 2015

The following were in ATTENDANCE: 

AUTHORITY MEMBERS                                         TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Peddrick Young, Vice Chairman                                  Erin Trone, Township Assistant Manager

John Eby, Secretary                                                     Mary Ellen Banks, Recording Secretary

Edward Black Steven Miner, Solicitor


Robert Fisher, Triple Crown Corporation

Peddrick Young, Vice Chairman called the meeting of the Lower Allen Township Development Authority to order at 6:07pm and announced Proof of Publication was available for review.


Mr. EBY made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2015 meeting. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried 3-0.


There were no comments from the public.


Mrs. Trone explained the possible action concerning the stormwater discharge from Triple Crown Corporation’s property located at the north eastern corner of the intersection of Lisburn Road and St. John’s Road onto Lower Allen Township Development Authority’s property at the south east side of the intersection of St. John’s Road and Yetter Court.

  • Representative from Triple Crown Corporation, Mr. Robert Fisher explained the situation which is they are developing tracts to the east of the Authority’s property. They did soil testing on the property and cannot quite meet the infiltration requirement to infiltrate the two- year storm. They are doing infiltration on the area of the property a little bit further to the east and the soils came out fairly acceptable; however at the western side of the site where there is a lot of fill has zero percolation rate. Therefore DEP requires them to do a water quality design which they are doing for this particular site. And, when they do a water quality design and are not doing the infiltration of the 2-year storm, they are required to get permission of the down-stream property owner until that flow would enter into a storm sewer system or into a public storm sewer. Mr. Fisher went on to explain they are just asking for permission to continue the discharge as an existing condition. They will control the rate of flow back to pre-development or less as part of this agreement. If this tract ever gets developed or they were to change that flow pattern as the developer sees fit, they just need permission to do the discharge onto the Authority’s property.
  • Steven Miner, Solicitor asked Mr. Fisher for further justification that they are not looking for stormwater easement, just a consent of essentially what’s happening now and their basic premise is that stormwater presently is flowing on to the Authority’s property currently, but this development will not increase or speed up that flow. Mr. Fisher answered the rate of the stormwater will be controlled; they will not be able to infiltrate the 2-year storm which is a requirement of DEP which is why they are asking for a waiver for submission of the land development plan by asking for permission to discharge on the Authority’s property simply because they cannot meet the 2-year infiltration volume.
  • Mr. Black then stated, it will increase that flow which Mr. Fisher agreed there will be more volume. Mr. Black stated the contours just to the west where this water will leave the site, are fairly parallel to the property line, asking Mr. Fisher if there would be a way they could develop a swale which may get more usable property? Where they are discharging now, they are taking away a potential loss of a large corner of property where if they could turn that water to the west and take it down as close to the property line as possible, they would gain more usable land. Discussion ensued with Mr. Fisher agreeing to do this suggestion.
  • Mr. Eby added this matter was discussed during a staff meeting where Mr. Miner, and he were present along with the Township Engineer and Manager. One of the key points that was brought up by Mr. Fisher was that granting this right would not impair the future use or development of the Authority’s property and modifications could be made to that water course.

Mr. BLACK made a motion to authorize the easement for the water to come through the site, however, we encourage the applicant to move the discharge swale as much as possible running with the contours toward the west and parallel to St. John’s Road. Mr. EBY seconded the motion. Motion carried, 3-0.


  • John’s Town – Mrs. Trone explained this is being built on the property just discussed. There will be a possible eighty (80) town houses with a hybrid type of dwelling unit with essentially townhomes with over and under duplexes on the ends. The staff is considering this multi-family dwelling homes in the zoning and building code review. They will be going before the Board of Commissioners for introduction at next meeting where there will be some discussion on policy for recreation and based on tonight’s action there will be some discussion of an easement per Mr. Eby, and at least a temporary construction easement and perhaps a permanent easement for the swale relocation.
  • Arcona – John Eby stated they just received the final revisions of the overall master plan in accordance of what was approved by the BOC on December 14th; there is a redline collection sheet that Mr. Eby will have to double-check a few things and if all completed, then they will be done with the OMP. The final plan for 1.5 was introduced at the BOC meeting last week. On the 14th the BOC also took action on the preliminary plan for the 1.5. In addition, there are some commercial occupancies in High Point.
  • Erin explained she met with Dan concerning the paving of the parking area across from 1993 Hummel Avenue. It would be over six figures to pave this area which would use up the Authority’s entire savings. Discussion ensued. Consensus is for the staff preparing an area sketch of the lot with the parking plan with access for only automobiles, not trucks, so the Authority can see how it would actually work.


The next meeting of the Development Authority is scheduled for Monday, January 18, 2016 at 6:00pm.


Mr. EBY made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried,

3-0. Meeting adjourned at 6:41pm.