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Commissioner Goals

Protect human life from physical harm.
Improve or maintain public health of all humans.
Protect all public and private property, both real, personal and intangible from physical harm.
Conserve resources from waste and abuse.
Cost effectively maintain township physical property.
Cost effectively repair obsolete Township equipment and facilities.
Reduce Township operating costs.
Provide and maintain public convenience and comfort.
Provide and maintain property values and favorable economic conditions.
Provide and maintain public recreation.

The Board of Commissioners consists of five elected members, each serving a four year term. Meetings are normally held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Dean W. Villone    – President                         Term expires 12-31-21

H. Edward Black   – Vice President             Term expires 12-31-23

Carolyn E. Holtzman                                      Term expires 12-31-23

Richard F. Schin                                     Term expires 12-31-21

Thomas H. Kutz                                   Term expires 12-31-23