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11/21/23 Minutes

Planning Commission
11/21/23 Minutes


The following were in ATTENDANCE:
Brian Wickenheiser, Vice-Chair Erin Trone, Assistant Manager
David Clovsky Michael Knouse, P.E. Township Engineer
Jay Blackwell OTHER
Michael Washburn Commissioner Dean Villone

Vice Chair Wickenheiser called the November 21, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Lower Allen Township Planning Commission to order at 7:00 pm. He announced that proof of publication was available for review.

Mr. CLOVSKY moved to approve the minutes, from the July 18, 2023, Regular Meeting. Mr. WASHBURN seconded. The motion carried 4-0.

Recorded Plans
Ms. Trone reported on plans that had been recorded since the prior meeting. First, the Spring Lake Apartments plan was recorded in August. She reminded members that the first part of the plan was the building permit, which was complete, and apartments were being rented. The next phase is a new building located in front of the existing building. Next, she reported that construction had begun on the Trinity Gyms plan, which was recorded in September. Finally, the Secco Properties plan was recorded in September and the owner had secured the proper building permit and submitted the application for beginning construction on the new building.

Pending plans
Ms. Trone reported that the Interstate Towing and Recovery and the Sadie Lane Development plans were both waiting on financial security prior to recording.

Withdrawn Plans
Ms. Trone reported that the developer for the Tommy Carwash plan notified the Township they would not be morning forward with the project and had not purchased the property.

SLD 2023-06 Ford Truck Center
Ms. Trone presented the plan for consideration, describing its purpose, she noted it was to combine lots and develop a truck service center.

Applicant Presentation
Representatives from L.B. Smith Ford presented details of the plan. The property is comprised of ten tracts of land with six deeds. The intent is to construct a new Ford Truck Center as part of a pilot program to service larger vehicles. It will be located at the back of the property that is currently utilized by the Brewhouse for overflow parking. The site extends from the Brewhouse to the railroad crossing on the north side. Several vacant office buildings and houses will be demolished, and access will be serviced by two existing driveways to be slightly modified. The applicants have had a scoping meeting with PennDOT and Township staff, which was favorable. The traffic engineer is conducting a traffic impact assessment which will be submitted to the Township, followed by application for the HOP and frontage improvements and sewer work.

A comment arising from that meeting was related to a connection from the Brewhouse, which is a stone driveway, which will be redone so that the Brewhouse can use the car parking area along the side during business off-hours. Two gates will be added for safety. Additionally, there will be some stormwater improvements made. Currently, stormwater from the south side crosses through the property down to Cedar Run. The project proposes to install a large underground system under the parking lot and replace pipes and inlets to reduce the overall impact.

There is one request for waiver of preliminary plan. They are in receipt of the comments from the Township Engineer and County. They are not seeking approval of the plan but request feedback on the plan and will resubmit it for consideration at the next meeting.

Mr. Knouse reviewed his November 6, 2023 comment letter, noting that zoning comments were mostly clarifications. There were some existing non-conformities. For subdivision and land development, there was nothing unusual. Most of the comments relate to stormwater and the Township will work with the applicants to address them.

Mr. McCreary asked about sidewalks. It was noted that sidewalks will be shown on the plan. Several members expressed preference for a grass strip to be included with the sidewalk, particularly considering the Gettysburg Road Corridor priorities of walkability. There was also some discussion about allowance for a bike lane.

Mr. Clovsky asked about the lighting included in the plan. The applicants explained that the lighting shown in the parking lot is comprised of three poles with shielded downlighting. The proposed usage is for mechanical repairs, not body work or sales.

Mr. Wickenheiser asked for the height of the building. The applicant noted it would be two stories, 24-28 feet tall, engineered building.

Hearing no further discussion, Mr. BLACKWELL made a motion to table SLD-2023-06 until the next meeting. The motion was seconded by Mr. CLOVSKY and passed 4-0.

Meeting Dates for 2024
Ms. Trone presented the schedule of meeting dates for 2024 for approval.

Mr. CLOVSKY made a motion to approve the list of meeting dates as presented. Mr. WASHBURN seconded the motion, which passed 4-0.

In closing, Ms. Trone noted that it was her last meeting and members wished her well in her future endeavors.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM