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5-17-2021 Minutes

Development Authority
5-17-2021 Minutes



REGULAR MEETING                                              MAY 17, 2021

The following were in ATTENDANCE: 

AUTHORITY MEMBERS                                        TOWNSHIP PERSONNEL

Max Stoner, Chairman                                                 Erin Trone, Township Assistant Manager

H. Edward Black, Vice Chairman                              Mary Ellen Banks, Recording Secretary

John Eby, Secretary                                                      Thomas Vernau, Township Manager

Salvatore F. Marone, Treasurer                                     Dean Villone, President, BOC

Mark O’Shea                                                               Steven Miner, Solicitor


Due to COVID-19 this meeting is being held virtually as permitted by law during this emergency. The link to the meeting registration will be made available at 4PM on February 16, 2020 on the Lower Allen Township website and on its Facebook page. This meeting is being recorded. The recording will also be made available on the website.


Max Stoner, Chairman called the meeting of the Lower Allen Township Development Authority to order at 6:01pm and announced Proof of Publication was available for review.






Mr. EBY made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 19, 2021. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.

President Stoner asked the new member of the Board to introduce himself. Mr. O’Shea informed the Board he has been a resident of the Township since 2010, he is currently productivity coach and commercial real estate agent with Keller Williams of Central Pa; prior to that he was in residential mortgage lending for several years and banking for several decades. He has a wife and three daughters and excited to be part of this Board. At this point, all Board members welcomed him.



Mrs. Trone explained this is insurance for the materials on-site to be used that we have paid for so it is different than the general liability insurance which would be for when there is a building or a partial building. Discussion ensued. Mr. BLACK made a motion to allow Mrs. Trone to negotiate and enter into a contract for the Builders Risk Insurance in the amount of $6,169 with Selective Insurance Company of the Southeast with the correction of the job site location to be the Lower Allen Commons. Mr. EBY seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.



Mrs. Trone explained why this change order is necessary; this has to do with the architectural side, not construction management. Discussion ensued. Mr. MARONE made a motion to approve the change order #4 to KD3 Contract in the amount of $7,000 for construction administration services. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.


Mrs. Trone gave the Board an update for the project as follows:

  • The construction has begun for the sewer at the corner by Michael’s and will go up to the site; our contract allowed for 30 yards of rock and they are currently at about 100 yards of rock; the unit price is $271/yard. Once they complete the trench, they will be doing a change order with the additional amount.
  • They have delivered their two trailers to the job site.
  • There is now Wi-Fi on the site.
  • Trailers are run by generators.
  • There is an invoice received from the Sewer Authority; she will send to Director Grove for payment; will be around $2,000.
  • Sewer Authority is on-site each day.

Board of Commissioner’s President Dean Villone stated he wanted to thank everyone on the Development Authority for volunteering their time and that their work is very appreciated. He told everyone that if they ever needed any help, please feel free to let him know. He wishes everyone the best of luck and appreciate the on-going transparency of the Bon-Ton project; he knows some people, including himself that are getting anxious and this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for the Township. President Villone signed off the Zoom meeting at this point.



The Regular Meeting of the Development Authority recessed into Executive Session to discuss real estate transactions for Lower Allen Commons @ 6:23pm:

  • Review LOI for Unit 3
  • Review Lease for Unit 3
  • Review Offer for Units 1 & 2



The Regular Meeting of the Development Authority reconvened @7:20pm.

Mr. EBY made a motion to execute a letter of intent for a tenant space in Unit 3 with the tenant of Good      Feet. Mr. BLACK seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.

Mr. EBY made a motion to executive a lease for a tenant space, Unit 3, for R.R.I. Enterprises, LLC doing business as Sport Clips. Mr. MARONE seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.

Mr. EBY made a motion to approve a real estate transfer sale agreement between the Lower Allen Township Development Authority and a to-be-determined LLC developed by the Carlino Group in the amount of $2 million dollars contingent upon approval of our counsel and staff. Mr. MARONE seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0.

Mrs. Trone explained to the Board that she had sent them a survey for the Gettysburg Road Corridor. She explains some of the reasons for this. What kind of traffic safety issues are there; what kind of pedestrian safety issues are there.  Trying to get a feel for what businesses are there and what should be there – kind of a “what could be there”. This is a hybrid session, with five different sessions on the 25th and 26th of May.



The next meeting of the Development Authority is scheduled for Monday June 21, 2021 at 6:00pm.



Mr. EBY made a motion to adjourn. Mr. MARONE seconded the motion. Motion carried, 5-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:29pm.