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For individual taxpayers with a balance due on their annual return, there are several options for quicker processing of your tax payments.  Since the bulk of returns are received right at the tax season deadline, there may be a delay in processing of these payments.  These options are offered to help taxpayers and advise them of other filing options.

  • The CCTB encourages taxpayers to file their individual returns online. Staff members are available to assist in this process.  If a taxpayer files online and has a balance due to the Bureau and selects the pay by check method, a coupon is produced and must be included with the payment.  Once that payment and coupon is received at the office, it is processed ahead of other payments because the system has verified the accuracy of the return.
  • Self-employed persons who reasonably expect to earn net profits in excess of $ 12,000 are required under Act 32 to file quarterly estimated payments. Those returns are mailed each year to taxpayers of record and many individuals are sending these payments through the online filing system.  If you are self-employed and were not aware of this requirement or have not received a paper return, please contact us so we can assist you through this process.
  • The CCTB starts receiving returns in January at a much slower pace with the bulk of mail received from mid-March to the end of April. The earlier the return is filed, the better in terms of the processing queue.
  • Our lobby counter area is open the same hours as the office, Monday through Friday from 8am to 430pm. We also offer additional hours during tax week and that schedule is available in early April on our website or by calling the office.  Taxpayers can drop off their return and payment during these times.
  • CCTB staff will prepare your current year return without an appointment during these hours. That preparation service is available at no cost to the taxpayer.


For more information go to the Cumberland County Tax Bureau Website at www.cumberlandtax.org