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9-22-21 Meeting Minutes

Recreation and Parks Board
9-22-21 Meeting Minutes


The following were in ATTENDANCE:  
Greg Mahon Heather Douden, Administrative Asst/Event Planner
Susan Parry Michelle Kilgore, Recording Secretary
Richard Grove  
Robert Pelles  
Allison Hanna  
Scott Duncanson  


Mr. Mahon called the September 22, 2021 Regular Meeting of the Lower Allen Township Recreation and Parks Board to order at 7:00 pm.



Mr. Mahon requested a revision to one word on second line of page two of the August 25, 2021 minutes.  The word “approving” be replaced with “recommending”.  In addition, under Old Business/Gardeners’ Gathering.  Any reference to the word “gardeners” should be updated to the correct spelling.  Ms. Kilgore indicated she would make the revisions.  Ms. PARRY motioned to approve the minutes from the August 25, 2021 Regular Meeting, provided the revisions were made.  Mr. PELLES seconded.  The motion carried 6-0.



Lower Allen Community Park

There were no public attendees that evening.

Ms. Douden stated that mowing, trash removal and debris cleanup in ongoing at LACP.  She added there is currently a major issue with wasp nests at the park.  The Park superintendent is working to get the nest under control.  Ms. Parry expressed concern that an extermination would kill more than just the wasps, and that the exterminator uses an IPM (integrative pest management) approach, to focus on just the bothersome insects.



Commissioner Holtzman was absent from the meeting.  President Villone indicated he would attend the P&R meetings from that night forward and would provide that evening’s report.  He stated that he has been playing pickleball with his wife since the courts were erected in the Township.  He noted that LAT’s courts are structured well compared to other communities where the surface was painted over.  He cautioned that he is seeing increased interest in tennis lately, and that the Township should be cognizant of converting too many of their courts over to pickleball without studying where the community’s interests lie.



  • Douden stated the new swing set is completed hat Highland Park
  • Ballfield maintenance is ongoing, and the fields are getting used. They are booked through the first week of November.



  • Pavilion and Barn is booked through the third weekend in November. Twenty-one pavilion rentals in September.
  • Gardeners Gathering will be September 25th from 10-1PM.
  • Dillsburg Soccer Club will be renting the entire park on October 9/10 for their tournament.

Mr. Duncanson asked if the soccer club is required to bring public safety personnel.  Ms. Douden replied that they provide their own security team, and a Township CSO will be there to oversee the event.



Gardeners’ Gathering:

Ms. Parry gave the following updates for the Gardeners’ Gathering:

  • Ashcombe’s provided ten plants
  • Gift cards provided by both Royer’s and Stouffers of Kissel Hill
  • Highland Gardens provided a $50 gift card in addition to a wagon full of plants
  • Ticket basket is ready (sessions)
  • Volunteers are Richard Grove, Allison Parry, Greg Mahon, Scott Duncanson, Heather Douden

Heather Douden gave the following updates:

  • She will arrive after 8AM with ice and cooler, and open the barn
  • Beekeeper arriving after 8AM to get his presentation ready
  • Greg Black bringing items for raffle
  • Adopt-A-Park group, Barton and Loguidice, attending and will assist with cleanup
  • Event info posted to the following publications over past two weeks:
    • Cumberland Valley Visitor’s Bureau
    • Penn State Master Gardener
    • LAT Parks / A-Frame sign
    • LAT Website/Facebook
    • Sentinel
    • PennLive

Mr. Mahon confirmed arrival time as 9AM.


Finalization of Park Recommendations:

Mr. Mahon presented the letter that he wished to send to the Township Manager outlining the P&R Board’s observations and recommendations in preparation for the upcoming 2022 budget meetings.  He indicated he would update the verbiage in the second bullet of the letter to suggest erecting new pickleball courts in addition to conversion of existing tennis courts to pickleball courts.  He also wanted to point out to the Board items discussed in a previous meeting that did not make it to the final list.

  • More sand on volleyball court as Wass Park (maintenance item, Heather to review possible action)
  • Maintain trail around building and Cedar Run Park (possible Scout project)
  • Soil enhancing at Church Field (maintenance item)
  • Picnic/Campsites at Yellow Breeches (potential concerns by neighboring communities)
    • Long term planning study

Mr. Grove provided his thoughts on picnic/campsites at Yellow Breeches.  He said that LAT would wish to consider how close to the road to construct the site (modern vs. primitive).  The ability to put in gardens draws people in, and the existing gardens at YB are a positive.  LAT would have to pay for port-a-johns and consider the current lack of access to water.  Lack of parking would also need to be considered.  Mr. Duncanson asked if Mr. Vernau is looking for a grant for the project.  Mr. Grove replied there is potential for an applicable grant.  Mr. Duncanson asked that a feasibility/planning study be conducted.

Mr. Grove pointed out the bullet on the recommendation letter for build out of the Beacon Hill Radar site.  He said that possibilities are vast for the top area of the park.  Mr. Duncanson suggested a planning study for this location as well.  Mr. Grove agreed that P&R could push for a study.  Considering the historic value of the area, Ms. Parry expressed interested in a passive use fitness trail.  Mr. Duncanson suggested Mr. Mahon modify bullet point on letter to include the word “planning”.

Ms. Parry suggested adding a bullet to identify the maintenance issues that he did not place in the letter, thinking the Township could address those items quickly.

After discussion, a play structure replacement at Highland Estates will be added as the first bullet on the letter.

Mr. Mahon stated he would send the P&R Board members an updated letter the following day, and then would be delivering to Mr. Vernau.



There was none.



The Regular Meeting of the Recreation and Parks Board Adjourned at 7:45PM.

The next meeting will be October 27, 2021 at 7:00PM.