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East and West Shores Launch
Competition to Recruit Volunteer Firefighters

HARRISBURG, Pa.Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The East Shore and The West Shore of the Capital Region are separated by the Susquehanna River, and longtime residents from both sides will tell you that their side is the best side for many things. And now, another competition for bragging rights is officially underway…for firefighters.

East Shore vs. West Shore — Who Does It Better? will be a friendly battle between volunteer fire companies on each side of the river to find out which shore reigns supreme in regards to volunteer firefighter recruitment.

This competition is being spearheaded by www.CapitalRegionFirefighter.org , a volunteer recruitment campaign that launched last spring through a $2.2 million, four-year grant from FEMA awarded to the Capital Region Council of Governments (CapCOG). The campaign has united dozens of East and West Shore fire companies, but now the two shores will compete for the bragging rights of being the superior shore at volunteer firefighter recruitment.

“Here on the East Shore, all the major highways convene. Plus, we have Hershey Park travelers, and that translates into a lot of rescue incidents on the roads,” said Michael Ibberson, fire chief of Swatara Fire and Rescue, a company with four stations on the East Shore. “However, you can’t go wrong volunteering on either side of the river. We both have structural fires, water rescues, and other lifesaving calls.”

“There is such a variety [on the West Shore] from rural, suburban, industrial, manufacturing in which the local fire company is a vital part of — members have to see it as an all hazards approach,” said Curtis Hall, fire chief of New Kingstown Fire Company on the West Shore.

Fire companies on both shores provide free training and gear.

Beginning on September 12, until the end of the year, fire companies will track the amount of inquiries they receive through Capital Region Firefighter’s website and Facebook page. The shore with the most inquiries will be declared the winner.

To build momentum, fire companies are exhibiting at community events, hosting open houses, and chiefs are available for media interviews. Recruitment ads are running on local sports networks and being shared on social media.

Residents are asked to share digital content posted Capital Region Firefighter’s website and social media pages.

Both the East Shore and the West Shore share the same goal — recruit new volunteers to a vital service that has experienced a drop in volunteerism nationally.

“We’re hoping that ordinary people will join and help make a difference in their community by becoming volunteer firefighters,” said Scott Ryno, program manager of the campaign.

And East and West Shire fire companies aren’t just looking for firefighters — many companies seek EMTs, fire police, junior firefighters and administrative volunteers. Some companies even offer a live-in program.

Learn more at www.CapitalRegionFirefighter.org.

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SOURCE Capital Region Council of Governments

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DEP Article: Pool Water Discharge

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August 19, 2022 12:00 PM


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Swimming pool

Football is back, and the last of the hot summer days are upon us. In an effort to help protect stream health and aquatic life, we here at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would like to offer some helpful tips and (not so) gentle reminders on how to properly close swimming pools for the year. Whether you’re a private owner, manage a public pool or work for a pool maintenance company, these reminders are for you!

Discharged pool water and waters containing chlorine or other chemicals can be detrimental to aquatic life if not handled responsibly. It is extremely important that these waters are handled correctly. Pool waters must not be discharged to any storm sewer or land in which a storm sewer is accessible because runoff can cause fish kills and unsafe aquatic conditions.

When draining a swimming pool this year, make sure to protect Pennsylvania by following these tips:

  • Pool water may be disposed of through the sanitary sewer system ONLY with municipal permission.
  • Never dispose of pool water through a storm sewer, which will discharge to a stream.
  • If lowering the water level of the pool, let it drain to a lawn to prevent it from running off into a storm sewer.
  • If a sanitary sewer system is not available, water may be used for irrigation if it does not run off the property or into a storm sewer.

And don’t forget: The discharge of swimming pool water to any waters of the commonwealth without a permit is a violation of the Clean Streams Law. Property owners and pool companies that violate this law may be prosecuted and penalized for damages. Don’t let this happen to you!

Graphic with tips for proper pool drainage