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Pet Waste and Stormwater

dog waste

Pet Waste and Stormwater

Pet waste is a health risk to pets, people, and especially children.  Pet waste is full of bacteria that if not properly disposed of can end up in our streams, lakes, and rivers.  The bacteria can ultimately end up in our fish and aquatic life. The pathogens in pet waste can lead to a high biological oxygen demand in our streams and rivers causing algal blooms which deplete oxygen from the water and deprive aquatic life making it difficult to survive.

What can you do?

  • Pick up your pet waste and place in a plastic bag. Ensure the bag is tied shut and dispose of properly.
  • Clean up pet waste from your yard and dispose of properly. Pet waste is NOT a fertilizer.
  • Avoid walking your pet near streams and waterways.

We love our animals but we must take responsibility for the waste they generate. Be proactive in protecting our environment! Pick up after your pet and dispose of the waste properly to make a positive impact on water quality in Lower Allen Township.

For more information on pet waste and what you can do to protect the environment visit: