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Help Wanted
Shoveling Snow

Lower Allen Township is seeking individuals and/or contractors to clear snow from sidewalks this winter.

We will pay $18 per hour.

Open to contractors and individuals, including youth of working age.

Contact the Manager’s office at (717) 975-7575, ext. 1003 for more information.


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Recycle Guidelines
Effective June 2018

Please find attached the new Recycle Guidelines from Penn Waste effective immediately. We are returning to a Back to Basics approach going forward to help us improve the excessive contamination we have been seeing. We are currently working on updating our web site to reflect these changes.  Click Here to view the flyer.  

Recycle Guidelines June 2018



The Heights of Beacon
Hill HOA

Heights of Beacon Hill

**Here is information for your review for the October 2nd meeting.**  

Click here to view the Agreement Between Association

Click here to view the Final Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants w/ Exhibits

Click here to view the Final Amended Bylaws

Click Here to view the meeting minutes from the June 8th meeting on the Heights of Beacon Hill HOA.