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Penn Waste Disposal provides curbside collection of trash, recycling, bulk items, and yard waste.  The following are some guidelines An unlimited number of trash bags are collected 1 time per week; Monday–Friday.  Please click here for the Township Collection Map. On the following holidays all collection is delayed one day.  On a Monday holiday collection is held on Tuesday through Saturday.  When a holiday falls on any other day of the week the collection for that day and the balance of the week is delayed by one day.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, trash collection will run on the normally scheduled collection day.  Residents can  speak to Corisa Mihoerck  at 975-7575 ext. 1106 to discuss any concerns or questions about their trash pickup.  Click here for the 2018 Collection Calendar.

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Lower Allen Township is a mandated community, according to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and must recycle.  Small businesses in the Township who contract for their own trash removal may be eligible for residential rates and curbside recycling.  If your business disposes of 5 or less than 40 gallon containers of trash per week, your business may be eligible to save money.  Contact Corisa Mihoerck at 975-7575, extension 1106, for more information.


Recycle Service Day: 1 time per week on the same day as trash. Recycling carts are provided through Penn Waste, if you do not have one at your residents please call Penn Waste at 717-767-4456 to make arrangements to have one delivered.

Acceptable Items:

Cans – Aluminum and Steel, Plastic – Bottles and Jugs 1,2,& 5, Newspaper – Clean and Dry (No Food Contact), Glass – Bottles and Jars, Cardboard – Dry and Flat (No Food Contact) and Cartons.  Woody Waste: Branches and tree limbs are not to exceed 4 inches in diameter, 3 feet in length, and 45 lbs. Woody Waste also is required to be bundled by rope or twine.

Non-Acceptable Items:

Window or auto glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic, porcelain, microwave trays, glass cookware/bake-ware Unnumbered plastic items Plastic Bags Salad/Deli containers, plastic food tubs Household items such as cooking pots, toasters, etc. Batteries Cardboard/Paper with wax coating or liners Scrap metal, siding Rocks, Stones, Sod, Grass Clippings, Stumps, Tree Branches larger than 3 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length. Woody Waste placed in plastic bags.  Construction Material, Dry wall, Lumber, Dirt etc.

Bulk/Large Items


Residents MUST call Penn Waste Disposal at 717-767-4456 or 866-575-5720  in advance for curbside collection of  any items containing Freon.  Residents are allowed one large item per trash week without notification to Penn Waste.  Drop off containers are located at the Public Works building on South St. Johns Rd. for bulk or metal items.


Yard Waste

Curbside Yard Waste collection occurs 1 time per week on the same day as trash from April through November.  Yard Waste bins can be picked up at the Municipal Services Center.  The first bin is free with additional bins or replacements at $10.


Electronic Recycling

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) advises consumers and businesses about new rules that went into effect at the beginning of 2013 for recycling electronic devices. The Pennsylvania Covered Device Recycling Act that was enacted in 2010 prohibits consumers from disposing of covered electronic devices with their trash. This includes computers, laptops, monitors, and televisions. The law stipulates that waste haulers are not to pick up these devices unless the city being serviced has a curbside collection program for the equipment. Another part of the law is the requirement that manufacturers of the electronics need to provide for the collection, transportation and recycling of these devices by establishing one-day collection events, permanent collection programs, or mail-back programs. Consumers can find more information on registered manufacturers and where to recycle devices at www.dep.state.pa.us.

Cumberland County has a vast resource network concerning recycling and waste disposal.  Below are a few useful links to their website.

CCPA Recycling and Waste Disposal Main Page