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The Township has projects planned for the Spring and Summer.  Some of the projects will involve outside companies performing the work.  Many of the projects below are being completed by the Township’s Public Works Staff.  This page is dedicated to informing residents of road projects and construction in the Township. Land Development Plans can be found by clicking here.



  • A project is currently in the design phase to realign a portion of Gettysburg Road in Lower Allen Township. The roadway realignment will begin near the intersection of Gettysburg Road with Audubon Road, and continue in a northerly direction to intersect Wesley Drive at the existing intersection with Century Drive. The western approach of the intersection of Gettysburg Road with Wesley Drive will be removed. A new drainage channel will be constructed. Modifications will be made to two existing signalized intersection on Wesley Drive: at Gettysburg Road, and at Century Drive.
  • This project is being constructed jointly by Lower Allen and Upper Allen Townships.
  • Click Here to View the Full Project Plans Display
  • Click Here to View the Aerial Photo of the Project


Paving/Storm Drainage

  • Street resurfacing of Ritter Road and Louise Drive in the Rossmoyne Business Park, Branton Road and Indian Lane.
  • Relocation of Gettysburg Rd past Wesley Drive.  The section of Gettysburg Road between Wesley Drive and Audubon Road is being relocated to form a four-way intersection at Wesley and Century Drives.  A portion of old Gettysburg Road will remain as an access road for Dairy Farmers of America.  The rest of the area will be used for stormwater controls.
  • St. Johns Road at Cherokee Avenue—Storm Drainage work.


  • Left turn flashing yellow arrow to be installed on southbound Rossmoyne Road at the northbound Rt. 15 entrance ramp.  This is believed to be one of the first uses of this particular signalization in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • A video detection camera will be added to the intersection at Rossmoyne Road and Louise Drive to aid in efficient traffic flow.


  • South side of Gettysburg Road, from Cedar Spring Park to Hartzdale Drive, and one block along Hartzdale Drive on the west side.