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As a Township of the First Class, the Lower Allen Township Board of Commissioners is required to appoint three qualified electors to the position of Civil Service Commissioner.

The Civil Service Commission:

  • Responsible for preparing certified list of eligible candidates for the position of Police Officer for the Board of Commissioners.  This list is created after a physical fitness test, written examination and oral examination.  The candidates are ranked.  Once the candidates have successfully completed the background investigation, a list of three candidates for each open position is presented to the Board of Commissioners by the Civil Service Commission.
  • Responsible for testing qualified candidates for promotions within the Police Department.   Ranks within the Police Department that require Civil Service testing are Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. 
  • May act as a hearing board for appeals related to the hiring, promotion or discipline processes.
  • Appointments to the Commission are six year terms.

Meetings are held when needed for the hiring of Police Officers or Promotions.

Current Members:
David Harmon
Terry Lenker
William Laubenheimer
Christopher T. Pushart