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On May 12, 2008 the Board of Commissioners approved the Adopt-A-Park Program and the program took effect on January 1, 2009.

Program Overview:
It is very important to Lower Allen Township to provide a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for children to play and residents to participate in recreation and social activities. The Adopt-A-Park program provides opportunities for neighborhood associations, civic groups, scouts, schools, churches, youth groups, businesses and individuals to enhance our parks through care, maintenance and monitoring of these parks.

Community groups will care for their adopted parks in these ways:

  • Conduct seasonal clean-up (at least 2 per year, Spring and Fall suggested)
  • Conduct clean-up after special events
  • Picking up litter
  • Removing downed tree limbs and branches, maximum length 3′ and maximum diameter 4”
  • Raking leaves
  • Reporting maintenance, vandalism, or safety issues
  • Planting flowers in already established beds, caring for flowers and plantings
  • Installing new trees and/or benches with approval from Township staff
  • Conduct other beautification projects with approval from Township staff

Responsibilities:  Responsibilities for the Adopt-A-Park program are shared between Lower Allen Township and the adopting groups (park sponsors).

Lower Allen Township Responsibilities:

  • Provide trash bags for Spring and Fall clean-up, at the request of the park sponsor.
  • Provide curbside pick-up of trash bags, brush and/or leaves from Spring and Fall clean-up
  • Send seasonal reminders to park sponsors to plan Spring and Fall clean-up
  • Contact park sponsors on an annual basis to review accomplishments and renew contract
  • Maintain a list of parks available for adoption
  • Recognize the efforts of park sponsors in the township newsletter and website.
  • Presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation at a Board of Commissioners meeting after 12 months of successful service to be posted at the adopted park.

Park Sponsor Responsibilities:

  • Fill out an Adopt-A Park application
  • Sign an annual agreement to confirm continued care for the adopted park
  • Sign a waiver of liability form
  • Notify Township staff and conduct a minimum of two clean-ups per year (Spring and Fall) at the adopted park
  • Request trash bags from township staff prior to seasonal clean-up events
  • Place trash bags, brush and/or leaves at agreed upon curbside locations for pick-up by township staff
  • Conduct clean-up after special events such as Easter Egg Hunts, neighborhood picnics/parties, Halloween parties, etc.
  • Abide by park rules and regulations
  • Provide adequate adult supervision if children are involved in adopt-a-park activities
  • Monitor use of the adopted park on a regular basis and report maintenance, vandalism, or safety issues to Township staff
  • Obtain approval from township staff prior to undertaking beautification projects
  • Notify Township staff in writing when resigning from the program


Please submit on the forms supplied below and return completed applications to:

Lower Allen Township, Adopt-A-Park Program,
2233 Gettysburg Road,
Camp Hill, PA 17011.

If you have questions regarding this program please call Helen Grundon at 717-975-7575, ext. 2104 or email at hgrundon@latwp.org.