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 Administration oversees four main functions:

  • Carrying out the goals and objectives of the Commissioners
  • Preparing and maintaining proper records such as agendas, minutes, ordinances and resolutions
  • Overseeing Community & Human Resources, Information Services, Building Maintenance, and Fleet Maintenance.
  • Economic Development

Administration employees include the Township Manager, the Assistant Manager, who also serves as the Director of Economic Development, the Township Secretary and the Township Recording Secretary.  Outside consultants to the Administration department include the Township Solicitor.

The Manager is the executive and administrative head of the Township.  He has supervision over all departments of the Township which is carried out through Directors and Department Heads.  The Manager’s primary function is to interact with the Commissioners to provide information to them regarding the needs of the Township and in return sees that the wishes of the Board are carried out through the appropriate staff.  The Manager sets the agenda for Board of Commissioners meetings.

The Assistant Manager is responsible for developing strategic plans, including redevelopment, in order to maintain a thriving business community and diverse tax base in the Township.  Grant-writing and grant management are also key components of the Assistant Manager’s duties, as is managing Township owned properties.  The Assistant Manager also oversees the offices of Community and Economic Development.

The Township Secretary, who also functions as the Administrative Secretary, is responsible for the maintenance of the records of the Township.  He physically prepares the meeting agendas and necessary attachments, as well as preparing ordinances and resolutions with the assistance of the Township Solicitor.  The Township Secretary works with the Recording Secretary and ensures accurate meeting minutes are recorded.  The Township Secretary also maintains the Township website and produces The Township News, our quarterly newsletter.

The Township Solicitor is an attorney with a local firm contracted to advise both the Board of Commissioners and the Township Manager on legal issues facing the Township.  He attends all Board of Commissioners meetings and is also responsible for preparing all Ordinances.

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