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The Board of Commissioners created the Development Authority in December 2008 under the authority of the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Law.   The Development Authority is a separate entity, with its own Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  The Lower Allen Township Development Authority is a panel of three appointed Township residents and two Commissioners.  Their task is to work alongside the Township’s Economic Development Director to accomplish the goals set out in the Township’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Development Authority helps identify the proper kind of commercial development for the Township, and how to bring it to fruition. There could be times when the Development Authority assists with financing as well.  While it can act as an advisory body to the Board of Commissioners, the Development Authority can also own real property, buy and sell real property, negotiate with private parties for the purchase or sale of real property, and seek funding from private or governmental sources for the purpose of financing commercial and/or industrial development.

Max Stoner – Chairman
H. Edward Black – Vice Chairman
John Eby – Secretary
Salvatore Marone, Treasurer
Mark O’Shea


Development Authority – 6 pm (3rd Monday of the month) *Held on Tuesday due to President’s Day
January 17                               May 16                        September 19
February 22*                           June 20                        October 17
March 21                                 July 18                         November 21
April 18                                   August 15                    December 19