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Development Authority
10-27-2020 Special Meeting Notice
And Agenda


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Lower Allen Township Development Authority will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 6:00PM to discuss the sale of real estate at 1101 Lower Allen Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011 and other matters.

Erin G. Trone
Assistant Township Manager



October 27, 2020                                                            6:00 PM

Bond Refinancing
Ordinance 2020-05 Enacted






            NOTICE HEREBY IS GIVEN that at a public meeting held on October 12, 2020, at 7:00 p.m., prevailing time, the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Lower Allen, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania (the “Township”), enacted an Ordinance (the “Ordinance”) authorizing the Township to incur nonelectoral debt by the issuance of the Township’s (i) General Obligation Note, Series A of 2020 (the “Series A Note”) in the principal amount of $4,773,000 and (ii) General Obligation Note, Series B of 2020 (Federally Taxable) (the “Series B Note,” and together with the Series A Note, the “Notes”) in the principal amount of $1,859,000.  The Notes were issued to fund the Project, as such term is defined in the Ordinance. 

            The following amendments were made during final enactment of the Ordinance: (i) language regarding the prepayment provisions of the Notes found in Section 10 was revised; (ii) language in Section 12 regarding the useful lives of the projects being refinanced was revised; (iii) language regarding the escrow fund and the investment of the funds therein was updated; (iv) Exhibits A and B relating to the maximum annual debt service schedules, and Exhibits C and D relating to the forms of the Notes were finalized in accordance with the final terms of the purchaser proposals; and (v) certain clarifications and grammatical changes were made to the text of the Ordinance.

            The Series A Note was sold to Truist Bank at a price of $4,773,000 (the face amount of the Series A Note) being 100.0% of the principal amount of the Series A Note. The Series A Note bears interest at a fixed rate of 0.95% per annum. The Series B Note was sold to ACNB Bank at a price of $1,859,000 (the face amount of the Series B Note) being 100.0% of the principal amount of the Series B Note. The Series B Note bears interest at a fixed rate of 1.71% per annum.

            The text of the Ordinance as finally enacted, may be examined or inspected by any citizen in the office of the Township Secretary, at the Township’s Municipal Services Center, 2233 Gettysburg Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, on any regular business day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., prevailing time.

This notice is given in accordance with the requirements of and in compliance with the Local Government Unit Debt Act, 53 Pa.C.S. § 8001 et seq., as amended and supplemented.

                                                                                    TOWNSHIP OF LOWER ALLEN,

                                                                                    CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA




Leaf Collection

Leaf collection is done for the day Friday, October 23 and will start again on Monday, October 26, weather permitting.  

Leaf Collection Route 2020

Once a street and/or neighborhood is completed it will be highlighted in orange.    

The Township has began its curbside leaf collection program.  The Public Works crew starts at the eastern point of the Township on Beacon Hill and Poplar Avenue and works its’ way west ending in Sheepford Crossing.  This collection route may be repeated several times depending on the fall weather.  Shown below is the collection route.  The daily update of which roads the crew has completed will be on the front page of the website under Township News.  Please remember that leaves may also be bagged and put at curbside as part of your garbage or taken to the Public Works facility.  Collection is weather permitting.   Leaves should be raked to the curb for collection.   The picking machines are equipped with a 5 foot hose that sucks up the leaves into a holding box, which is attached to the truck. Please rake leaf rows to the street side of the curb, or within 5’ of street edge where no curb exist in long rows, and not large piles.  Leaves that are not raked out to 5 feet of the road will not be collected.   The efforts of leaf collection crews are focused on collecting bulk volumes of leaves as efficiently as possible.  It is not practical to spend time vacuuming all the leaf debris only to have more leaves accumulate a few hours later.  At the end of the season, after the last round of leaf collection, the Township street sweeper will clean the streets to remove any remaining debris.  The week of December 3rd through the 7th will be the final week of leaf pickup.

Stormwater Updates


The Lower Allen Township Board of Commissioners heard a presentation from Arcadis, the Township’s consultant, regarding the Stormwater Fee and Feasibility Study at their regular meeting on October 8, 2018.  Recommendations regarding the Stormwater rate structure were discussed with the Commissioners as well as the Stormwater Management Program scope and budget.

The 5-year Stormwater Program budget is projected to be approximately 1.2 million dollars per year. Most of the money in the budget is allocated to the EPA and PADEP federally-mandated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Compliance requirements. Additional budgeted funds will be spent on stormwater infrastructure maintenance, inspection and replacement as required.

The following rate structure was presented to the Commissioners: Residential properties, including vacant properties, will be billed a flat fee. Non-residential and multifamily units will be billed based upon the impervious area on the property.  An Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) was calculated to equal 3,115 SF.   This number was based upon a digitized study of buildings, sidewalks, and driveways in the Township. To determine the fee per ERU, the total number of ERUs in the Township was calculated and this number was divided by the Stormwater Program costs.  The quarterly stormwater fee for Lower Allen Township properties was presented to the Commissioners as $19 per ERU.

Residential and vacant properties will be billed a flat rate of $19.00 (1 ERU) per quarter. Non-residential and multifamily units will be billed based on the number of ERUs (3,115 SF) that the property has, times the rate of $19/per ERU, per quarter. The chart below illustrates fee examples:





Residential Property

Inclusive 1 $19




337,092 108 $2,052 $8,208


Grocery Store

460,753 148 $2,812



Mall 1,818,727 584 $11,096


At the conclusion of the presentation by Arcadis, the Commissioners voted unanimously to advertise an ordinance authorizing the Stormwater Fee.  Ordinance 2018-10 was enacted by the Board of Commissioners on October 22, 2018, authorizing LATSA to enact and collect stormwater fees and to provide a system for collection of the fees for payment to Lower Allen Township to maintain stormwater facilities and fund other stormwater related expenditures.  At their November 1, 2018 regular meeting, LATSA unanimously approved Resolution 2018-A-01, enacting the Stormwater Fee rate of $19.00/ERU to be billed quarterly. A Stormwater Credit and Appeals Policy is being drafted currently and will be reviewed and discussed by the LATSA board at their monthly meetings. 

The initial quarterly Stormwater Fee bills are projected to mailed in April 2019.  If you currently receive a refuse and/or sewer bill, you will see this charge as a separate line item on your bill. If you do not receive a refuse and/or sewer bill, you will now receive a stormwater fee bill from the Township.

Arcadis’s October 8, 2018, presentation is available for review on the Lower Allen Township website:


Updates on the Stormwater Program and information about the Stormwater Authority will be placed on the Township website (www.latwp.org) and in future issues of the Township News. If you have any questions regarding the fee, stormwater program or the Stormwater Authority, please contact Rebecca Davis, MS4 Coordinator, @ rdavis@latwp.org. or 717-975-7575 ext. 1010.


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