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2-22-17 Minutes

Recreation & Parks Board
2-22-17 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                                       FEBRUARY 22, 2017

The following were in ATTENDANCE:

BOARD MEMBERS                                                            TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Susan Parry, Vice Chairman                                                   Wendy Hayden, Township Representative

Richard Grove, Secretary                                                       Julie Echterling, Recording Secretary

Bob Pelles                                                                               Erin Trone, Assistant Township Manager

Scott Duncanson                                                                     Jim Chianos, Parks Superintendent

Jim Kaiser                                          

Ms. Parry called the February 22, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.


Mr. DUNCANSON made a motion to approve the amended minutes from the January 25, 2017 meeting.  Mr. PELLES seconded the motion.  Motion carried 5-0.


Mr. Steven Charron and Katharine Martin, Century Engineering, prepared a presentation for the Board.  They presented the current way the Fun Fort looks and two options to consider.  He spoke about the process for the project which includes site analysis and inventory, public input, and the concept development which is being presented tonight.  He stated the public input included a survey.  Mrs. Trone spoke about the survey and stated she could provide a copy of the results to the Board.  He discussed the following suggestions/results from the survey:

  • One entrance – which is kept in both concepts.
  • Shading – additional shading and seating areas – is in both concepts.
  • Negativity about the sandbox.  Mr. Chianos spoke about the changes they made including the pipe for drainage and the sand added to the box.
  • Splash pad was suggested but wasn’t added to the concepts.

Mrs. Martin stated they maintained the same fencing and entrance for both options.  They changed the swing sets from the back to the front and created a safety zone around the swings.  He spoke about adding music throughout the park, tic/tac/toe or other such games.  He spoke about the public’s input on not liking the mulch and suggesting rubber mulch or a mat at the swing set.

Concept One:

  • Seating was added throughout the design.  Additional benches and new picnic benches would be moved into the park.  Mr. Chianos stated some need to be kept outside the fence.
  • Two towers will be kept with the courtyard.
  • Shading with trees was added which may include moving some trees.
  • Play equipment/areas are combined and not separated by ages.
  • Eight swings are in in this concept.

Concept Two:

  • Access for handicap wheelchair and strollers.
  • Play equipment is separated by age groups.
  • Free space for a jungle gym or free stand play.
  • Shading for tables.
  • Fencing for donor posts.
  • Swings were moved, added a handicap swing, and tire swing.
  • Realign fence with bump out area for safety reasons.
  • Seven foot towers in the middle.
  • Four swings are in this concept.

Ms. Parry likes concept two with the separate play areas, walkway, and the matting versus mulch.  Mr. Pelles likes concept one.  Mr. Duncanson likes features of both the concepts.  Mr. Kaiser likes concept one and to keep the sandbox as it is now.  Mr. Groves likes concept two which he feels would provide easier monitoring for the police.  Mr. Chianos likes concept two but didn’t like the sandbox design.  Discussion ensued.  The Board thanked Century Engineering for their presentation.

Mrs. Trone spoke about potential grants available for this project which she will be applying for once the plan is completed.  She reached out to the schools and let them know about tonight’s meeting.  She spoke to the Board about the Comprehensive Plan for the Township.  She spoke about focus groups being formed and asked for a member of this Board to be on one of the focus groups.  Mr. Kaiser agreed to be on depending upon the timing of the meeting.  Mr. Duncanson agreed to be a backup.  She will email them the details and meeting dates.


Highland Park

There were no public comments. 


Commissioner Young was not present at the meeting and there was no liaison report.


Mrs. Hayden discussed the following activities from her monthly memo: 

  • Highland Park & Playground
    • In Fall of 2016, two benches were added.  One in the play area and the other at shuffle board area.  Shuffle board numbers were repainted.
    • Four square numbers were added to that surface.
    • General maintenance work to be done when weather allows.

Mrs. Hayden discussed the following tasks:

  • Tentative listing of events scheduled for 2017- provided to the Board.
  • Field use has been designated at all parks.  Trinity High School P.I.A.A Boys Baseball, and Girls Softball will kick off their season, March 6th at Wass Park.  They have been utilizing those fields for 10 years.  Pavilion and Barn reservations requests are coming in steadily.
  • Wendy has received confirmation from the Hershey Company for a generous donation of 6 cases of candy for the Easter Egg Hunt.  She also reached out to the Volunteer Coordinator at Bethany Village, seeking assistance from their residents to help stuff eggs and possibly help the day of the event.  They were very excited for the opportunity.  The details will be worked out within the next few weeks.
  • Parks Superintendent, Jim Chianos, met with Denise Watts, who has signed on for the Adopt a Park Program.  Jim will work with Denise, concerning any needs or concerns on her end.  She was very excited for the opportunity to help at the Sheepford Crossing Park.
  • The sandbox drainage, at LACP was completed during the month.  190 foot of 4 inch drain pipe was installed.  This pipe runs from the sandbox by the Upper Soccer field. 


Gardeners Gathering-April 29th

Ms. Parry spoke about charging $20 for the rain barrels with a cost of $40 each.  She emailed
PA American Water and received a $500 grant to help with the costs.  She spoke about the assembling of the barrels.  Mr. Chianos stated the assembly wasn’t too hard last time and can help with the delivery of them.  She spoke about foraging and looking to find someone to lead the session.  She stated they would have the plant swap as usual.  The donation letters for plants should be ready for the next meeting.

Easter Egg Hunt-April 8th

Mr. Duncanson will act as the Easter Bunny.  Ms. Parry can attend and will bring two volunteers to help.


Public Input

Mr. Phil Brodder, 1445Roundtop Road, came to the Board meeting to talk about the dog park at LACP.  He spoke about issues when it rains and the mud with the dogs.  He asked if they could put woodchips down and volunteered to help with the laying down of the chips.  He spoke about a dog park in Cape May and how the dog owners helped keep the park going.  He also suggested tightening the fire hydrant and moving the gate.  Mr. Chianos stated if he could get the volunteers, his staff could dump the chips.  He will contact Mr. Brodder and talk further about this.


Sheepford Park

Mr. Chianos showed the Board pictures of equipment for Sheepford Park.  The equipment is for children aged 2 to 5.  He stated if the Board is okay with the equipment and there is money left after the purchase, there may be enough monies left to purchase an ADA swing.  The Board agreed.  He stated they will purchase it in March and it should be installed by June.

Mr. Chianos met with the resident who wanted to adopt the park.  She is willing to plant flowers and plants.  She would like to see neighborhood events once it is cleaned up.

Rain Garden

Ms. Parry asked about the rain garden.  Mr. Chianos stated they are going to take rocks out and make it more level.  There are some issues with natural springs. 


The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board adjourned at 8:32 pm. 

Next meeting is Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm.