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The Zoning Hearing Board serves as an appeals board for persons seeking relief from decisions of the Zoning Officer, and is empowered by state law to grant variances from requirements of the zoning ordinance and special exceptions.  The Zoning Hearing Board meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. If you would like to have a hearing below are the forms necessary:

Click here for Zoning Ordinance and Amendment Application                         Click here for the Application for Variance, Special Exception or Appeal

The Zoning Hearing Board consist of the following:

  • Ann Moran
  • Richard Bonneville
  • Ronald Massott
  • Marc Migala, Alternate Board Member
  • Solicitor: Dennis Shatto
  • Zoning Officer: Marcus Brandt

2023 MEETING SCHEDULE – 7PM  (3rd Thursday of the month)
January 19                  May 18                         September 21
February 16                June 15                        October 19
March 16                     July 20                         November 16
April 20                       August 17                    December 21

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