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Leaf collection is completed for 2020, Please DO NOT place leaves in the street.

Placing leaves in the street after the pick-up period is a violation of the Stormwater Ordinance and will be treated as such with a Notice of Violation. Please bag leaves and place them out with your trash. Thank you for your cooperation.

Below is an interactive leaf collection map of the Township and the roads that get leaf collection.  


Once a street and/or neighborhood is completed it will be highlighted in orange. 

The Township has began its curbside leaf collection program.  The Public Works crew starts at the eastern point of the Township on Beacon Hill and Poplar Avenue and works its’ way west ending in Sheepford Crossing.  This collection route may be repeated several times depending on the fall weather.  Shown below is the collection route.  The daily update of which roads the crew has completed will be on the front page of the website under Township News.  Please remember that leaves may also be bagged and put at curbside as part of your garbage or taken to the Public Works facility.  Collection is weather permitting.   Leaves should be raked to the curb for collection.   The picking machines are equipped with a 5 foot hose that sucks up the leaves into a holding box, which is attached to the truck. Please rake leaf rows to the street side of the curb, or within 5’ of street edge where no curb exist in long rows, and not large piles.  Leaves that are not raked out to 5 feet of the road will not be collected.   The efforts of leaf collection crews are focused on collecting bulk volumes of leaves as efficiently as possible.  It is not practical to spend time vacuuming all the leaf debris only to have more leaves accumulate a few hours later.  At the end of the season, after the last round of leaf collection, the Township street sweeper will clean the streets to remove any remaining debris. 


leaves-between-cars-002    DON’T: Let leaves remain spread out or piled between or under parked cars.

leaves-in-windrow         leaves-in-windrow2-jpeg   DO:  Please rake leaves into long windrows, not large piles.

Leaf Collection Route


Welcome to Lower Allen Township’s Leaf Collection Tracker Map here are a few simple steps to use it.

1. Use your mouse to navigate the map just like google maps.
2. Click the Spy Glass icon in the upper right corner to search for an address.
3. The legend to the left indicated whether or not leaf collection has been completed on any given street for the current week.


1. Beacon Hill, Poplar Avenue


2. Allendale Way

3. Deerfield Road, Fineview Road, Blacksmith Road, Hearth Circle

4. Candlewyck Road, Lantern Lane, Blacklatch Lane

5. Fieldstone Road, Winding Way, Creekwood Drive, Glanside Lane, Ivy Lane, Chimney Lane, Cricket Lane, Briarwood Court

The Cliffs:

6. Olmsted Way East, Olmsted Way West, Edgar Lane

7. Cushing Green, Criswell Place, Conway Heath, Marlin Ridge

8. West Shore Drive

9. Cedar Cliff Drive, Chelton Circle, Old Mill Drive

Cedar Cliff Manor:

10. Amherst, Grinnel

11. Colgate Drive, Columbia Drive, Center Drive,

12. Clemson Drive,  Citadel, Cornell

13. Cedar Run Drive, Nailor Drive, Orchard Road, Milltown Roan, Beaver Road, Creek Road, Highland Drive, Village Road, Boxwood Lane, Willow Road, Holly Drive, Pine Street, South 21st Street, Wentworth Drive, Lisburn Road, (700-1000 blocks) 

Highland Park:

14. Norman Road, Shoreham Road, Kingsley Road (section between Norman Road and Cedar Cliff Mall), Strafford Road

Highland Park:

15. Manchester Road, Kelton Road, Kingsley Road (between Manchester and Norman Road), Warwick Road, Selwick Road

16. Lowther Road, Entire length of Carlisle Road, Columbus Avenue

17. Chatham Road, Elmhurst Road, Wyndham Road, Kent Road, Chelsea Road

18. Letchworth Road, Riddle Road, Norman Road, Commercial Drive, Park Circle

19. 18th Street, Hummel Avenue, State Road, Lebanon Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue, Schuylkill Avenue, New York Avenue, Santa Maria Avenue, Nina Alley

Highland Estates:

20. Letchworth Drive, Kent Drive, Chatham Drive, 19th Street, 20th Street, Highland Circle

Cressman Manor

21. Linden Drive, Glenwood Road, Park Place, Sherman Road, 28th Street, 29th Street, 30th Street, 31st Street, Morningside Drive,

Rana Villa (North):

22. Rosemont Avenue, Fernwood Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Rana Villa Avenue, Primrose Avenue, 41st Street, Seneca Avenue, Oneida Road, Shullers Trailer Park, Corner of Gettysburg Road at Hartzdale Drive

Rana Villa (South):

23. Fernwood Avenue, Laurel Avenue, Rana Villa Avenue, Primrose Avenue, Cedar Avenue,


24. Rosemont Avenue, Cherokee Avenue, Limestone Drive, Allen Court, 40th Street

25. Gettysburg Road – Lower Allen Drive to Slate Hill Road, North St. Johns Road, Simpson Ferry Road at Trinity High School

Rossmoyne Manor:

26. Kensington Drive, Neponsit Lane, Scarsdale Road, Nottingham Road, Woodmere Drive, Old Slate Hill Road

27. Hartzdale Drive, Palmer Drive, Briar Lane, Neponsit Lane, Rockaway Drive, Cedarhurst Lane, Plainview Road, Bellmore Road

Harrisburg Manor:

28. Linden Avenue, Florence Avenue, Maple Avenue, Belmont Street, Upland Street, Warrington Avenue, Windsor Place, Gettysburg Road from Slate Hill Road to Wesley Drive, Audubon Road

Shireman Manor:

29. Rupp Avenue, West Maple Avenue, Southwest Avenue, Pinewood Drive, Somerset Drive, Glendale Drive, Belaire Drive

Cumberland Park:

30. William Penn Drive, Sussex Road, Essex Road (Upper),Sussex Circle

31. Cumberland Road, Cumberland Drive, Locust Road, Courtland Road, Essex Road (Lower), Walnut Lane, Walnut Circle

32. Allen Road, Locust Street, Chestnut Street, Parklea Road, Forge Road, Walnut Street, Wayne Road, Wayne Circle

Windsor Park and Oxford Manor:

33. Winston Drive, Oxford Drive, Victoria Drive, Yorkshire Drive, Cambridge Drive, Stuart Drive, Eton Place,

34. Windsor Blvd, Tudor Drive, Lancaster Blvd, Oxford Manor, Moreland Court, Apple Drive, Royal Drive, Wesley Drive,

Fair Oaks:

35. Colonial Drive, Woodbox Lane, Kylock Road, Firethorn Lane

36. Whitlock Lane, Ravenwood Road, Hart Crossing, Maple Leaf Court

Manor at Westport:

37. Manor Drive, Lena Drive, Woods Way, Rossmoyne Road, Slate Hill Road,  Valley Road,

Lisburn, Lisburn Estates & Allen Estates:

38. Lisburn Road (from SCIC to Lisburn). Main Street, Brenda Avenue, Lisburn Estates, Allen Estates, Willow Bend Road, Birchwood Lane

Sheepford Crossing:

39. Zenu Road, Nabal Road, Ewe Road, Lonk Lane, Merino Lane, Argali Lane, Sna Lane, Ovis Drive, Dishley Drive,  Sheepford Road, Ward Lane, Thompson Lane, Brandton Road, Indian Lane, High Meadows,  Raven Hill Road