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Lower Allen Cops Launch CRIMEWATCH PAGE

We’ve been working diligently on getting ready to improve our outreach to citizens and followers.  This now comes in the form of our affiliation with CRIMEWATCH.  You can go to www.lowerallencops.com to sign up for alerts for things like warrants, arrests, news and bulletins.   Additionally, you can sign up for the mobile app.  We will still be pushing content from CRIMEWATCH to our other social media platforms and will still interact with you at those locations.  However, expect to see a lot more info coming out!  Stop on over to the CRIMEWATCH page to sign up or poke around! Source:  Lower Allen Township Police Department

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®https://cumberland.crimewatchpa.com/lowerallentwppd/41647/post/lower-allen-police-are-now-live-crimewatch