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11-4-2021 Agenda

Stormwater Authority
11-4-2021 Agenda



November 4, 2021

7:30 PM or immediately following the LATA meeting


1. Meeting called to order and Roll Call of Board Members – Proof of Publication available for review.

2. Approval of the Minutes for Regular meeting of October 7, 2021

3. Audience Participation

4. Solicitor’s Report – Steven P. Miner

a. Lien Report                                                                                              RE: Discussion
b. Authority Board Compensation                                                                RE: Discussion

5. Treasurer’s Report

a. LATSA Financial Reports                                                                         RE: Discussion
b. Request of transfer of LATSA funds to the General Fund                       RE: Approval

6. Stormwater Program Manager Report – Rebecca Davis

a. Lower Allen Township Stormwater Authority –                                         RE: Discussion
     Stormwater Fee Credit & Appeals Monthly Report

b. LATSA 2022 Meeting Dates                                                                  RE: Approval

c. 2022 Budgets
     MS4, Street Cleaning, and Storm Sewers and Drains                          RE: Approval

d. Moreland Basin update and Payment Request                                      RE: Discussion

e. Rettew Engineering Proposal – Basin Survey & Design                        RE: Discussion
        a. Sheepford East
        b. Beacon Hill
        c. UMHC
        d. Bethany Village West

7. Any other Business Pertinent to the Authority

8. Adjournment