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2-26-18 Minutes

Board of Commissioners
2-26-18 Minutes


BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS                                                                               LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP

REGULAR MEETING                                                                               FEBRUARY 26, 2018

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

H. Edward Black, President Thomas G. Vernau Jr., Township Manager
Jack R. Simpson Jr., Vice President Erin G. Trone, Assistant Township Manager
Richard F. Schin David Holl, Public Safety Director
Dean W. Villone Daniel Flint, Public Works Director
Carolyn Holtzman Leon Crone, Police Captain
  Richard Grove, Finance Director
  John Eby, Building & Zoning Coordinator
  Steven P. Miner, Solicitor
  Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary           

President Black called the February 26, 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners to order at 7:00 pm followed by a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. He announced that Proof of Publication was available for review.

Commissioner HOLTZMAN made a motion to approve the minutes from the February 12, 2018 meeting of the Board of Commissioners. Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0-1. President Black abstained as he was absent from the meeting.

There was no response.

President Black asked that any Commissioner, staff member, or anyone in attendance who would like to have an item on the Consent Agenda removed for further discussion can request so now. There was no response.

Commissioner VILLONE made a motion to approve the following items on the Consent Agenda:

1. Department Reports for the month of January for Assistant Manager, Community Development, Township Engineer, Public Works, Fleet Maintenance, and Public Safety.
2. SLD Docket No. 2018-04, Revised No. 2 Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Arcona Phases 2.1 and 2.2.
3. Awarding a contract to Recon Construction Services, Inc. at the unit prices bid, with modified quantities, for a total amount of $197,637.00 for the 2018 LACP In-Place Asphalt Recycling and Paving Project.
4. Release Officer Timothy Cox from Probation Period.

Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Commissioner HOLTZMAN made a motion to approve the Check Register of February 16, 2018 in the amount of $357,508.12. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Resolution 2018-R-09 – Active for Life – John Tkac
Commissioner HOLTZMAN made a motion to adopt Resolution 2018-R-09, Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, recognizing, commending, and honoring John Tkac for his attainment of Active for Life status from the Lower Allen Fire Company #1. Commissioner SCHIN seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0. President Black presented Mr. Tkac a copy of the resolution and thanked him for his service.

Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) for Lieutenant Thomas
Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to accept the irrevocable entrance into the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) of Lieutenant Thomas effective April 2, 2018. Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

There was no response.

Resolution 2018-R-10 – Comprehensive Plan 2017
Mrs. Trone discussed her memo outlining the changes made to the Comprehensive Plan. She discussed Cumberland County Planning comments and the Township’s response. Commissioner Schin stated he hopes the Board looks for open space opportunities as outlined in the Plan and to keep some of the rural flavor of the area.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to adopt Resolution 2018-R-10 adopting the 2017 Comprehensive Plan. Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

3529 Lisburn Road FEMA Grant
Mrs. Trone stated the Township was awarded a Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant from FEMA/PEMA to purchase 3529 Lisburn Road. This property has been flooded seven times since 1974. She spoke about the process and the Township’s role in the process. She stated the grant pays for the Township’s time, costs of demolishing the home, and the buyout. The land will remain the Township’s and no permanent structures can be built on it.

Commissioner SCHIN made a motion to approve the advertising of Ordinance 2018-01, an ordinance of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Lower Allen, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, hereby authorize the acquisition of land owned by Joseph B. Catrambone, Jr. for flood plain management. Commissioner SIMPSON seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0

Arcona Master Plan
Mr. Flint introduced the SLD Docket No. 2017-06, Revised Overall Master Plan (OMP) for Arcona. Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) on 247 acres. He stated there are new phases being introduced and an updated Master plan is required. He stated the plan now has 1,106 residential homes and reduced commercial space to 196,000 square feet of commercial space. Mr. Anthony Faranda-Diedrich, Charter Homes, showed the Board the location and layout of the plan.

SLD Docket No. 2018-03, Preliminary and Final Development Plan for Arcona Phase 2.3
Mr. Flint introduced SLD Docket No. 2017-07, Preliminary Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Arcona Phase 2.3, proposing mixed-use development of 13.331 acres with: 99 attached single-family dwelling units; 18,000 square feet of commercial space and 1.75 acres of open space. President Black expressed concern on the reduced commercial space which will drive residents to drive and increase traffic. Mr. Faranda-Diedrich doesn’t believe that will happen. He believes it is consistent with what has been planned and will be driven by the market. He stated there would be a brewhouse, retail, pizza shop, and retail in the new phase. President Black noted that changing the land uses like pizza shops and brew houses will attract outside traffic. He would like a review by the traffic engineer that these uses were accounted for in their traffic study. Mr. Faranda-Diedrich stated he would have them look into and obtain the letter.

Commissioner Simpson asked about the bridge on Rossmoyne and noted that increasing lanes of traffic won’t help with the 2 lane Turnpike bridge. Mr. Flint stated they have been in contact with the turnpike about the bridge, but it is not on the horizon for changes. Commissioner Villone asked about open space on the plan. Mr. Faranda-Diedrich stated 80 acres of open space are in the master plan. He spoke about the 2-acre terra park, trails and Village Green areas. Mr. Vernau asked about a clock tower or a center piece like Meridian. Mr. Faranda-Diedrich doesn’t know. Commissioner Schin left the meeting and returned during this conversation at 7:40pm.

Mr. Faranda-Diedrich stated the preliminary and final plans are the same. Mr. Flint spoke about the waivers of sidewalks and Belgium block. He stated they asked to pay the fees in lieu of as each permit is issued and asked the plan to be recorded prior to the HOP being issued. The Board asked about the construction and detours of Lisburn Road. Mr. Faranda-Diedrich stated it would start in late spring and hoped to be done before school starts. Discussion ensued. Commissioner Villone left the meeting and returned during this conversation at 7:45pm.

Heights of Beacon Hill
Mr. Vernau stated the Heights of Beacon Hill HOA had their election and elected 4 of the 5 members. There was a tie for fifth place that can be settled by the HOA Board. He provided an update from the attorney for the land.

Commissioner Simpson attended the Lisburn Fire banquet and thought it went well and had nice awards. Commissioner Schin thanked Public Safety for the great job they did with West Shore School District with recent events. Commissioner Holtzman will be going to the Recreation meeting tomorrow and has lined up volunteers for the Easter Egg hunt.

Director Holl spoke about the progress for the Lower Allen fire engine and the possible housing ceremony in June. He will be attending the Lower Allen Fire banquet Saturday.

Mr. Ed Backerman, Belmont Street, spoke to the Board about the conditions of his street in the neighborhood. He spoke about the street break up and standing water issues. Mr. Flint will look into it.

President Black publicly thanked Lieutenant Thomas for his years of excellent service to the Township and appreciates his service.

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners adjourned at 8:04 pm.