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Mowing & Vegetation Control

The roadside right-of-way is the “utility” portion of the public street and can be used by utility companies to put in their lines, etc.  Roadside mowing and trimming is done to remove any visual obstructions in the right-of-way and to maintain a clear travel path free of branches, limbs, etc.   


In some cases the spraying of pesticides is necessary to allow sunlight to penetrate to the roadway to affect a dry road surface.  Public Works personnel are specially trained in the application of these pesticides.



Trees, hedges and shrubs planted on private property and growing near public sidewalks, alleys, and streets can become a hazard to pedestrians and may damage vehicles.  Owners are required to trim trees, hedges and shrubs to a clearance height of 8 feet over sidewalks and 14 feet over streets and alleys.  The Township inspects these areas and will notify owners where trimming needs to be done.