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As part of the continued commitment to providing the highest quality of life to its residents, Lower Allen Township established  the Economic Development Department in May 2010.  The Department will act as a liaison between business owners and the Township and staff will provide services such as:

  • Administering grant information/ assistance to businesses
  • Acting as a pass-through agency for grant funding
  • Providing incentives to new and existing businesses
  • Expanding and retaining existing businesses
  • Attracting new businesses to meet consumer needs and provide jobs
  • Streamlining and fast tracking development plans
  • Understanding the business owner’s changing needs
  • Assisting with business planning and start-up
  • Collecting demographic and economic data and statistics
  • Negotiating land development deals on behalf of the Township
  • Aiding with site selection and development
  • Marketing Lower Allen Township and its businesses
  • Maintaining an advanced workforce with marketable skills and knowledge for today’s businesses

The variety of businesses located in Lower Allen Township directly contributes to the high quality of life our residents maintain here.  Our local businesses:

  • Meet our residents’ consumer needs
  • Attract customers from across the mid-state
  • Provide family sustaining wage jobs
  • Create entertainment and recreational options
  • Contribute generously to community projects
  • Help maintain a healthy resident/business ratio


Lower Allen Township is located in central Pennsylvania approximately 3 miles west of  the capital city of Harrisburg, PA.  Lower Allen’s location is prime for any business.  It is within 500 miles of 35% of the United States population, making it an ideal location for distribution.


    • Interstate 83 provides access south of the Township to places like Baltimore and Annapolis, MD.  Less than 10 miles east of the Township I-83 combines with I-81.
    • Intestate 81 is a  nationwide major distribution corridor.  To the north I-81 runs through Wilkes-Barre and Scranton, PA; Binghamton and Syracuse, NY, and eventually into Canada.  To the south I-81 provides access through western Virginia and into Tennessee, passing through Knoxville and terminating near Chattanooga, TN.
    • State Route 15 also provides north/south access.  To the south Route 15 runs through Gettysburg, PA and connects to I-270 in Maryland, which runs though Frederick, MD.  Near the Virignia/Maryland border I-270 connects to I-495 and I-95 which provide access to Washington, DC and northern Virginia.  To the north Route 15 runs through Selinsgrove and Williamsport, PA; then into Rochester, NY; and into Toronto, Canada.


  • Interstate 76 also known as the Pennsylvania Turnpike provides east/west access. Headed west the Turnpike runs through Pittsburgh and into Ohio where it becomes I-80 which traverses Cleveland, Toledo, and Chicago.  Headed east the Turnpike provides access to Philadelphia.


Demographic/Economic Data 

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