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Allendale & Highland Park
Construction Updates

09/13/2013 UPDATE:

Lower End of Highland Park:
Kinsley Construction is finishing work on the stormwater and ADA Ramp improvement project in the Lower End of Highland park. ADA ramp construction has been completed. Stormwater installation work is nearly finished. It is anticipated that crews will begin asphalting the stone trench within the next few days, weather permitting. Once completed they will mobilize equipment to mill and pave the roads designated for paving.

Kinsley Construction has begun the stormwater infrastructure replacement. Please be patient while their crews are working in and around the roadway. Be aware that there may be temporary “NO PARKING” restrictions put in place as well as temporary road closures with detours.


Lower End of Highland Park:
Kinsley Construction is continuing to perform work on the stormwater and ADA Ramp improvement project in the Lower End of Highland park.  ADA ramp construction is projected to be completed by the end of July and crews will begin patching the areas in front of the ramps. Stormwater installation work is ongoing on Norman Rd. Crews will begin patching the stone trench with asphalt as work continues up Norman Rd towards Lowther Rd.

Kinsley Construction is projected to begin the installation of new ADA Ramps and stormwater infrastructure within the next few weeks. Please be patient while their crews are working in and around the roadway. Be aware that there may be temporary “NO PARKING” restrictions put in place as well as temporary road closures with detours.


Township Infrastructure Repairs
Lower End of Highland Park
Starting July 22, 2023

Attn: Lower End of Highland Park Residents:

Kinsley Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin work on infrastructure repairs including ADA ramps, stormwater structures, and paving, on or around your street beginning on Thursday, June 22, 2023.  Please be advised that temporary “No Parking” areas may be established in certain locations as work progresses.  Additionally, please be mindful of increased activity and traffic in the area while the project work is underway.  For questions or concerns please contact the Township office at (717) 975-7575.

Below you will find a map indicating the areas of infrastructure repairs:

Cumberland County
Community Survey
For Future Planning

Cumberland County needs your feedback to help plan for the future.

Residents and employees in Cumberland County are encouraged to take the survey as the County prepares to update the Comprehensive and Land Partnerships Plans.  Survey topics include transportation improvements, land preservation, and quality of life improvements.

Click here to begin the survey.

DEP Article: Pool Water Discharge

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August 19, 2022 12:00 PM


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Swimming pool

Football is back, and the last of the hot summer days are upon us. In an effort to help protect stream health and aquatic life, we here at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would like to offer some helpful tips and (not so) gentle reminders on how to properly close swimming pools for the year. Whether you’re a private owner, manage a public pool or work for a pool maintenance company, these reminders are for you!

Discharged pool water and waters containing chlorine or other chemicals can be detrimental to aquatic life if not handled responsibly. It is extremely important that these waters are handled correctly. Pool waters must not be discharged to any storm sewer or land in which a storm sewer is accessible because runoff can cause fish kills and unsafe aquatic conditions.

When draining a swimming pool this year, make sure to protect Pennsylvania by following these tips:

  • Pool water may be disposed of through the sanitary sewer system ONLY with municipal permission.
  • Never dispose of pool water through a storm sewer, which will discharge to a stream.
  • If lowering the water level of the pool, let it drain to a lawn to prevent it from running off into a storm sewer.
  • If a sanitary sewer system is not available, water may be used for irrigation if it does not run off the property or into a storm sewer.

And don’t forget: The discharge of swimming pool water to any waters of the commonwealth without a permit is a violation of the Clean Streams Law. Property owners and pool companies that violate this law may be prosecuted and penalized for damages. Don’t let this happen to you!

Graphic with tips for proper pool drainage



Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning
HATS Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts


Street sign showing pedestrian and bicyclist

The Fall 2021 HATS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program is here!

The counts, conducted exclusively by volunteers, provide vital data to our region’s planners, decision makers and anyone else interested in making walking and biking safer and more convenient in the HATS Region. They are conducted as part of the National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation project.

The count locations are determined as a cooperative effort between HATS planning staff, the HATS Bike/Ped Task Force and other local stakeholders.

The Fall 2021 HATS Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Program will take place during the following dates and times:

  • Sunday, October 10, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

  • Tuesday, October 12, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Wednesday, October 13, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Thursday, October 14, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • Saturday, October 16, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

If you’re interested in participating, scroll through the information below.


  1. To sign up, visit our SignUpGenius page.

  2. Download and print the counting form and bring other necessary items (pen/pencil, timer, etc.).

  3. Arrive at your designated location 15 minutes before you are to begin counting.

  4. Find a spot from which you can best view the entire intersection.

  5. On the form in 15-minute increments, count and record cyclists, pedestrians and “others” (skateboarders, rollerbladers) as they enter the intersection.

  6. When finished, scan or photograph the completed count form and email it to HATSBikePedCounts@gmail.com.

NOTE: Please be sure to follow PA Department of Health guidelines on reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.


For questions or additional info, email Andrew Bomberger or call him at (717) 234-2639.

Spotted Lanternfly Information

Click Here to learn more about the Spotted Lanternfly

Questions or Comments? Contact Bryce Thompson – Email: bthompson@latwp.org or Phone: 717-975-7575 EXT 1115

The department of agriculture has created an on-line reporting tool to report sightings/outbreaks.  Click Here for the reporting tool.  


Click Here to view an Article from PennState Extension on Spotted Lanternfly Management for Residents: A guide that review the identification, life cycle, current distribution, and techniques for managing spotted lanternfly on your property. It has a lot of helpful information.   


Recycle Guidelines
Effective June 2018

Please find attached the new Recycle Guidelines from Penn Waste effective immediately. We are returning to a Back to Basics approach going forward to help us improve the excessive contamination we have been seeing. We are currently working on updating our web site to reflect these changes.  Click Here to view the flyer.  

Recycle Guidelines June 2018